Fake Skeletons Found by Diver

On Monday, May 4, two human skeletons sitting in lawn chairs facing one another in what some have described as a “tea party” setup in the Colorado River near Cienega Springs boat launch in Arizona were found by a snorkeler. A Buckskin Fire Department diver was dispatched around 10 a.m. after the snorkeler contacted the La Paz County Sheriff’s office.

The diver, Firefighter Foerstner, carried an underwater camera. The video footage, which is available on YouTube and Facebook, clearly shows that the skeletons are entirely fake. Each skeleton was wearing a pair of sunglasses. One had a blue sign in its lap with a letter printed message that appeared to say, “BERNIE LIVING THE DREAM IN THE RIVER 8 16 2014.” The other skeleton had a wig and tie.

Police and fire department officials were happy to learn that they weren’t dealing with actual human remains. Fire department divers will retrieve the skeletons from the river at some point this week. Lt. Curtis Bagby advised the media that the skeletons will then likely be used as a joke outside of the Sheriff’s office, but he emphasized that it isn’t okay for people to put items like these in the river. As Anastasia Date pointed out on their French website, this type of incident wastes first responder resources that could be better used elsewhere. An investigation is ongoing to find out who placed the skeletons in the river.

A Voice For Self Actualization

The process of self actualization is never an easy one many people attempt to reach it through art, music and their business. People have to work long and hard to come to know their true selves. When they reach this point, it is perhaps the climax of their entire life. Vijay Eswaran is a great example of an individual who has reached this plateau in his own life.

Though he started from humble beginnings, Vijay Eswaran never let this hold him back. Instead, he pursued the dreams that he had to make a life for himself. Even though he had to start out working many of the same jobs that others get stuck in for long periods of their life, he never gave up hope that he would emerge better and with more wealth in his life than he ever had before.

It has now been ten years since the launch of Sphere of Silence, an award winning book written by Vijay Eswaran which details how he made it in life. This book has been read by numerous people, and it has been shared time and time again with others who may have something to gain from reading it. By using his written talents to help others learn about themselves and hopefully reach their goals, Vijay Eswaran has provided a great service to people.

Though some have to worry about the most pressing concerns of life (food, shelter, water, etc.), Vijay Eswaran knows that for those who have access to those things in life, the more important thing is to have self actualization. Self actualization helps to propel people towards a longer and happier life. It may even be the key to happiness in life itself. This is what some people such as Eswaran have come to find out.

Inner silence is the best thing that Vijay Eswaran recommends in the book. He wants to remind everyone that it is perfectly natural and fine to take a few minutes out of your day and sit in silence. This silence can be helpful to learning more about yourself and your place in the world. If you practice it well, you may come to find that you can learn things about yourself that you never knew. Eswaran learned these practices as a child, and they have helped to serve him well throughout his life.

The key to happiness as Eswaran sees it is to try to find that inner peace that you know exists inside you. It is just a matter of unlocking it.

The Antique Wine Company develops new territories and learning opportunities

The founding of The Antique Wine Company in 1982 saw founder Stephen Williams embark on a journey into the fine wines market that has grown to include some of the top rated wines in the World passing through their cellars. The main focus of the press when it comes to The Antique Wine Company is generally on the World record breaking payments made by collectors and the company itself towards some of the rarest and best known wines in the World. The company is now looking to show that is available for almost every wine collector and is looking to educate those who wish to embark on their own discovery of fine wines by introducing a wine academy that offers courses for beginners and more experienced individuals.

Throughout 2014 The Antique Wine Company took stock of their position as one of the World’s top wine merchants and looked at ways in which the company could expand its business and client base. Serving over 20,000 clients in more than 70 countries across the globe, The Antique Wine Company decided there were more markets available in the World and looked to expand its sales team to include a number dedicated to sales in Asia. Stuart Young’s arrival as sales manager saw a change in strategy that will be used in a bid to replicate the success Young achieved in a similar role with Laithwaites and Direct Wines. Young will head an expanding team of sales professionals, including a number of new staff members recruited by the former head hunter for alcohol based companies.

