Here Are A Number Of Reasons Explaining Beneful’s Greatness

Beneful includes relatively expensive and high-quality ingredients in their dog food, such as salmon and lamb, and less expensive but still fine ingredients such as turkey, chicken, and beef. There are a number of herbs, spices vegetables, beans, and fruits that are used in Purina Beneful dog food that most all dogs are guaranteed to fall in love with.

The most basic type of dog food produced by Beneful on is called Beneful Originals, which should go without saying that this brand of food consists of small, dry dog food kibbles that are composed of real, fresh salmon, carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans. Originals also come in beef and chicken flavors, both of whose profiles contain different kinds of vegetables nd accents to make the different blends taste better.

Chopped Blends are one of the three types of dog foods that Purina Beneful on twitter produces. Chopped Blends consist of the vegetables and meats that make up Beneful dog foods but there is nothing that makes the food into a hard kibble such as the various types of dry dog foods that Beneful helps produce. This makes for a more natural feel and taste of dog food.

The Tuscan and Mediterranean Style Medleys are similar to Chopped Blends in the sense the mixture contains dog food that is suspended in just a little bit of liquid, except these Medleys have a different taste profile and have vegetables and spices more similar to a stew rather than a stir fry, except for dogs.

Purina Beneful Incredibites is a mixture of chewy and crispy dog foods in one bag. This is a relatively new type of dog food that was taken into consideration because some dog owners would mix both chewy and crunchy bits after buying both bags on their own from the store.

Anyone who is not sure of buying Purina’s leading brand of dog food, Beneful, should consider comparing the major brands of dog food that are at supermarkets or animal food stores. Many independent labs have found out that Purina’s Beneful brand of dog food is consistently the most preferred brand of dog food by dogs. Anybody interested in learning more details and information out about Beneful should consider googling Beneful and the types of dog food that one might want for their dog. There are many different blends of dog foods, but it all depends on what kind of food one needs for their dog.

Adam Sender and his Contemporary Artwork

Over the last 20 years, Adam Sender has amassed huge collections of contemporary artworks from different artists and adding them to his gallery. To gather artworks theoretically is a simple task when one has adequate resources like money, time and good advice. However, making excellent and smart choices over decades is totally a different thing. A person is supposed to have an outstanding intelligence to develop a huge collection that is engaging and surprising at every point. This is what Adam Sender has achieved over the years since he ventured into this industry.

Sender has managed to gather huge trove of artworks from the best contemporary artists all over. His vision is for the world to see the great work he has collected as Sotheby’s was on a mission to auction 400 artworks collected from 139 artists. Indeed, that is a great chunk of work created by one person and it doesn’t represent his entire collection. According to Sender, he don’t consider every artwork available on his way, he focuses on the talent as well as the quality. Sender’s great achievements are as a result of his success as a hedge fund manager in the 1990s.

Some of the artworks that were available for auction include pivotal work by Keith Haring, Dan Flavin among others. Also, numerous works from Richard Prince and Cindy Sherman who have managed to define an era will be on offer. Additionally, Sender collection recognizes young and upcoming artists like Rashid Johnson, Adam McEwen and others for their great artist works. In fact, there were layers and layers of works to be displayed during the auction.

Lisa Dennison, the chair Americas Sotheby’s has been working with Sender since she was chief curator at Guggenheim Museum. According to her, Sender collected Barney comprehensively, and it was adventurous at that time. Sender capitalized on what Barney invented as the new art language and used it to measure what he collected thereafter. Dennison further noted that Sender looked at the entire bodies of artwork in a rigorous manner as he was quite ahead of his time.

Sender’s trove has taken almost every important move of the previous few decades. When one is speaking about Sender’s collection, there is an intellectual curiosity of the individual behind it according to Gabriela Palmieri, a senior expert at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art department. Palmieri recognizes that Sender has acquired weighty art with historical moments.

Considering the noise around art world, it’s not easy to find excellent artwork that meets all criteria observed by collectors like Adam Sender. His exceptional ability has enabled him to discover young and talented generation of artists. Also, Sender has featured women like Barbara Gladstone, Shaun Regen and others in his collections.

The Art of The Ninja

“so that’s really it, huh?”, I asked. He looked at me with the eyes of a dog that had understood many things that I may not ever comprehend. I stood there with my jaw open, astonished at the reality of things on My dog was going to be one of the greatest ninja’s ever conceived.

I knew I couldn’t let this secret get out so I kept it to myself but wanted to help the companion on Beneful on twitter that had always helped me in tough times. I would do everything in my power to see that dog’s dream come true.

