Go Buyside: The One Stop Site For Corporate Recruitments

If you have ever gone job hunting in the past five years, you may have realized what a big role job hunting sites play. Recruiters are in a continuous love and hate relationship with job hunting websites. These sites are useful since it provides them with ample opportunities to be able to scout people who would be eligible for the positions they want to fill up. But on the flipside, they get a surge of applicants that are sometimes hard to deal with. They then have to resort to ways in which they can sort through the crowd and find the ideal candidate in the sea of resumes. Often, this doesn’t work out as well as it is intended to, which can result in the waste of company resources. Finding an ideal candidate for a job should not be a task, and one company has managed to change the way business, and recruiters look for candidates.

Go Bayside is a company that has figured out the right implementation of a recruiting website that can offer companies their ideal candidates, without having to go through the process of evaluating every candidate that they get applying to them. Since Go Buyside was first formed, they have offered their services in recruitments to a variety of businesses and corporations who are looking for new people to fill out their positions.

The site is also especially useful for candidates who are looking out for positions that are generally with notable companies, and which can fulfill all their requirements of a good workplace. Candidates looking to apply can do so through the company website. They can send in their data, and the specifications of what they want from their workplace, and the kind of job that they are looking to get. Thereon, Go Bayside matches the candidates with the company that they feel will suit them the best and which will fit what the company who came to them needs.

Go Bayside tries its best to supplement the growth of their company through the numerous services that they provide. In addition to offering recruitment services, they offer a range of other company building services that business and corporates can use to improve their workings and objectives. These include things like company analysis, market planning, financial analysis and much more. These can aid the overall development of corporate, giving them the edge that they need to push forward in the industry that they are working in.

Aloha Construction Is The Experts To Go To When It Comes To Keeping Your Home On Good Repair

Aloha Construction is a family owned construction company. The entity is insured and bonded and provides services in state of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company has more than 18,000 completed projects under their tool belt in a variety of locations.

Aloha Construction are the leaders when it comes to roofing repair or replacement, window and screen replacement, siding, gutter and downspout installation or replacement and fascia and soffit repair. Aloha Construction has developed nine point roof inspection process that can assist homeowners when their roof has been compromised due to age or weather. The inspection process allows the roofing technician to evaluate the extent of roof damage and the remaining life of the shingles. Along with roof damage, the inspection process also includes inspection of the flashing and attic ventilation.

Repairing or replacing any part of a home can be a tedious task and not a job for the unskilled. It is essential the outside of the home be in top shape to keep the elements out in order to better protect the interior environment and possessions. A well kept home exterior will add to the aesthetic appeal of the home and help maintain property values. A home exterior that is kept weather tight will help reduce overall energy costs.

The technicians at Aloha Construction go through a home improvement training program sponsored by the Vinyl Siding Institute. Upon the successful completion of the program, candidates become Certified Vinyl Siding Installers. Vinyl siding is the recommended type of siding, but Aloha will install any type of siding.

Aloha is a great advocate of a well maintained and working gutter downspout system. Runoff that ponds along the foundation will cause unnecessary moisture to invade the crawlspace or basement and cause mold and mildew problems along with structural damage. The team at Aloha Construction will install gutters and downspouts and the necessary appurtenances to direct runoff from the roof away from the home.

Aloha Construction is the go to contractor to help keep your home in good repair. Regular inspections should always be part of the maintenance plan and the team at Aloha is experts when it comes to keeping your home in good repair.

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Get Valuable Cancer Treatment Centers of America Information by Going Online to WebMD

Now, individuals can get valuable Cancer Treatment Centers of America information by going online to WebMD. This cancer treatment giant has determined that more accessible and accurate cancer facts and treatment related information can drastically lower the high mortality rate that cancer holds. It is believed that many patients die from cancer because they did not recognize classic cancer signs until it was too late for appropriate treatments to work. By pairing with WebMD, CTCA is offering a whole new group of individuals highly accurate and currently relevant cancer treatment, symptoms and supportive therapy details. As more people become educated regarding cancer, those high mortality statistics start to decline in numbers.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a top cancer specialist organization that has provided superb cancer care for many years and decades. Many people are eternally grateful to CTCA for their compassionate and cutting edge cancer care for either themselves or their close family members and friends that have cancer. WebMD now is taking the highly complex health information on cancer and is translating the details into easy-to-read and digest articles. As this information is known to be some of the latest research, drugs and treatment in the oncology field today, online readers are ensured of accurate and cutting edge cancer information, statistics and facts.