The growth into the expanding Asian market will be accompanied by the arrival of the wine academy that will be based in the Marylebone, London headquarters of The AWC. The many experts that work for or with the company will provide courses for beginners through to those looking for specialized training in understanding, tasting and choosing wines. By offering the courses The Antique Wine Company hope to expand their client base and educate as many individuals as possible in wine tasting and collecting.

Making Visual Effects Come Alive on the Big Screen: John Textor

Recently, crowds of people visited cinema theaters around the world to watch a number of spectacular movies, including Tron:Legacy and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End and the acclaimed film, Ender’s Game. Members of these audiences thrilled at stunning visual effects lighting up the screen. Although many viewers can recite the names of actors and actresses appearing in the popular Hollywood productions, comparatively few people know that the astonishing effects presented in these blockbuster movies would not have reached their attention without the support provided by John Textor.

Today John Textor still works largely behind the scenes. He serves as the reserved managing principal of Wyndcrest Holdings, LLC, a company that finances many cutting edge entertainment ventures. His background in the film industry offers him unique insights into the use of modern technology to generate incredibly powerful special effects.

Bringing Ender’s Game to a Wide Audience

Perhaps few films demonstrate the capacity of special effects to enliven a major film release as well as Ender’s Game, the popular science fiction movie based on a 1985 Nebula Award winning novel by Orson Scott Card. It starred a number of famous actors and actresses. Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Abigail Breslin and Viola Davis all appeared in the picture, which included some breathtaking visual effects.

John Textor takes justifiable pride in helping along the process of generating of some of the stunning special effects in the movie. At the time of its release in 2013, he had only recently left his position as Chairman of Digital Domain Productions to spend more time working for his own entertainment property development firm. Today his business portfolio includes several firms engaged in cutting edge technologies.

From Financial Services to Hollywood Production Lines

John Textor did not begin his career as a Hollywood film industry executive. Instead, he traces his background to the financial services industry.

He graduated from prestigious Wesleyan University in Connecticut with a degree in Economics. Later, he accepted a position working for the investment banking firm of Shearson, Lehman, Hutton, an experience that allowed him to observe how companies obtained funding for many projects. He has drawn successfully upon these experiences in transferring his skill set to the field of film industry entertainment development.

How Can Tom Rothman Change Television?

Is TV-to-Movie Development Tom Rothman’s Master Plan?

Tom Rothman spent well over a decade working at Fox Films and Fox Searchlight Productions. He was responsible for films like Titanic, but he was also responsible for smaller productions that came out of Searchlight. He was able to make money on every production he had, and he made Fox into the most profitable studio in Hollywood. He made Fox Films into a behemoth that was able to produce just about anything it wanted. This kind of freedom led to some of the better small productions that came out of the studio and his next step as the head of TriStar for Sony.

Rothman believes that his approach is going to help Sony and his new venture with TriStar Pictures. TriStar Productions is going to make more than just movies. TriStar is going to make television shows, and Rothman believes that television shows can be a fertile ground for producing characters. People latch on to characters, and Rothman thinks that the TV characters he can come up with at TriStar could change the face of television.

The traditional studios are being challenged by other networks and cable. The Columbia-educated Rothman wants to use his approach to make sure that he can compete with companies that are underpricing the networks. He also knows that he can make a TV series last much longer if the characters are ones that everyone will love. When he has produced these kinds of characters, he has been able to make more money on all the productions. Also, he has been able to get more traction for a franchise. This traction could allow TV shows to stay on for more than a couple of seasons.

The TV shows that everyone falls in love with will last much longer under the nimble hands of Tom Rothman and his new studio at TriStar and Sony. He has a plan that should work.

New Warhol Art


Andy Warhol may have been dead for years but his art is still as iconic as ever. It has recently been announced that in 2015, several of his unseen works will be released at museums and institutions for people to see.  