I started looking at the grasshopper’s diet knowing full well that a true ninja must eat the proper nutrition. I knew there was only one choice. I set up a course at the local pet store and we stealthily lead an ambush to the nearest bag of Purina Beneful. I was quite certain that much in the way martial arts has been proven effective with age, so too does Purina Beneful have lineages of true understanding for dogs that need good health to accomplish big things.

I started him on a strict diet with Beneful and we ran 3 miles each day. The training was tough. I saw to it that his reflexes were at the height of their capacity by sneak attacking with treats and kibble. I would hold the tennis ball higher forcing him to jump, and jump he did.

It wasn’t long after that I can remember a day when I dropped a piece of ham off the table and the ninja jumped 5 feet from couch to table and caught it before it hit the floor. He had saved my carpet. I was forever grateful.

I believe in my strong ninja dog and am forever grateful for the selfless acts of heroism that he has displayed for me. He’s done many great deeds and never take’s claim for his hand in helping. Next time you turn on the television and see what looks like a miracle consider instead that perhaps it was just my wonderful little ninja.

QNet Celebrates Ramadan by Giving to Charity

QNet is based out of Asia, and they are one of the most powerful direct selling companies in the world. QNEt has long been a heavy investor in the Middle East and in Northern Africa. As both of those markets have started to emerge, QNet has become increasingly powerful. The company has maintained a great reputation in these countries by offering high quality products, but also by making significant cultural inroads with the citizens of these countries.
During the past month, much of the middle east and Northern Africa has been celebrating Ramadan. Ramadan is one of the holiest months of the year. During this holy month, muslims are supposed to give to others in need, and fast. This is an extremely special month for all Muslims.

QNet realized that Muslims highly value the month of Ramadan and they decided that they should do something to participate in this month. As a way of honoring the pillar of charity, QNet decided that they were going to give food and other goods to the poor. This year, QNet decided to distribute food bags to the poor throughout Northern Africa.

QNet chose several different countries to participate in the distribution of the food bags. The countries chosen for this drive included Mali, Niger, and the Ivory Coast. Many of these countries are experiencing extreme poverty.
QNet made it a point to wish all of the Muslims in their area a happy Ramadan. This action will ensure that all Muslims know just how appreciated they are.

QNet is one of the most powerful direct marketing companies in the world. The company was founded in Hong Kong in 1998. Initially the company specialized in making collectible coins, as many people across Asia really enjoy collecting coins. Over time, QNet managed to expand into other sectors of the direct marketing industry. Today, the company specializes in a wide range of products, but one of the biggest industries for the company is nutritional products. These products include everything from diet products, to supplements. These products have been extremely successful throughout the world.

QNet has grown extremely successful over the years, and one of the biggest reasons that the company has become extremely successful is their amazing public relations moves. By treating everyone that shops with them with respect, the company has managed to become extremely popular. QNet has definitely scored major points with the Muslim world this year.

US Money Reserve’s High Quality Gold

US Money Reserve distributes gold, silver, palladium, and platinum to investors, collectors, or people who just want some gold around. It should go without saying US Money Reserve is based within the United States, specifically in Austin, Texas.

Some people are interested in gold or other precious metals because they just want to collect it. If one has enough money for it, there is no harm in buying silver or gold for decorative or sentimental purposes. Most people are investing in gold as an investment. This is one of the best uses of gold because the price of gold will always cotinue to increase, and the price of the gold will be subject to no inflation or deflation because it is a precious metal.

US Money Reserve currently has more than 100 people that are on their payroll. This company has all types of people that have different expertises and focuses so all of the functions of the business is going to be profitable and popular with customers. There are both senior gold specialists and an industry leading numismatic coin evaluating expert.

It is very easy to try to order something from US Money Reserve. There are a few loops that people have to jump through, but this is to make sure that US Money Reserve knows exactly who they are going to be selling their product to and they have to make sure that they credit card, debit card, or other form of financial transfer is coming from a legitimate source in the certified amount of time.

Gold is by far the most popular type of precious metal for people that use US Money Reserve to invest in. There are truly a lot of listings on US Money Reserve’s website with the larger part of them being types of special gold coins that were pressed by the US Mint. There are also a few types of silver coins that were made by the Federal Reserve Bank that customers have liked to buy in the past, but the best thing to do is call the representatives that are trained in the buying and selling of gold because they will always be able to shoot you in the right direction.

US Money Reserve is a fully accredited site that has all of the licenses that a precious metal distributor in the United States of America is suppoed to have. Check out USMR today.