When someone gets a diagnosis of some form of cancer, the immediate reaction is typically one of unbelief. As they begin to understand the cancer diagnosis implications, many patients become very scared and confused on what is to come next. Cancer Treatment Centers of America staff members have always given their valuable patients informative and truthful cancer information throughout their cancer treatments. This cancer education process continues for the whole course of each patient’s very unique case. The educational materials are highly patient personalized. Click here

Open Society Receives Its Largest Donation Ever From George Soros

George Soros, billionaire philanthropist and founder of Open Society Foundation, has transformed Open Society to the second-biggest charity organization in the United States – behind Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – with a single donation of $18 billion. This move transformed both the philanthropic group and the firm that supplies its wealth. Open Society Foundation now holds the bulk of Mr. Soros’s fortune which has moved it to the top tier of philanthropic organizations. It is currently the second largest in the U.S right after the Bill and Melinda

The 87-year-old founder of Soros Fund Management LLC now shares influence over the firm with an Open Society investment committee. Even though the committee and its chairman were set up by Mr. Soros, the committee was meant to survive him those close to him have said. The new chief investment officer at the Soros organization is more an allocator of capital (to the different external and internal asset managers) than a trader. Unlike past investment chiefs, this new Chief Investment Official doesn’t have to report to Mr. Soros or anyone else at the firm, He reports only to the investment committee.

Sources close to Mr. Soros also say he has no plans to trade the billions now belonging to Open Society. Since he bet (wrongly) that stock prices would drop after Donald Trump was elected as President, Mr. Soros has been doing trade using his own money, held in a separate account within the firm. Although Soros Fund Management, the $26 billion organization was a pioneer hedge fund corporation, it became a family office several years ago after returning the money to outside investors. A family office is a type of office structure with growing popularity among wealthy families and is mostly free of regulations.

Mr. Soros began his philanthropic activities in 1979 when he stepped up to be an active voice in the fight against communism across Eastern Europe. In 1984, he set up a foundation in his birth country, Hungary. The goal of the foundation was to break the government’s hold on information by distributing photocopiers to libraries and universities. Mr. Soros grew up under communism as well as a Nazi-occupied Hungary, and because of that, he hoped to foster an “open society” in places where authoritarian governments reigned. His foundation was named after a book by his teacher (a defender of liberal democracies) Karl Popper.

Today Open Society has a comprehensive mandate that is mostly driven by the values of its founder. It operates in countries like Afghanistan to South Africa through a network of more than 40 offices and foundations. Open Society has funded public health efforts, programs, refugee relief, and even a mobile court to help solve gender crimes in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). Open Society also advocates for rights for the Roma, one of the largest ethnic minorities in Europe.

The foundation’s activities have often angered nationalist government such as the one currently in power in Hungary. Mr. Soros regularly urges developed countries in Europe and across the globe to assist in relieving the burden of increased migration from areas of conflicts.

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The rise of Nick Vertucci in the real estate industry.

In real estate, the ability to be consistent and have a good reputation with your clients is of utmost importance this enables them to refer you to friends and family and in the process enabling the real estate agent achieve financial independence.This has been the journey of Nick Vertucci who ventured into the sector in 2000.His journey to the position he is today has not been all smooth having overcome the effects of the tech bubble burst that almost swept away all his investments that he had accrued over the years.He would attend a seminar on the insistence of a friend who was already in the industry and was already experiencing the benefits of this industry.He learned quite a lot over the three-day seminar and by the time it came to an end he was sure that this was what he would want to do for the coming years of his life.