Warhol is known by everyone says Sergio Andrade Guitierrez, not just artists. He has broken barriers in art and his personal life has always been a hot topic. The release of his work will be a revival of his name and influence in the pop culture world. The reason these art pieces are able to be displayed are because of people’s generosity who support him and his cause even after his death. This is very reminiscent of Warhol’s own personality.

He was known in the day for his huge philanthropic works so this further helps to give back to him as much as he gave back to the world while he was alive. All his works he created for personal use rather than for art use so it gives us the chance to get a more personal view into his life. What is more personal than seeing the inner workings of someone’s creative mind? Hopefully his art can continue to flourish the way it did when he was alive. Many people can benefit from the release of these art works in their respected institutions.

Image Recognition 101

As the new year begins, business owners all over the world are interested in accessing and utilizing marketing techniques that will help them sell more goods and services. While several techniques exist, image recognition can be a particularly effective marketing strategy to employ for the purpose of increasing one’s conversion rates and building an ever-expanding base of loyal clientele. In this contemporary era, more and more marketing companies are realizing that they can implement brand-building image recognition techniques into the advertising campaign they devise for clients. To learn more about image recognition and how marketing companies can use this strategy to benefit your company, review the short guide that appears below:

Image Recognition: Mastering The Basics

Although defined broadly, image recognition is basically a process that involves using various technologies to accurately identify people, places, objects, buildings, logos, and any other form of visual or textual stimuli that could be of value to a consumer. The rise of smartphones and other personal electronic devices with cameras have resulted in the evolution of this enterprise. Thus while image recognition was once a primarily industrial application used for measures like sorting fruit, it is now a methodology that consumers have begun to utilize. For example, wine labels, landmarks, cars, and logos can now be accurately identified via smartphones by utilizing mobile applications. The process works as the mobile app accesses the appropriate image recognition software via cloud.

As many marketing experts know, image recognition has a variety of helpful capabilities. For example, this form of recognition can transform pictures into hyperlinks which grant the consumer access to a coupon, video, or service via internet. Image recognition can also be utilized to start searches, and this is why both Amazon and Google are investing in this form of technology. It is also important to note that image recognition contains applications in both content and security management. Finally, video analysis will oftentimes utilize image recognition technologies.

Some Recognition Methodologies In Image Processing

As mentioned earlier, the process of image recognition involves detecting and identifying objects or features within a digital video or image. Image recognition can be utilized in a plethora of applications such as systems for security surveillance, toll booth monitoring, and factory automation. Some of the common image recognition algorithms are:

Pattern and gradient matching
Optical character recognition
License plate matching
Face recognition
Scene change detection

Slyce: An Image Recognition Company

As a smart and savvy marketing company, the professionals of Slyce specialize in offering clients the most cutting edge advertising strategies available, including image recognition. Their team of technological experts is highly skilled in providing clients with the type of detail-oriented, customer-centered care that helps yield the maximum return on investment (ROI). They offer our clients a wide range of image recognition and product recognition services, some of which include physical advertising recognition, snap to buy, and tag and display. When you choose Slyce, know that you’re choosing the very best.

Getting Started

Now that the year 2015 is in full effect, business owners who want to experience steadily elevating dimensions of success should note that utilizing image recognition services can empower them to do so. By working with a professional marketing company such as Slyce, you can witness your business’s conversion rates go from good to great this year!

Artwork Debuts from Batman: Earth Two, Vol. Two


As fans of comic books know, there are different universes that provide different timelines. Earth Two is one of those alternative timelines and it is designed to provide a rebooting of the D.C. Universe and retell familiar tales in a more serious, melodramatic manner. Batman: Earth One #1 was an outstanding comic that revamped the origin of the Caped Crusader for modern times. In May of 2015, The second volume of the trade paperback series will be released. As a teaser, D.C. Comics’ creative chief (and TV development guru) Geoff Johns has released some artwork for the forthcoming second volume.

We do not know a lot about the plot of this second book, but my friend Bruce Levenson said that there are hints that Two-Face and Killer Croc are two of the antagonists for the series. The Joker did not appear in volume one and, honestly, it would be a good thing if he did not appear in the second one either. The Joker has been played out a bit and the Clown Prince of Crime deserves a rest.

