Global Mapping Service for Sale

One of the most used functions on mobile devices is the navigation app. Navigation apps depend on an accurate data base with detailed global mapping coordinated with gps satellites. Some automobile companies are trying to develop cars capable of driving their selves (attributing personality to cars predates the computer age). Self navigating autos would demand extremely precise map data, coupled with sensors which would be capable of constantly updating the database.

Only three companies ( Here, Tomtom, and Google ) have extensively mapped the world. One of these, Here, is currently for sale by its owner, Nokia. For some time Uber was trying to buy the business, but it has dropped out of the bidding and it now appears that a consortium of German automakers will purchase the service and businessman James Dondero is considering buying one of three companies.

Maps have been a part of human culture for at least 14 thousand years, with some claims that maps as old as 120 million years have been found. Although that early date is dubious, there is one possible half million year old map. That map may be a random stone figure produced by natural processes. I have seen astounding stones with what seem to be carvings of humans riding giant sloths found in North Carolina. The stones could have been natural, random occurrences.

By selling this part of its business, Nokia will be able to concentrate on its mobile phone business, while the automakers (Audi, BMW, and Daimler) will be in a better position to include map features in their autos. This feature has become increasingly popular and may soon be a standard feature in most autos.

A Preview Of Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Life

Dr Jennifer Walden is a world renowned plastic surgeon who is based in Austin Texas. She has been in the field for a considerable number of years and has great experience in the field. She is among the best plastic surgeon doctors to ever come out Austin Texas.
She was born in the city of Austin Texas in 7 November 1971. She was born to a dentist father and a surgical nurse. Dr. Jennifer Walden attended Anderson High School and got her Biology undergraduate degree from the University of Texas.
She has been well known over the years due to her contributions in the plastic surgery field. She is also known as an author who has written and published several academic articles relating to the plastic surgery field. She has also served as a commentator on plastic surgery related issues on a number of television stations among them being ABC News, FOX news and VH1 where she has always given in depth and resourceful coverage on plastic surgery.
Dr. Jennifer Walden began her career as a resident at the University of Texas Medical Branch; she then obtained her aesthetic beauty fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She later worked at New York City’s Upper East Side for a period of seven and half years where gained a lot of exposure under the stewardship of the chairman of department Dr. Sherrill Aston. During her time here, she participated in clinical trials that led to re introduction of silicone breast implants. Walden returned to her native Texas in 2011 after the birth of her twin sons whereby she opened up her private practice at Westlake Hills with a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas.
She is the founder of Jennifer Walden, M.D, PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC. She was recognized in 2014 for her outstanding work by Texas Monthly as a super doctor. Super doctor is a listing of physicians from more than 40 categories of medical specialties who have made tremendous contributions to the medical field. These physicians must have attained professional achievement and a high degree.
Dr. Jennifer Walden is an outstanding individual who is very passionate about her work. She has brought smiles to people’s faces over the years she has been in practice. She is the right person to handle all your plastic surgery needs.

Mobile Wireless Services and the Rise of FreedomPop

Mobile wireless services have become a huge thing, both in the U.S. and around the world. Many traditional phone companies have invested a lot of time, money, and effort into developing profitable mobile wireless business models for their customers. However, as this technology has progressed and become more cost effective, newer, bolder business models have arisen to compete with the large mobile wireless service providers. Companies such as FreedomPop, which offers basic voice and data plans for free, have begun to change the way people look at mobile services forever. Needless to say, the bigger companies aren’t happy with this new competition.

Looking to expand its services and customer base, FreedomPop is rolling out a brand new service that deviates from their previous “free” model. This service offers customers access to unlimited WiFi with automatic sign-on, for only $5. The only catch here is that the user would have to be in range of one of their WiFi hot spots for this to work. However, FreedomPop has also got that angle covered and currently has over 10 million WiFi hotspots across the U.S. with most appearing on the eastern side of the country but with a decent amount over on the west coast as well.

Speaking on the matter, FreedomPop CEO/co-founder, Stephen Stokols, said that the 10 million hot spots will be able to provide service to almost every major city in the U.S. and serve around 120 million people. In fact, he also mentioned that FreedomPop has plans to increase the number of hot spots to 25 million in the near future. This will give FreedomPop a major advantage over traditional carriers when it comes to offering millions of people low cost WiFi services in their area.