He began his quest for knowledge and information on the industry internalizing every bit he could find.He ensured he was well vast with all the legal requirements on venturing into the industry as well as what successful investors before him had done to win in the industry.His efforts would come in handy once he joined the real world practice.

The knowledge gained from all the research and reading he had done were what would guide his initial days in real estate.Nick Vertucci ensured that he followed a strategy that he had come up with to the letter this was the strategy that today has made him a millionaire and an envy among other industry players.

His strategy was formulated and refined by his experience with clients on the field, and it proved to be a winning formula.

Nick Vertucci perfected the art of negotiating for deals in the market especially in high return areas or those that were projected to be a sitting goldmine.

His ability to spot potential deals was a winning combination for him, and it ensures that at any time he had something going that had the ability to bring in a good return on investment.

The houses would be purchased then Nick Vertucci would work with his identified contractors who would give the homes a facelift as well as all the relevant renovations. After this, he would list his houses as well as directly engage clients who had shown interest in acquiring property within a certain area.

It’s The Best Time To Start A New You With Market America

If you’re seeking a great new opportunity or just a new place to shop online, Market America has just the place for you. The website shop.com is a great place to buy all of your favorite products, and get cash back. Market America not only has great exclusive products offered on this website but also retailers you already know and trust. Even banking options are available to customers.

The company has been in business for 25 years and counting. Owned by the Ridinger family of North Carolina, the company started out in their family home and has grown to over 25,000 associates. The company uses unique model known as the “UnFranchise” business. This gives individuals the opportunity to get started with little to no risk, unlike a traditional franchise. Where it’s similar, is that you get to sell and market brand name products at affordable prices, that customers already know and love. You also have the support and all the tools you need to succeed. Market America offers this opportunity to anyone who’s willing to put out the time and effort to succeed.

Getting recognition from even celebrities, the organization celebrated its 25th anniversary, with many performances. The Better Business Bureau has also recognized Market America by giving it the prestigious Torch Award. This is an award given to companies with outstanding ethical practices. It’s also an “A+” rated business by the BBB. This is quite an accomplishment as a company with so many affiliates can present quite a challenge.

Market America invites those wanting to join the excitement by checking out shop.com. From there you can see the great one-to-one marketing opportunity, along with the incentives Market America offers. It’s the best time of year to get started on a new and exciting road to financial freedom. With the UnFranchise business plan, it’s easy not only to get started but also to get ahead quickly and easily. Take the question mark out of your future and head over to shop.com to see exactly what’s in store. From there you can make the educated decision if you want to join the 25,000 people going strong.

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The Importance of a Healthy Diet for Wellness, and Jeffry Schneider’s Diet

Jeffry Schneider is the CEO and founder of a growing firm. With more than 25 years’ worth of experience under his belt, he is a leader. He has a unique style and works with many people and companies. The firm Jeffry Schneider leads is growing, with over 55 employees.

A healthy diet is one of those things that people know they should have, but do not implement. There are many reasons for not eating healthy, as often unhealthy foods are easier to prepare, or take no preparation at all. However, a bad diet can lead to a host of negative health consequences. These negative health consequences often rob people of their wellness and health. So, what are some ways to make your diet healthier, and in turn reap the benefits in both your health and your sense of wellness?

Eat Less, Move More: Often people want a magical pill or some type of fad diet to help them lose weight. While these can sometimes work, at least for a short while, they are often not sustainable in the long run. One thing you can do right now that will help your health is to eat less and move more. This is the fundamental step that should be done before trying out some diet fad. Simply eat less and move more.

This does not need to be too hard or complicated. If you eat three pieces of toast for breakfast, eat two. If you normally order a large side at a restaurant, order a medium or small one. Simply make a point to eat less then you normally would at meals. Moving more does not need to be overly complicated either. Find little ways to implement movement, such as using the stairs rather than the elevator, or going on short walks throughout the day.

