Choose Your Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye by your Personality

When it comes to coloring your hair, the hardest part is choosing your color palette. With so many hues to choose from it can be challenging to pick the colors that are uniquely you. Take the guesswork out of your choice by checking out Lime Crime Unicorn hair dyes based on your personality.


Adrenaline Junky

Are you adventurous? Full of wanderlust and daring? If you can’t get enough thrills, then might I suggest these shades?

* Jello

Close your eyes and imagine an enchanted forest. A Pegasus is galloping through the trees and leaves it’s hoof prints in the soft mossy earth. That deep green color you’re imagining is Salad.


This rich, royal blue shade will leave you speechless. It’s subtle undertones elevates this dye from ordinary to magical.


Want to be sassy AND beautiful? Look no further! Let this fierce yellow-orange be your Wingman.


Happy Hippie

These unicorn dyes are all about peace, love, and rocking cute locks. Since all of Lime Crime’s cosmetics are vegan and cruelty free it might be what you’ve been looking for

*Strawberry Jam

The title says it all. This dye is bursting with flavor and fashion.


Long live your luscious locks! This royal purple is fit for a freaking queen!


Spread your happy hotness to others while sporting this fiery shade of red. This color is friendly but oh so fierce!


Mysterious Maiden

Would your friends describe you as brooding or a bit of an outsider? Embrace your dark side with these amazingly dramatic shades of the night.


Remind the world who the Alpha girl is with this intense shade of charcoal gray. If your soul is full of midnight magic then this is the color for you.

*Dirty Mermaid

The sea has been cursed with a perpetual storm by an evil sorceress. Boldly battle the dark elements with this deep teal hair dye.


Whatever color or mix of colors you’re looking for, Lime Crime has the goods to deliver your look without sacrificing style, conscience, or your wallet. Long live the mighty unicorn! follow them now.

High Fashion is Being Brought Forth With Social Responsibility With The Help Of Don Ressler

This is the common experience of people who take an interest in fashion. They start looking at a ton of different clothes. While some people who take an interest in fashion tend to want to just look good like everyone else, there are those who want to bring out their own looks. This is where it gets tricky. They have to look a little harder than others. Eventually, they find the type of clothing that they want. However, as they get comfortable in their style, they tend to start doing research about the brands that they become custom to. This is when they start hearing a lot about social responsibility on

When people deal with the knowledge of how social responsible their favorite brands are, then they find themselves faced with a dilemma. Among the things that they are faced with is the fact that their favorite stores are not sustainable even though they are cheap according to However, there is another issue that they are faced with. There is no other store that has the styles that they want. Therefore, the dilemma intensifies for them. A lot of people don’t like the idea of giving up their favorite styles in order to fight for more sustainable and ethical forms of fashion.

Fortunately, there is someone who is here to fight for better fashion that is more sustainable. Don Ressler is someone who has taken the time to make sure that people are getting the styles that they can enjoy while not having to worry about supporting a company that is not doing anything good for the people who are in suffering countries. One of the ways that Don Ressler is showing social responsibility is by making sure that people are working on the items from within the company as opposed to having the work outsourced to different countries in order to save money.

Don Ressler is trying to show freedom with his fashion company called TechStyle. He wants to make sure that people are getting fresh and unique styles no matter whats their size is. Therefore, even larger people are going to enjoy what fashion has to offer them with confidence.

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Flavio Maluf and the Business Trends of 2017

Flavio Maluf highlighted the importance of doing a market research and learning the business trends of 2017 to anyone wishing to start their entrepreneurship journey. The Eucatex executive and businessman gave a list of the best sectors to look into in the New Year. Here are some of the highlights from the list that was originally composed by the American Magazine Inc.


Technological Innovations


Currently, technology is being used in businesses a lot and there is an application for practically everything. Flavio Maluf points out that investing in the sector of creating platforms and tools will offer great results. This is especially so if the applications will make the disclosure and administration of business simpler.




Another great way to gaccording to Maluf is investing in things that the young people are interested in. According to the publication; the Millenials are the consumers that a business cannot afford to assume today as they present a potential market. Flavio advises that it is important for an entrepreneur to understand them and their needs in order to please them.


Health and Nutrition


According to the list, the current generation of consumers is the most concerned about their beauty, health, body and measures in general. In this regard, Flavio sees potential in the sector of creating fitness tools to be used on smartphones. Technology will allow the creation of a number of applications that will be used for measuring calories, guide on good sporting and eating habits as well as keeping nutritional records.


Sustainable Products


A lot of importance is attached to sustainable actions and products that are developed with the intent of conserving the environment and preserving the natural resources. Flavio Maluf reports that products geared towards strengthening sustainability have a brighter future ahead. He views this as a great sector for anyone considering joining the business world.


About Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex, the environmentally friendly company that utilizes unique materials in manufacturing products like tiles. He is extremely skilled in running the business due to his impressive educational background. He is a graduate of the prestigious FAAP University based in Sao Paulo. His education gave him an excellent foundation in the business world. He is also a great resource for budding entrepreneurs through his blog.