Contribution of Bonar in Finance

When it comes to making financial decisions, quite a good number of companies undergo a lot of challenges. Depending on how the financial decisions are made, will determine whether the company will succeed or fail. For companies and other institutions to do well, they require the services of qualified and experienced financial adviser especially when they want to get into deals that require a large of amount of money. Since the core aim of starting any business is to make profit, financial decisions should be mad in such a way that the company will not make any loss. Some transactions such as buying an asset that will not be used in generating any income may cause a financial crisis for a company in case of financial shortage to run day to day activities while the asset is just there without being used. Apart from just making the best financial decisions, these financial adviser can also help companies strategize on their business plans which at times are translated into a reality.

Brian Bonar is a well known person in the world of finance and is among the leading persons in offering financial services that include sales, management, acquisitions and mergers, and many others. He graduated from James Watt Technical College in 1963 with a degree in mechanical engineering and there after a masters degree in engineering from the university of Stamford in 1973. Currently he is the chief executive officer and chairman of Trucept who are specialists in offering services in many fields such as solutions on payroll and many other human resource related services. In Darlada Financial Services, which deals with insurance, finance and business process out sourcing, he is also the chairman and chief executive officer. He has also served in other companies such as solvis group and American Management services where he was the chairman. His experience has made him recognized and his services are sort for by many investors.

All financial adviser must show or assure their client that their advice and involvement in the firm will bear good fruits. The financial advisers should have the knowledge on all the laws that regulate all transactions related to financial transactions such as tax so that the firm can comply with them to avoid penalties that may be laid against them either by the government or taxing firms. They should also be aware of matters dealing with the administration of payroll such as deductions that should be made either from the employee or the employer so that they can be effected for the need to comply with the law. These experts conduct businesses for various companies and in many cases the don,t go wrong in their predictions and advice.

Beneful Bringing Dog Parks Across The Nation

As previously posted on PR Newswire, this year dog food brand Beneful is enjoying the 5th year of the Dream Dog Park project through encouraging dog playground projects for certain portions of the U.S., in which the dogs range in size between Chihuahua onto Great Dane. Starting off in June and throughout 2015, the Beneful squad is investing efforts that are designed to work alongside residential area leaders and fund raising organizations to simply help rejuvenate cutting edge dog parks to our lives or promote established ones via a mix of financial reinforcement, and on the job public participation. “Residential areas realize the importance and attachment of mans best friend, and generally there is a specific place throughout their hearts and minds when it comes to what they need in their local dog park. We certainly have discovered it ourselves with the help of our own pet dogs, and also have observed this upfront within our own Dream Dog Park plans,” said Brent Gleckler, Beneful brand administrator. “This coming year, everyone is passionate to pick a whole new blueprint to construct for all of the Dog Park Dream missions, allowing us to reach much more family pet-adoring areas all-over the country.” In 2010, the Dream Dog Park Contest with Beneful had already considerably improved the activities of owners and dogs by giving remarkable spaces for pet dog-supporting cities to take joy in. Beneful converted various dog parks all around the nation through the preceding four yrs, which helped bring the objectives of their four Dog Park grand reward winners along with their four-legged companions. All the 4 parks have tailor-made attributes including Beneful’s trademark Doxie Tunnel, bright colored splash pads, a tennis ball launching tree, and an oversized food ingredient obstacle. The Beneful professionals are currently scanning the countryside for decent ventures to offer an extra paw to planners of dog parks planning get going with a brand new project or add to a present park, while seeing their 5th year of creating doggy needs come true. Each single dog park picked by way of the Beneful company will receive necessity-built capitol for updates inside their doggy park, the team will help discuss the particular awareness to dog park security and safety as well as volunteering available free time to be able to work side by side with the community to construct their very own dog park dreams. Orginal Source Beneful’s Dream Dog Park program

Slyce Improves Visual Search Platform

Slyce is a leading visual search platform available to retailers. It integrates with a retailers e-commerce site to enhance customers search capabilities. With Slyce customers can take a picture of an image and then search a store’s entire inventory for it at the push of a button. The technology will provide exact or near matches to customer inquiries and then allow them to make a purchase immediately afterwards. Slyce is currently employed by major retailers including JCPenny, Home Depot, and Tilly’s. According to a piece on Yahoo! Finance earlier this month Slyce demonstrated several new features and tools at

One of the most novel additions to the search platform is Snap-to-Coupon. This tool allows customers to take a picture of a company’s coupon and save it to their device. Slyce then reminds the customer when they are near a location for which they have a coupon stored and it even provides an alert when coupons are nearing their expiration dates.

Along with Snap-to-Coupon is Slyce’s Universal Scanner. This new addition aims to make search even easier than snapping a picture. With this feature customers can now search with just a bar code, QR code, or even from the code printed on a coupon.

