Lionel Messi Still Facing Heat After HRF Public Criticism

Star Barcelona player Lionel Messi has been criticized by the Human Rights Foundation after his recent trip to Gabon. In an article I read on The Telegraph’s website, the foundation claims Messi was demonstrating “enthusiastic support for the dictatorship.” Gabon’s President Ali Bongo has been accused of being a dictator by the HRF. They claim the Bongo family has had complete control over all political, economic, and social aspects of Gabon since 1967. They also claim the local media has turned a blind eye on an ongoing scandal where countless Gabonese children are murdered and their organs harvested for black market sale.

The most critical of the accusations against Ali Bongo is that the dictator has facilitated these disappearances and murders. The Oslo Freedom Forum states that the rich elite in Gabon engage in ritual murder and cannibalism in a superstitious belief that it will give them power and influence.

HRF president Thor Halvorssen stated that by providing PR services to the Bongo family of Gabon, Messi undermined his own credibility as well as seriously damaging the efforts of his own charitable foundation. Messi claims to support children’s rights, and the soccer star even serves as a UNICEF ambassador to promote youth education. Unfortunately, he has endorsed a regime that refuses to investigate countless allegations of horrific crimes against children.

Messi was Bongo’s guest of honor as the set the first stone at the construction of the Port-Gentil stadium. The stadium will be the main venue for the African Cup of Nations tournament being held in Gabon in 2017. France Football claims that Messi was paid 3.5 million Euros for his trip; however, both the Argentinian and Gabon embassies have denied this. THey claim Messi has received no compensation for his trip.

Gabon’s president Bongo told reporters “When I was in Barcelona a few years ago, I met Messi who had told me that he would come to visit me in Libreville. It’s a promise he made me. He is a man of honour who just kept his word.”

Criticism against the Barcelona star forward also came from inside the country itself. The political party Union du Peuple Gabonais criticized Messi for a lack of respect and decorum after he wore denim shirts and a Barcelona t-shirt to an official event. They claimed that Messi arrived in Gabon as dirty, unshaven, and carrying his hands in his pockets. They accused him of looking as if he was going to a zoo not an official government function. The party states that the multi billion soccer player is too important a public figure to present himself in such a casual manner. The party made no mention of the crimes alleged by the Human Rights Foundation in The Weekly Standard. Instead they chose to focus on Messi’s apparent lack of respect and overall negligent attitude towards the country’s principles and standards.

The World Of Art Collecting

Collecting art can have its advantages. It can also be a challenging hobby. There are many art collectors in the United States and abroad that collect specific types of art. There are also individuals who collect based on price. Many art collectors go to great lengths to find the art pieces that they want. Many travel searching for the artwork that they want to add to their collection. A typical art collector will research which piece he or she thinks is worth a significant amount and then they will search to see if it will be available for auction. Once they find out it will be on the auction block, they will visit the auction house and bid on it. While this may seem as a surprise, art collecting consists of a small group of resident collectors that are usually found at the most popular auction houses, such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

Adam Sender is a hedge fund executive and a seasoned art collector. Sender’s massive art collection totals up to $70 to $80 million. Adam Sender’s collection grew to 800 pieces of artwork from 139 artists. In 2014, Adam Sender decided to sell the bulk of his art collection at Sotheby’s. In addition to selling a bulk of his collection, he has also decided to donate some of his artwork to several museums. After the sale of the artwork and the donation, he will still have art pieces in his collection to enjoy. Adam Sender alsowas discussed by BusinessInsider.

While the art collecting circle might be small, there are a new set of young collectors looking to make waves in the industry. Many of the newer, younger art collectors network within the industry and are more aggressive when it comes to getting the artwork that they want. The younger generation of art collectors buy art online, which is unheard of in the older circle. As well as buying online, this generation still shops for artwork offline.

What Makes a Great Art Collector?

To be an effective art collector requires certain characteristics. Whether to decorate a blank wall or fill a house with a great piece of art, effective research and evaluation is necessary before buying any work of art. A great collector can choose an individual work and find a way to form a purposeful grouping. Anyone can become an art collector by putting some thought into the theme of art buying. Famous art collectors are known and respected for their talent in carefully choosing and creatively grouping their art.

Passion for art is the reason hedge fund founder of Exis Capital Management Adam Sender started his private collection of contemporary art. He began acquiring artwork since the late 1990s when he formed his own hedge fund and left SAC Capital Advisors LP of Steve Cohen. With his discerning eye, he chose promising equities which were reasonably priced in the past but have increased in value nowadays. He puts so much effort in conceptualizing the arts that he will eventually install at home and even in his office.