Cassio Audi Provides A Personal Touch To Investment Management

There are numerous areas of the financial world where expertise is needed to provide the best possible situations related to financial gain and growth. One of the areas where expertise is needed greatly is in the investment management area. As a concept, investments are important in the area of financial gain and growth because investments provide a great opportunity for investors to make a profit in the area they are investing in related to the money invested.

The goal of most investments in the financial arena is to earn a profit. The amount of the profit can be different based on a variety of factors. One of those factors is the location of the investment, which Cassio Audi knows well. Local aspects of the area can have a huge impact on how well investments can perform. In Brazil, investments operate in the same fashion as in most parts of the world. As a result, regarding the market and making investments that involve the market, one of the best things that any investor can do is to have a company provide investment management.

For a single investment or multiple investments, investment management has many benefits for investors. A major benefit of investment management in Brazil is that investors have people with expertise to handle the various aspects related to their investments.

One of the investment professionals in Brazil who has shown an outstanding understanding of the markets in Brazil and how to make the most out of investments is Cassio Audi. An experienced investment manager with several years of investment industry experience, Cassio Audi produces excellent results concerning many investment types.

Cassio Audi has a sound knowledge of financial markets and how specific investments will perform based on the market. Investors have come to respect and appreciate the knowledge that Cassio Audi brings to every investment that he manages.

Wengie, Draw My Life

Wengie is a famous fashion and beauty blogger from Australia. She was born in Guangzhou, China, but moved to Melbourne when she was four. She wanted to help her family out so she got a scholarship and went to school for accounting. After college, she got a job at a big company. It did not make her happy so she decided to resign. She was unsure what to do next, but was able to land a social media consultant job. On the side she started a blog and a Youtube channel as a beauty and fashion blogger. It worked out and quit her job to follow her dream.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel Puts Sleep Apnea in its Place

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist in New Jersey who began his practice in 1999. He worked hard and built up his business and managed it for 15 years, earning several awards of commendation for being the most popular dentist in his town. Then one day something very interesting began to happen. Patients would begin to share with him the problems that they were having with sleep apnea.


Sleep apnea is a condition where the throat and tongue relax when a person is sleeping, and the tongue blocks the breathing airway while a person is asleep. A choking sensation happens next, and the individual wakes up temporarily and begins to breathe again. This scenario happens off and on all night long, and when the person wakes up in the morning, they are very tired, even though they feel like they slept all night.


When Dr. Avi Weisfogel inquired as to how this condition was being treated, he received hundreds of different answers, so he was puzzled. He began to investigate this condition on his own and started to run a few experiments on his patients. Lo and behold he began to have some success with the devices that he had designed for some of his patients.


The device would hold the patient’s jaw in place while they were asleep, and that kept the tongue in check too. Soon he had all of his sleep apnea patients in the jaw harness and everyone was very happy.


He also began to share his experiences with other dentists because he wanted them to know how to help their patients too. In 2014 he established Dental Sleep Masters as a means of sharing with other dentists the progress that he had made in treating this condition. After all, the tongue and the throat are within the purview of the dental practice, and he had amassed quite a bit of material and knowledge by now about sleep apnea.


Now he is living the life of his dreams. He is meeting people from around the world and his total focus is to help other dentists everywhere with his findings and his work.

Life Line Screenings Are Painless, Quick And Easy

You can sign up to have a battery of medical tests done to you as a sort of preventative measure. Life Line Screening is a friendly group of medical professionals that care deeply about your well-being. Instead of using the standard medical care modality of waiting for you to become sick or suffer a heart attack or stroke, Life Line Screening provides a more proactive approach of getting out ahead of your illness before it strikes.

It is really pretty simple and you have no excuse in skipping out of this kind of medical approach. The visit starts simply enough. You walk into a reception area where you are greeted right away before filling out some paperwork. There is very little waiting before you are taken through a battery of about 10 different tests.

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The ultrasound testing is pretty simple. The ultrasound is applied to three different parts of your body — neck, abdomen and ankle — to check for the health of certain arteries. The neck ultrasound is testing your carotid artery for fatty buildups. These fatty buildups slow down blood flow to the brain which can cause strokes. The ankle ultrasounds checking for peripheral artery health to see if there are any blockages in your extremities. And the abdomen ultrasounds checking for abdominal aortic aneurysms that generally cannot be felt before they become an acute medical problem. All of these maladies are slow-growing and, with a little foresight, can be treated with lifestyle changes and medications.

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Other tests include a finger prick blood test and an EKG for your heart. Each of these tests can detect a medical condition in its very first stages so that you can be treated with less invasive techniques such as lifestyle change and medication. Otherwise, you may be looking at painful surgeries, heart attack or stroke.

Click here to learn more about Life Line Screening.