The third, and perhaps most welcome, service released is Slyce Insights. Slyce Insights is offering a first of its kind visual search data analytics platform. The information gleaned from this system will prove indispensable to retailers seeking to improve the experience of their customers.

Finally there is Slyce’s out-of-stock mitigation tool. This tool serves to help brands solve the problems that they face when items are temporarily out-of-stock in their stores. Instead of leaving customers with an item that is unavailable Slyce uses its attribute matching system to instantly match the user with items that are viable substitutes for what they were originally searching. This product is still in beta development, but will be a welcome addition in the near future.

Magic Mike XXL: All the hype

Magic Mike XXL is an American comedy-drama starring Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash and Joe Manganiello. It’s the sequel to Magic Mike, a movie about a group of male stripper friends. Magic Mike was applauded and highly praised by women everywhere, setting high standards for any sequels that would follow.

At the end of Magic Mike, we saw Mike, the main character, leaving the stripper business after being betrayed by his partner, Dallas. Magic Mike XXL takes place three years later. It starts off showing a very lonely Mike at the beginning of the movie. We see that Mike is now running his own furniture business, as he always wanted, although we later find out that it’s not doing so good. We see that Mike isn’t truly happy, he broke up with his girlfriend, Brooke, and he is also having business problems. We see that Mike misses his friends and all the fun and the excitement that came with the life that he used to have, performing and being on stage.

Mike misses earlier years of his life so when his friends show up unexpectedly to invite him to a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach, he agrees to join them. He learns that Dallas has left the group, and that the remaining people in the group are going to this stripper convention as a way to end with a bang. They want their last show to be great, so Mike joins them on this adventure.

Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash and Joe Manganiello are stunning in the movie and easily win over all the women watching with the moves they pull off. It’s no wonder why most of the movie’s audience were female. It truly is the perfect movie for girls’ night and didn’t fall short of all the expectations set by its prequel.

Also starring in Magic Mike XXL is actress and producer Crystal Hunt. She was born February 5, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida and has made several appearances on the big screen. She is best known for her role in Guiding Light, for which she received an Emmy nomination. She also starred in One Life To Live and in Sydney White, and she just co-produced her first feature film, Talbot County. Keep up with her budding career on her Vimeo account, where she frequently posts updates and even clips of upcoming projects.

How Shaygan Kheradpir Has Shaped Business and Technology

Shaygan Kheradpir is business professional, who has majored in technology. He is a well educated personality with a great record of the successful projects he has handled. Shaygan Kheradpir has worked with key companies in the business world, including Barclays, where he was appointed to serve as the CEO in 2011. He has also been instrumental in offering support and advice to young professionals who are looking to venture in business. His clear analysis skills have allowed him to offer reliable guidelines to upcoming entrepreneurs. Beating stiff competition and emerging victorious in the competitive market is among things that Shaygan Kheradpir has always maintained. All the companies he has worked with have benefited from unique products that have been able to earn more sales and reputation in the market.

The dedication and creativity of Shaygan Kheradpir began at a tender age. He would show interest in learning more about technology and gathered all information that could help him advance his knowledge in the area. This inspired his parents to support his passions. He was able to come up with great ideas that even his teachers appreciated. His inquisitive nature allowed Shaygan Kheradpir on facebook to learn many things within a short span.

Research and dedication has also placed Shaygan Kheradpir at a prime position. Upon completion of his early education, Shaygan Kheradpir traveled to Switzerland where he joined the Aiglon College for high school education. This was an attempt that his parents made to allow him to access a better environment that could allow him to nurture his passion. He was able to learn many concepts and according to his teachers, his main strength was in business and technology. These are topics he would handle with joy and energy. His resolve to become a leading technology and business professional offered him the motivation to understand these subjects better. Nothing would divert his attention especially while at the library or laboratory. He was keen on research that would help avail unique ideas and products.

Learning was something that Shaygan Kheradpir drew happiness while doing. He graduated from the Aiglon College and proceeded to a higher level in university. He joined the Cornell University for more learning. This was a chance that allowed him to pursue electrical engineering to help make his dream come true. Learning engineering was among the best things Shaygan Kheradpir could imagine. He was always passionate about handling every topic that lies under the subject. He spent a lot of time creating product samples and trying to improve on others in the market. His creativity earned him respect and recognition among his peers. He was therefore consulted on many issues that revolved around business and his support was invaluable to helping others understand issues better.

From the Cornell University, Shaygan Kheradpir graduated with a doctoral degree and was able to gain recognition among different companies. This landed him a position at the GTE Corporation, where he would work as the manager of routing and networks. He earned great recognition and respect for the kind of work he offered to the company.