This 42-year-old art collector and his wife Lenore mounted an exhibition of their contemporary art during Art Basel Miami Beach, a yearly art fair that has been held in Miami since 2002. This event will take place in one of their Miami homes which were inactive in the real estate market during that time. Organized by Sarah Aibel, Sender Collection’s curator, the exhibit presented a fictional scenario named “Home Alone” where the collection has grown so large that the collector and his family have no choice but to leave. Sarah Aibel chose exceptional artworks by Richard Prince, Rashid Johnson, Cindy Sherman, and Chris Ofili, which were acquired by the Senders in 1998 when they started collecting.

The 70 works displayed in the exhibition are just some of the Senders collection which now total up to more than 1,000 pieces. This artwork, with an estimated value of over $100 million, was installed throughout the entire home, including closets and bathrooms. Works of art by famous young artists like Jim Lambie, Frank Benson, Diana Al-Hadid, and Urs Fischer were also present. Some provocative pieces from Sender’s collection including Richard Prince’s racy Spiritual America was installed right above the bathtub of the house’s bathroom, and Vito Acconci’s Seedbed was placed below the sloped ceiling. That was the first time that most of the pieces in the exhibit were publicly viewed in the United States. Check out Adam Sender on Facebook.

What started as a taste for arts has enhanced Sender’s life in many ways. His collection began small, but he understands that he needs to take risks and spend more. His determination and an innate talent for selecting art made him enjoy his large collection in the world of contemporary art. He continues to collect emerging artists because he believes that is where the excitement lies.

Finding A New York City Apartment Can Be Hard, So Get Some Help From A Realtor

You knew that you had four months to go before your lease was up, and you even started preparing for your move in advance. You started calling around and checking with different apartment complexes that you are interested in, and you ensured that they had a lot of space to go round. By the time it was three months until your lease was up, you had several places in mind that you knew you would be able to get after you left your current apartment. With two months left before your lease is up, and you call the same apartment complexes again to check their vacancies, and they still have a few places left.

You now have one month left before your lease is up, and you’re ready to sign papers, put in a down payment, and solidify getting a new apartment. The only problem is that you waited too long, and almost every apartment you were interested in, have no vacancies at all now. Your devastated, and you have no idea where you’re going to move to in the next month, so you have to start all over again. It can be very frustrating when you plan ahead on where you’re going to move to, but life happens, and your plans may not come through.

It’s not unusual for apartments to fill up out of nowhere, especially after several months. There are certain times of the year when apartments may have a higher availability than others, especially in New York City apartments for rent. Although you planned ahead, now you’re back to square one, and you don’t know what you’re going to do to get a new apartment. You can start searching through the same means you used before, and hope that you can get a great apartment. Although searching on your own can work, it may be best at this point to just call a real estate agent.

If you choose to call a real estate agent to get help you find your new apartment, then you don’t have to worry for the next month about where you’re going to move to. Town Real Estate is an agency that can help you to find a really nice apartment, and they’ll do all the work for you while you relax. Just let your agent know exactly the type of place you’re looking for, and where you want to live. Once your agent has all the information necessary to find you a great place, then they can start the search for you. Although you did plan in advance on where you were going to live, there’s nothing to say that your agent won’t find you an apartment similar to the ones you had previously chosen. Let Town Real Estate help you find your new apartment.

The critical role of economists in investment strategies

The fairly recent inclusion of internet technology in the investment environment has changed the attitude of some investors. Long range planning is more important for success than ever before. Investment capabilities are now global and world events in the political and economic spheres are now key factors in profitable investing.The current investment software programs, serious inventory of information on investing and advice available online and the increasing savvy of investors has led to a dramatic increase in investment and stock market participation.But in a world of heavy speculation the possibility of major losses is a reality. Serious investors should consider the counsel of experienced economists.

The majority of educated fund managers recommend long term investment as a secure method of growth.Risk is reduced and results are predictable. Many news sources have predicted the fall of the dollar for some time. However, the recent devaluation of the Yuan by the Government of China has shown that currency devaluation can be sudden, governments seek to support their functions and ecnomy through means they can control unilaterally and maanaging the currency is the most immediate. Here the dollar’s stabilty and resiliency make it still the choice for the world’s reserve currency.