The main hurdle that FreedomPop has to deal with at the moment is accessibility. Currently the WiFi can only be accessed using their Android app. This allows for cross platform WiFi usage however devices that don’t use Android won’t be able to connect. That said, there is an iPhone app in development that will be out shortly. When asked about the delay Stephen Stokols said that the ios software was much harder to work with, especially the auto-connect functionality. It was also mentioned that there are currently no plans for a Windows Phone app to allow FreedomPop WiFi access. Only time will tell if this decision remains permanent.

Expecting to add over 1 million users this year thanks to their expansion to WiFi services, FreedomPop has said that they want to ensure that he WiFi experience functions similarly to traditional cellular as closely as possible, a clear indication that they plan to compete with traditional cellular services using their new WiFi service. It should also be mentioned that many large companies, such as McDonald’s, Best Buy, Starbucks, and more are all going to be carrying this new FreedomPop WiFi service. This could give the company a big advantage over other companies such as AT&T. Overall, the future is looking bright and profitable for FreedomPop.

Source: TechCrunch

Joseph Bismark Merges Business And Spirituality


I have observed far too many businesses that focus solely on the bottom line of profits and losses without taking spiritual concerns of their workers, customers, or managers, into account. Perhaps it is not surprising then, that it takes a CEO who spent eight of his childhood years in an ashram to figure out how to do it right.

I recently found a fascinating article on End of an Earring about Joseph Bismark, the Managing Director of the Qi Group. Born in the Philippines, Bismark left a comfortable home at the age of nine to live as a Vedic Monk.

Bismark co-founded the Qi Group in 1998. Since then, he has led the organization to exponential growth. He has done so by combining business acumen with a spiritual worldview. This worldview is reflected in his choice of business ventures. For example, Bismark led the Qi Group’s foray into organic foods. Bismark’s spirituality also is reflected in his management style of servant leadership. He emphasizes a consultative approach to management, and recognizes that all of his employees provide unique value and perspective.

When I read this profile, I learned not only about a businessman, but a philanthropist. Guided by the teachings of Mohandas Ghandi, Bismark founded the RYTHM Foundation to assist children with special needs and facilitate community development. Bismark also founded the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga so others can learn the techniques that he learned at an early age.

Perhaps the most important lesson I took away from this article is that Bismark does not separate the spiritual from the mundane. His business ventures, management style, and philanthropy are all part of a holistic whole that recognizes a spiritual dimension to his life’s work. In doing so, Bismark provides a template for other business leaders to follow.

FreedomPop Turns Down M&A Rumors, Eyes Expansion

The developers at the L.A. based tech start up FreedomPop have been busy since their inception back in 2012. After getting established with seed money from the founder of Skype the group has been steadfast in expanding their brand name. In fact, the freemium phone company became so popular that they regularly became topics of M&A rumors these last few months. However, CEO Stephen Stokols finally put all of these rumors to rest when he came out and denied them in a report by TechCrunch.

Stephen Stokols told reporters that it was “premature to sell” and that the company would stay focused on building their brand going forward. A round of investing later, after the Series B, led FreedomPop to acquiring another $30 million dollars thanks in large part to European venture capital group Partech Ventures. Partech, led by Mark Menell, firmly believe in FreedomPop’s vision and their ability to make good on the ideas that are getting thrown around.

Right now Stokols and FreedomPop are turning the corner on one million subscribers here in North America. Their service has become a hit among budget mobile users thanks to its user friendly entry fee: completely free. With no strings attached, FreedomPop will supply subscribers with a limited amount of data, SMS texting, and voice. Subscribers only pay for any overages and further plans that they choose to purchase.

Stokols knows that FreedomPop’s design is intrinsically risky but so far it has been working well for the start up company. Despite the fact that 49% of their customers don’t pay the company a single dime, the other 51% end up making up for that lack of contribution — thus making the company profitable. FreedomPop is focused on pushing this profit overseas and entering the crowded mobile carrier market in the U.K.

The Search for Alien Life

Stephen Hawking and Susan McGalla are persons with superb intelligence. Hawking has recently made an announcement of using $100 million to fund a search for alien life. This is possibly one of the best ideas that someone in the field of science has had. The universe is a large expanse of planets, stars and moons. There are areas that researchers probably haven’t discovered yet. It seems like a waste of space if there isn’t any kind of alien life lurking in the recesses of other planets, waiting for the Earth to discover them. Someone needs to take a stand in discovering whether there is something in space or it it’s just an expanse of nothing. A recent trip by Pluto could offer information about the possibility of volcanoes on the former planet, which could indicate a water source as well. If this is true, then there could be some kind of life on Pluto. If there are organisms on Pluto, then who knows where else alien beings could be living?