By eating less and moving more, you are lowering your calorie count throughout the day and burning more calories by moving more. Before trying out any specific diet, try simply moving more and eating less.

Cut Out the Bad, Put in the Good: This should be the next step in building a healthy diet. This is especially true if you are currently making unhealthy food choices. Try to cut out food and beverages that have empty calories. An example of a beverage that has empty calories would be most sodas. They do not have much if any nutritional value, and thus are not very useful for your body. Try instead to eat more nutrient rich food. Often this comes in the form of plants, as they often have a variety of vitamins and are typically low in calories. Supplementing your bad food, a.k.a empty calorie food, with good food, or nutritionally dense food, can be a great way to make sure you are getting your micro-nutrients and can help you feel great.

Jeffry Schneider implements a healthy diet into his lifestyle. After reading The Blue Zones Solution, which describes the health habits of areas where people live the longest in the world, he decided to implement a pescatarian and plant-based diet. This essentially means that he eats primarily plants with some fish, specifically wild-caught salmon, and eats pork and beef rarely and only for very special occasions. Schneider notes that in the book, The Blue Zones Solution, people typically eat a more plant-based diet as well. These are some of the ways that Schneider tries to implement a healthy diet into his lifestyle.

Co-Founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky Leads The Battle Against Cancer With Data Enabled Precision Machines

Cancer, this one ailment has made millions of people in the USA suffer and continues to wreak havoc in the lives of thousands of people every year. It is estimated that approximately 40% of Americans are likely to get cancer at some stage in their life. While people have actively started living an active and healthy lifestyle, sometimes this is not enough. Genetic markers along with various environmental factors can lead to even the most careful people getting afflicted with this illness. There is hope though as a few companies such as Tempus, work on a continual basis to ensure that the medical sector gets access to futuristic technology that can help them win the battle against cancer.

Tempus is led by Eric Lefkofsky, and as the co-founder of this foundation, he and his team are in charge of building data enabled precision devices that can help with early diagnosis and accurate treatments for cancer. The tools that are being built by Eric Lefkofsky and his team that can input, calculate, correlate data and provides practical solutions for the American health industry.

The units built by Tempus changed the way data is collected, computed and transformed into usable information. The platform that has been designed by Eric Lefkofsky and his team computes a patient’s clinical data as well as any available molecule data. While there were many challenges faced by Tempus to get access to actual data of patients, these obstacles were slowly and steadily overcome. After gaining access to data, the next challenged faced by this firm was to compute the data so that usable information could be acquired. Since information about patients was available through various sources not limited to doctor’s notes and progress notes, Eric Lefkofsky and his team created a software program that could read large chunks of information while keeping specific considerations in mind. Both language processing and optical character recognition capabilities were built into the software which made it both efficient and reliable.

After putting in years of efforts in further perfecting the system, it is now possible for information related to genomes along with other genetic markers to be calculated using the Data Enabled Precision Machines created by Eric Lefkofsky and his team.

Eric Lefkofsky started his journey in his battle against cancer when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to his first-hand experience, being a caretaker for a cancer patient he noticed the large gap between the processes of collecting data and computing it to get usable results. The personal struggle inspired him to build a system that is effective and provides concise solutions that can be used to formulate technologically advanced treatment plans.

In 2006, Eric Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This trust is charitable and is aimed at creating high impact techniques to improve the lives of people who are affected by Cancer. Both Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz believe in their cause and are dedicated to improving the lives of millions of cancer patients in the years to come.


The Growing Importance of Wireless Containment Systems from Securus Technologies

Deliverance of safe and efficient incarceration services is the biggest challenge of prison authorities in the history. When the technology, especially communication technology, started traveling an extra-mile post-2000s, it gave new challenges to the correction agencies. Contraband cell phones are creating biggest threat to prison security and safety in the recent years. The experience of Robert Johnson, an ex-corrections officer at Lee Correctional Institution located in South Carolina, showcases the threats associated with the flaws of prison safety solutions. Johnson was facing a deadly attack at his home for confiscating a contraband package.