Dr. Christian Broda has continually supported the dollar-based investments as the best long term investment. Only investors with sufficient funds should consider action in other markets.The increasing speed of international transactions, instability in many markets, foreign exchanges such as China’s and world events which can drastically affect investments in volatile geopolitics make a safe haven such as the dollar a secure ROI.

Christian Broda, PhD has merged his expertise in economics with market savvy to produce results. He is Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management. He has served as Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago and published in numerous academic journals of economics. His experience at Lehman Brothers, Barclays, Columbia University and the Federal Reserve bank of New York all support his concepts of long term investment strategy for success.

Dr. Broda was born in Argentina and received his BA from the Universidad des San Andres and his PhD from MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has received grants from the National Science Foundation to support his research work and contributes on a regular basis to academic jounals on economics.

All About Businessman Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was an American business executive, philanthropist and former leader of CCMP Capital.

Personal Life

Murray was born in August of 1962. He went to Boston College, where he graduated in 1984 with an economics degree. He then got his Master’s Degree in business from Columbia Business School. Stephen had four children. His wife’s name was Tami Murray.


Murray began his training in 1984 at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He moved on to train in other companies and eventually became the leader of buyout business in 2005 for J.P. Morgan Partners. He then helped establish CCMP and later became the chief executive officer, where he had a thriving and profitable career.

In addition to his business leadership, Murray apportioned his talents by participating in professional boards. Some of these include The Vitamin Shoppe and AMC Entertainment.

About CCMP

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital specializes in health care, energy and industrial sectors. They advise businesses in both Europe and North America. They’re an independent firm even though they work with J.P. Morgan Partners. They’ve invested in popular companies like Quiznos. CCMP has managed millions and also participates in buyouts that are worth millions of dollars.

Philanthropic Work

Stephen knew the importance of giving back, and he did so by contributing to Boston College and Columbia Business School. He was an avid supporter of the Make a Wish Foundation, food banks and the Stamford Museum.


According to the Wall Street Journal, it was confirmed that Murray passed away after leaving the job due to health difficulties. The New York Post cites sources who tell of Murray’s investing expertise and brilliance. He was described as a leader and a friend. He will certainly leave his legacy in the many lives he’s touched and the brilliant business he helped build to success. He was 52 years old.

Global Mapping Service for Sale

One of the most used functions on mobile devices is the navigation app. Navigation apps depend on an accurate data base with detailed global mapping coordinated with gps satellites. Some automobile companies are trying to develop cars capable of driving their selves (attributing personality to cars predates the computer age). Self navigating autos would demand extremely precise map data, coupled with sensors which would be capable of constantly updating the database.

Only three companies ( Here, Tomtom, and Google ) have extensively mapped the world. One of these, Here, is currently for sale by its owner, Nokia. For some time Uber was trying to buy the business, but it has dropped out of the bidding and it now appears that a consortium of German automakers will purchase the service and businessman James Dondero is considering buying one of three companies.

Maps have been a part of human culture for at least 14 thousand years, with some claims that maps as old as 120 million years have been found. Although that early date is dubious, there is one possible half million year old map. That map may be a random stone figure produced by natural processes. I have seen astounding stones with what seem to be carvings of humans riding giant sloths found in North Carolina. The stones could have been natural, random occurrences.

By selling this part of its business, Nokia will be able to concentrate on its mobile phone business, while the automakers (Audi, BMW, and Daimler) will be in a better position to include map features in their autos. This feature has become increasingly popular and may soon be a standard feature in most autos.

A Preview Of Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Life

Dr Jennifer Walden is a world renowned plastic surgeon who is based in Austin Texas. She has been in the field for a considerable number of years and has great experience in the field. She is among the best plastic surgeon doctors to ever come out Austin Texas.
She was born in the city of Austin Texas in 7 November 1971. She was born to a dentist father and a surgical nurse. Dr. Jennifer Walden attended Anderson High School and got her Biology undergraduate degree from the University of Texas.
She has been well known over the years due to her contributions in the plastic surgery field. She is also known as an author who has written and published several academic articles relating to the plastic surgery field. She has also served as a commentator on plastic surgery related issues on a number of television stations among them being ABC News, FOX news and VH1 where she has always given in depth and resourceful coverage on plastic surgery.
Dr. Jennifer Walden began her career as a resident at the University of Texas Medical Branch; she then obtained her aesthetic beauty fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She later worked at New York City’s Upper East Side for a period of seven and half years where gained a lot of exposure under the stewardship of the chairman of department Dr. Sherrill Aston. During her time here, she participated in clinical trials that led to re introduction of silicone breast implants. Walden returned to her native Texas in 2011 after the birth of her twin sons whereby she opened up her private practice at Westlake Hills with a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas.
She is the founder of Jennifer Walden, M.D, PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC. She was recognized in 2014 for her outstanding work by Texas Monthly as a super doctor. Super doctor is a listing of physicians from more than 40 categories of medical specialties who have made tremendous contributions to the medical field. These physicians must have attained professional achievement and a high degree.
Dr. Jennifer Walden is an outstanding individual who is very passionate about her work. She has brought smiles to people’s faces over the years she has been in practice. She is the right person to handle all your plastic surgery needs.