Adam Sender Offers Artwork

Adam Sender, a former hedge fund manager, has been the imminent art collector for the last 15 years. He uses his sense for undervalued equities to select undervalued art for his collection. He has purchased a number of pieces over the past several years including one of Keith Harring’s “Tarps.” These pieces of art were reasonably priced at the time he purchased them, but now have grown tremendously in value. It takes a good eye for art to create a collection that truly tells a story.

At only 45 years old, Adam (see the Observer article) has put together a huge collection of contemporary artwork that will be on view as Southey’s auctions over 400 works of the Sender Collection over the next year. It is expected to bring in around $70 million. Sherman’s photo, purchased in 1998 is currently estimated to be worth $2 to $3 million. A John Baldessari’s “Commissioned Painting: A Painting by Edgar Transue” which Adam purchased in 2001 is also expected to bring in $2 to $3 million. Sender claims that over the years, he was trying to buy only the best of the emerging artists. Many of those artists are now worth a lot more than they were years ago.

He still buys undervalued works, especially of emerging artists, who he expects will one day be famous artists. He says that his strategy for buying artwork is not to buy while an artist is in school or just coming out of school; but he waits until they have been producing for a few years. Two artists he has recently acquired are Frank Benson and Diana Al-Hadid.

It would not be a far stretch of the imagination to one-day find the Sender Collection in a permanent private collector’s museum. Currently he is just continuing to collect.

Actor John Stamos Busted on DUI

Beverly Hills, California – Over the weekend, the local police department received phone calls about a possible DUI in progress. Officers arrived in the area and pulled over the suspected DUI driver. It turned out the driver was none other than actor John Stamos aka “Uncle Jesse” of the old sitcom “Full House”. Initially, Stamos was taken to the nearest hospital for treatment pending officers determining whether he was intoxicated while driving. It was at the hospital that their suspicions were confirmed, and he was “arrested” for DUI. However, in his case, this amounted to be cited for the offense and immediately remanded into the care of the hospital.

Needless to say, Stamos was received favorable treatment by the Beverly Hills Police Department. He is scheduled to appear in court on September 11, and Andy Wirth doesn’t know what will happen. For his part, he tweeted fans that he is grateful to both the police and the hospital staff for the medical treatment he received. He was careful not to say anything about the DUI charge itself. He let his fans know that he was now safe and sound in his home.

Stamos is set to kick off his latest TV show called “Grandfathered”. It is a sitcom covering the life of a divorcee and restaurateur who discovers a son and grandchild he did not know existed. It will air Tuesday nights on the Fox Network. The show has been in production since May of last year.

The Hateful Eight to be Shown on 70mm Film

News from sponsors at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital have just announced that director Quentin Tarantino is retrofitting dozens of theaters throughout the country with a 70mm format to debut his latest film, The Hateful Eight. The film is the first one he’s released since the award-winning Django Unchained in 2012. The director loves to use the same cast in his films while still introducing new stars. The Hateful Eight will star Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Tim Roth and Michael Madsen.

The director filmed this movie on 65mm film with the widest ratio possible, 2.78:1. His hopes are to make the debut of this film unique for his fans by showing the test footage on 70mm film. Partnered with Panavision’s Vice President Dan Saski, they want to get more people back into the theaters for an experience they couldn’t possibly get at home. Tarantino films are always chart-topping blockbusters, so this unique format should be a delight for his fans around the world.

As with most of Tarantino’s films, fans can expect an epic story with great dialogue and quite a bit of action. The Hateful Eight is set in a post-Civil War era in the Wild West. Tarantino wants this film to be similar to his first movie Reservoir Dogs, but with an Old Western theme.

“An Exhibition Of Music And Art”

The rapper Drake has always been interested in art from black artists and many other artists. He has now created a beautiful exhibition that displays this type of art. Another great thing about this exhibition is that there is hip-hop music played the entire time. This music is played directly from the playlist of Drake. was informed by Daniel Amen that Drake plays his own music, but he tries to incorporate music from other artists, too.

Drake is very happy with this exhibition, and there is also many more people getting interested in this exhibition on a daily basis. He wants to get connected with more artists and have more art at the exhibition.

A video was recently put out about this exhibition, and the video was a hit around the world. Many people have written reviews regarding the video, and they all liked the video. They also liked the exhibition. The black community is very happy with Drake developing this type of exhibition. The black community wants more individuals to get involved into art and art exhibitions.

These individuals are also determined to get to the exhibitions themselves. Drake did not know how his fans would take this exhibition idea at first, but he is happy it was a success. This being a success is more thrilling to Drake than his success in music. This is because his passion for art is stronger than his great passion for music.