The Earth Two alternative timeline is not the only different universe that features a variation of the traditional Batman. There is also the “possible future” timeline that was created by Frank Miller in The Dark Knight Returns. The third volume of the Miller trilogy is also forthcoming.

Look for a lot of new Batman releases to hit store shelves in the next few months in anticipation of the Batman v. Superman movie.

One of the World’s Finest Artists: Terry Richardson

If you believe everything you read about fashion photographer Terry Richardson, he was destined to become an artist of some kind because of the list of celebrity friends and romances his parents had in the 1960s and 70s. His father, Bob Richardson was a fashion photographer for Vogue and art school contemporary of Andy Warhol, who gave Terry his first experiences of the art world and models, which led to his career choice as a photographer. His mother was a dancer at the Copa in New York, before becoming the wife and stylist of Bob Richardson. Norma Kessler as his other was known, would later change her name to Annie Lomax and leaving Bob Richardson and marrying English musician and the first artist signed to The Beatles Apple records, Jackie Lomax.

Terry Richardson was born in New York in 1965, his father was, by then, a contract photographer for American Vogue. The Richardson’s soon moved to Paris for the more liberal artistic choices Bob could make in the French capital, after separating, both Bob and Norma returned to the US. Bob made his home in New York, with Norma and Terry embarking on a short residency in Woodstock with Richardson’s stepfather Jackie Lomax, a musician backed by The Beatles who never found the international fame many thought he deserved. In the 1970s Richardson and his mother made their way to Los Angeles, where he is reported to have been given his first camera in 1982.

The first career choice of Richardson was to become a musician, his inspiration being the punk scene that had sprung up in the late 1970s. A failed punk music career would eventually lead Richardson back to the camera and a photography career after moving back to New York in 1992. His photographs of young people in New York would be published in Vibe Magazine in 1994 and lead Richardson to a career as a fashion photographer for magazines and designer advertising campaigns. The career of Terry Richardson echoes that of his father in its early years, with the publication of his first spread in Vibe prompting a move to Europe, in this case London and work for the stylish and often controversial magazines published there, including The Face and I-D.

Richardson’s artistic style is often said to be influenced by his punk music sensibilities, which includes the use of simple point and shoot cameras, and Polaroid’s. Over the course of his career through to the second decade of the 21st century, Richardson has developed a series of stylistic qualities that include a highly stylized sexual approach to his subjects. The success he has enjoyed led Richardson to marketing campaigns for Diesel and Tom Ford.

The career of Richardson has been documented in a series of books and gallery shows, alongside a change of direction to take on the role of director for a number of music videos and documentaries. Amongst the most famous video work of Terry Richardson is the Miley Cyrus video for Wrecking Ball and Do What You Want by long term collaborator Lady Gaga.

“Origins of Flesh” Exhibition to Combine Art and Science in Unique Ways

In Bordeaux there is a woman sitting in a museum. To see her picture you would swear it was a photograph of an actual human being dressed up to look prehistoric. But you would soon find yourself in awe when you realized that what you were looking at was actually the work of French makeup artist turned paleontology expert Elisabeth Daynes. Known originally for her life-like theatrical masks and makeup at the Theatre du Nord in Lille, Daynes is now making waves and turning heads by creating remarkably life-like and anthropologically correct models of what our prehistoric ancestors used to look like.

The combination of forensics, paleontology, and art is made possible by cranial scans of remains that have been found throughout the world. Daynes used scans mainly from the Pataud shelter site to create her models, but even though they are regionally based they still offer today’s humans a glimpse into our evolutionary past, which Jason Halpern is especially excited to check out.

“Origins of Flesh – our ancestors as you have never seen them before” is the exhibit’s full title and features two life-sized and beautifully crafted models of a man and a woman whose remains were found in the same region in 1888. Behind them on the walls are the photographs and scans of the actual remains on which each sculpture is based.

It is clear that this marriage of science and art will offer humans a rare glimpse into the past, and is earning Daynes the recognition and admiration for her work she so well deserves.