Mobile Wireless Services and the Rise of FreedomPop

Mobile wireless services have become a huge thing, both in the U.S. and around the world. Many traditional phone companies have invested a lot of time, money, and effort into developing profitable mobile wireless business models for their customers. However, as this technology has progressed and become more cost effective, newer, bolder business models have arisen to compete with the large mobile wireless service providers. Companies such as FreedomPop, which offers basic voice and data plans for free, have begun to change the way people look at mobile services forever. Needless to say, the bigger companies aren’t happy with this new competition.

Looking to expand its services and customer base, FreedomPop is rolling out a brand new service that deviates from their previous “free” model. This service offers customers access to unlimited WiFi with automatic sign-on, for only $5. The only catch here is that the user would have to be in range of one of their WiFi hot spots for this to work. However, FreedomPop has also got that angle covered and currently has over 10 million WiFi hotspots across the U.S. with most appearing on the eastern side of the country but with a decent amount over on the west coast as well.

Speaking on the matter, FreedomPop CEO/co-founder, Stephen Stokols, said that the 10 million hot spots will be able to provide service to almost every major city in the U.S. and serve around 120 million people. In fact, he also mentioned that FreedomPop has plans to increase the number of hot spots to 25 million in the near future. This will give FreedomPop a major advantage over traditional carriers when it comes to offering millions of people low cost WiFi services in their area.

The main hurdle that FreedomPop has to deal with at the moment is accessibility. Currently the WiFi can only be accessed using their Android app. This allows for cross platform WiFi usage however devices that don’t use Android won’t be able to connect. That said, there is an iPhone app in development that will be out shortly. When asked about the delay Stephen Stokols said that the ios software was much harder to work with, especially the auto-connect functionality. It was also mentioned that there are currently no plans for a Windows Phone app to allow FreedomPop WiFi access. Only time will tell if this decision remains permanent.

Expecting to add over 1 million users this year thanks to their expansion to WiFi services, FreedomPop has said that they want to ensure that he WiFi experience functions similarly to traditional cellular as closely as possible, a clear indication that they plan to compete with traditional cellular services using their new WiFi service. It should also be mentioned that many large companies, such as McDonald’s, Best Buy, Starbucks, and more are all going to be carrying this new FreedomPop WiFi service. This could give the company a big advantage over other companies such as AT&T. Overall, the future is looking bright and profitable for FreedomPop.

Source: TechCrunch

Joseph Bismark Merges Business And Spirituality


I have observed far too many businesses that focus solely on the bottom line of profits and losses without taking spiritual concerns of their workers, customers, or managers, into account. Perhaps it is not surprising then, that it takes a CEO who spent eight of his childhood years in an ashram to figure out how to do it right.

I recently found a fascinating article on End of an Earring about Joseph Bismark, the Managing Director of the Qi Group. Born in the Philippines, Bismark left a comfortable home at the age of nine to live as a Vedic Monk.

Bismark co-founded the Qi Group in 1998. Since then, he has led the organization to exponential growth. He has done so by combining business acumen with a spiritual worldview. This worldview is reflected in his choice of business ventures. For example, Bismark led the Qi Group’s foray into organic foods. Bismark’s spirituality also is reflected in his management style of servant leadership. He emphasizes a consultative approach to management, and recognizes that all of his employees provide unique value and perspective.

When I read this profile, I learned not only about a businessman, but a philanthropist. Guided by the teachings of Mohandas Ghandi, Bismark founded the RYTHM Foundation to assist children with special needs and facilitate community development. Bismark also founded the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga so others can learn the techniques that he learned at an early age.

Perhaps the most important lesson I took away from this article is that Bismark does not separate the spiritual from the mundane. His business ventures, management style, and philanthropy are all part of a holistic whole that recognizes a spiritual dimension to his life’s work. In doing so, Bismark provides a template for other business leaders to follow.