The inmates were contacting an ex-convict using a contraband phone to target Johnson, which later proved the inability of prison authorities to restrict such phones that can claim the lives of their own officials. There are many similar incidents in the past where the prison officials or their family members were being targeted by the inmates and their associated gangs operating outside. All of their communications go through contraband phones – the biggest threat to prison security and safety. Johnson even testified in front of the Federal Communications Commissions and explained the process of controlling such contraband phones that are taking lives.


Since there is a national law that prohibits jamming or blocking signals, states like Florida are using technology that offers selective options according to the prison needs. Interestingly, Johnson is a paid consultant to Securus Technologies, the leading prison technology provider who enabled Florida to choose paid call options for inmates in the state. It uses a Wireless Containment System or WCS to restrict contraband cell phones. A spokesperson for Securus confirmed that its solution is working in the line of establishing a specific cell phone network. Regardless of the carriers, only known numbers are permitted to connect, and others are blocked.


The company even shared a video in July 2017 to show the vulnerability of the prison security with respect to contraband cell phones. It was a Facebook Live by an inmate using a contraband cell phone. It is already proved that such flaws are effectively controlled by the WCS technology of the Securus. Interestingly, in March 2017, FCC has approved the streamline of correctional facilities that help them to use contraband interdiction technology like WCS with reduced paperwork and other formalities with different carriers, said Rick Smith, the Chief Executive of Securus.


With the improved process of regulations, more people started demanding the elected officials to take steps to curtail the inmates from the use of contraband phones, said a corrections officer in South Carolina. Interestingly, Securus even published the data that displays the efficiency of the WCS technology, and the technology blocked nearly 1.7 million unauthorized phone calls during the period July 2016 to July 2017, from just eight correctional centers in the United States.



George Soros Giving Back To The Society Generously Through His Open Society Foundation

The world has changed drastically in the past several decades politically as well as socially. And, while there has been massive progress in the field of economics, technology, and human development, the world has witnessed some significant drawbacks politically as well as socially. The governments of many countries, it seems, has been taking a capitalist approach to their governance that has been bothering many political analysts and contributors, including the legendary political contributor and lobbyist, George Soros. He is a man with a vision when it comes to politics, and it is his vision that he has been funding to ensure it is realized, sooner than later.

George Soros has a powerful influence in the United States politics and has helped in the rise and downfall of many leading politicians in the country. In the 2016 Presidential Election, George Soros was very vocal in his support for Hillary Clinton and financed her election with over 30 million dollars and also helped her gain many mega-donors. George Soros was against the candidacy of Donald Trump from the very beginning and didn’t want Trump’s administration at the helm.

However, even though Hillary Clinton couldn’t win the election, George Soros wasn’t discouraged and continued with his efforts to back the political candidates and senators who wanted reforms that he believed in, including education reforms, immigrant reforms, justice reforms, and more. George Soros says that the country has become a boiling pot under the Trump’s administration. Many issues need to be addressed, which are continuing to get aggravated due to the negligence of the government, including the way the minorities are being treated, how the elections are funded, racial disparity, injustice towards immigrants, and more.

George Soros is the man who supported Black Lives Matter and the Antifa movement even when he was highly criticized by many in the political circle. George Soros says that his financial position and political influence puts him in place to be independent in his approach and be less worried about what others think of him. It is why he has been able to follow his ideology without any hesitance. George Soros once read the book by Karl Popper named Open Society and its Enemies, which profoundly influenced him. He believes that the world should come united and work as one unit to ensure a better future for the next generation. George Soros has been known worldwide not for his political influence in the United States and other countries, but also for his extensive philanthropic efforts.

Recently, George Soros wired $18 billion to Open Society Foundation, an organization he started to help support various initiatives and charities world over to promote his philanthropic efforts and political ideology. George Soros says that if people who have wealth do not use it wisely for the betterment of the society and does not think a step ahead of standard population, what is their worth and value to the society that has given them so much. In total, George Soros has given away over $32 billion in charity in his life.

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