Yanni Hufnagel’s Story Of Perseverance

Imagine that your favorite sport was basketball. You were so obsessed with B-ball that you play with basketball player figurines as a child. You begin to develop strategies with these figurines while you teach yourself Red Auerbach’s signature plays. You work on your game tirelessly in your suburban town of Scarsdale, New York. Then, it’s time to tryout for your high school varsity basketball team and you are cut. You simply aren’t that good at the game you love to play. What would you do?


Yanni Hufnagel is the character in this story. He is in his early thirties, is Jewish and is now one of college basketball’s premier recruiters and assistant coaches. In fact, he’s on the verge of making it really big like Brad Stevens.


Yanni Hufnagel did not give up on his favorite game. Instead, he clung to it in order to make the game of basketball his life. He became his high school basketball team’s announcer. He took an unpaid internship washing jerseys for the New Jersey Nets in college. He graduated from Cornell to become a graduate assistant at Oklahoma where he helped Blake Griffin become a star. Then, he finally got his big break.


He became the chief recruiter and assistant coach at Harvard. He was the architect of a team that went 79-24 during his four years. He was able to coach Jeremy Lin, and Yanni Hufnagel was able to recruit despite Harvard’s unwillingness to give out athletic scholarships or lower academic standards. Oh yeah, he also led the Crimson Tide to its first-ever Ivy League championship.


He moved on to Villanova for one season and helped them recruit two NBA draft picks. Yanni Hufnagel put together a nationally recognized recruiting class at UC Berkely. Now he is the assistant coach at the University of Nevada, Reno.


Ideamensch Shares Adam Milstein’s Take On Real Estate Investing

Ideamensch interviewed a man who’s been named as one of the world’s most influential Jews in a list that includes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Senator Chuck Schumer. That man is Adam Milstein, a man born in Israel that’s built a large real estate firm in Los Angeles and has become a philanthropist and active member of several prominent Jewish American councils. Milstein got started in real estate brokering after completing graduate school at USC and Ideamensch wanted to know more of what he did at his company.


Milstein said becoming successful in real estate takes a lot of persistence and he will not stop pushing until he gets the results he wants. He said he had an interest in the field because none of the other business opportunities he was faced with paid well and he felt he could do better than what other prospective employers were offering him. The man he has named as having the most influence on him is his fellow Managing Partner David Hager who describes as being a deep thinking intellectual and someone who knows a lot about international economics and business markets. Milstein says sometimes you have to be willing to do the work alone because you can do more that way than waiting for someone else to do it for you.


Adam Milstein served in the Israeli army before going into business. He was part of Ariel Sharon’s battalion that moved into Egypt during the Yom Kippur War and eventually pushed for the surrender of the Egyptian forces. Milstein joined his father in building framing for a few years after returning from the war and also received a bachelor’s degree from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology. He completed graduate school in 1981 and entered the commercial real estate field not long after.


Adam Milstein is married to Gila Milstein and has three daughters, two of which were born in Israel and one in the US. The Milstein’s started Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a Hebrew text publishing company aimed at helping Jewish families around the world learn ancient Hebrew and connect with their traditions and heritage. They also support and are personally active in organizations such as StandWithUs, Students Supporting Israel, Israeli-American Council, Hillel International, and AIPAC.

Who Needs Faux Hair When You’re Using WEN By Chaz?

We know you do this; whether it’s using a flat iron, blow dryer, coloring, highlighting, bleaching, perming or straightening, some damage will occur sooner or later. Trips to your local hair salon are a must, but what happens when you return home to care for your hair solo?

It isn’t easy dealing with fine, limp hair that takes on the occasional frizz. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of mane Emily McClure battles every day. Sometimes, she just gives up and let’s her tresses run free, but she really wanted to get a grip on the problem and achieve Hollywood hair. So, the contributor decided to test out WEN By Chaz’s no lather shampoo for seven days.

Chaz Dean is the famous celebrity stylist who developed his equally famous no lather concept. He is the original no-poo pioneer, whose luxurious cleansing conditioners have sold more than 40 million bottles. He exclusively sells his brand on select retailers such as Guthy-Renker and QVC.


Because Wen Hair By Chaz works beautifully on all hair types and textures. Lather is not necessary and only contains harsh detergents that eventually weaken everyone’s hair. His unique formulas use an holistic approach and include fab blends containing herbal and plant-based extracts. These soothing formulas protect and fortify every strand. Lavender, Pomegranate, Mandarin Fig and Tea Tree are just a few of the amazing ingredients used in his healthy shampoo alternative.

Emily discovered bigger, glossier hair with movement when she washed with WEN. She posted hair selfies that drew in admirers. Her hair felt softer, smoother and almost double in volume.

Emily recommends hooking up with WEN if you can cleanse your hair daily and follow with styling tools. She got amazing benefits adhering to these simple steps. Emily also did best with WEN in a morning wash, as her mane kept its fullness and manageability all day long.

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