Why Is InnovaCare Health Better For Seniors?

Every senior who goes on Medicare needs to make sure that they know what kind of coverage they have. There are plenty of very healthy seniors who can survive on a simple Medicare plan and some supplemental insurance, but there are other seniors who need to make sure that they insurance that will cover their most basic needs. InnovaCare Health has Medicare Advantage plans that will help seniors in need, and it is important for seniors to make a choice that helps them.

InnovaCare Health has two visionaries running the company in Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides who have created more than just normal Medicare Advantage plans. There are many people who have not tried InnovaCare Health because they do not realize that this is a better way to get health care. Penelope Kokkinides do not know that there are varying levels of supplemental insurance that must be used for their various conditions, and each condition must be taken into consideration. Know more about Penelope at Bizjournals.

Checking out the InnovaCare Health website is a good way to start the search for supplemental insurance, and it is equally important to remember that the senior can change their plan if they need to. That makes it a lot easier for them to get the correct care all the time, and it does not stick them with just one plan.

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The plans also have payment plans that work great for seniors. They are usually on fixed incomes, and they will be in much better shape because they have been able to get the help that is needed. This makes everything much simpler for the senior to get care for a good price.

InnovaCare Health has a lot of places where people can get their care, and it all ties in with their insurance. Tying this in with insurance is very easy, and tying this in with insurance makes it so much simpler for people to go in, get the care they need and walk out a much healthier person.

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Tips for Personal Online Reputation Management When Leaving a Job

Online Reputation Defender is often discussed in the context of businesses keeping themselves in a positive light, but it is also extremely important for individuals to manage their reputation and the way that they look to businesses online. Your activity on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is being looked at by employers more and more in the modern world, and knowing how to keep it positive, especially in the wake of a change of careers, is extremely important.
This article from the Harvard Business Review has many tips for maintaining your reputation offline when leaving your job, and many of these tips can be applied to the online world as well! Being communicative and open about your departure with your superiors–the people most likely to be contacted based on your LinkedIn connections and other factors–for example, is obviously going to be beneficial to you both online and offline, but some of the other techniques can have benefits that are not quite so immediately obvious.

Simple things like talking to people in person also have real benefits for your online reputation, though. Things that happen in person are far more likely to stay, well, in-person than if you talk to your (soon to be former) coworkers through e-mail or social media. This has the added, less obvious, benefit of keeping negative interactions off the net. It’s much easier to deal with someone being upset with you about something in person than it is online, and if you talk to them in person you have a good chance of being able to resolve things before they hit the internet where they’ll stick forever. Additionally, this allows you to keep up positive relationships, which will add more positivity to your feeds and show potential employers the sort of environment you breed.

The other big tip for leaving your job and maintaining your composure online is to continue working and performing as you have been during your final weeks. If you start slacking off or acting like you’re irreplaceable, especially on Facebook or other social media, this will be a highly visible red flag to potential employers. Work hard even in your final weeks, and your superiors and coworkers will continue to think positively of you.


Securus Technologies’ Role in Protecting Inmate Communications

Inmate communications provider Global Tel Link popularly known as GTL came under siege recently. This siege was after Securus Technologies investigated the company for alleged breach of inmate communications. Securus is the current leading provider of technology solutions within the civil and criminal justice system. While giving out the report detailing the alleged breach, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus expressed his disappointment in GTL. With these violations coming to light, Securus will undertake further investigations into any wrongdoings by GTL. The investigations will serve as a deterrent to GTL and push them towards putting the interests of its customers first.

Some of the violations that GTL are accused of are adding more time to inmate calls by about 15 or 36 seconds which was unlawful. In addition to this, GTL also increased the telephone calling rates and more costs to its customers after charging their calls. The company also billed their customers twice for a single call and all these acts were commuted deliberately. As a result of GTL’s violations, the taxpayers were overcharged with a total amount of $1,243,000. The Louisiana Public Service Commission stated that clients of communication companies ought to be treated with respect and integrity. According to Securus CEO, the actions of GTL were uncalled for and scamming of customers was something that had to be done away with completely.

Securus Technologies provides technology support to members of the criminal and civil systems. They work primarily with law enforcement, inmates in North America and correction institutions. The company provides emergency response, investigation services, information management, biometric analysis and inmate self-service. The company has made it easier for inmates to connect with their families and thus maintain family relationships. Securus Technologies is located in Dallas and boasts of making the world a better and safe place to live in.
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Brian Bonar Gets Honored by the Professional Networking Community

Brian Bonar, who’s been at the head of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, has been highlighted for his contributions to business which have made him a household name to his clients and his company’s competition.

Cambridge Who’s Who has chronicled key people in finance for years, making it a source of eyeing talent as it rises to the attention of the financial world. Cambridge’s Who’s Who Registry has selected only four entrants per year, two men and two women, who have demonstrated exceptional skill in managerial roles in their respective companies.

They’re chosen from a process that utilizes a selection committee that looks over applicants and take into consideration their educational backgrounds and their history in the role of a leader with respect to those who work beneath them. In the case of Brian Bonar, he was named one of Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance.

According to Bloomberg and Whitepages, Brian Bonar has given nearly three decades of his professional life to working in the role of a manager while working in disparate sectors of the financial world. It’s this varied set of experiences in business that led Bonar to be the ideal candidate to assume a leadership position within the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

For more than ten years, Dalrada Financial has relied on Bonar to be their company chairman and CEO. In these positions he assumed the responsibility of managing the benefits for employees and the aftermarket products they might rely on.

It’s in keeping with Dalrada’s chief role to it’s clients as a marketing liaison, offering them a swath of program options for employees in an effort to increase the efficiency of a business. This includes, but is not limited to, mitigating risks employers take on through insurance and financial management, as well as providing promotional services that benefit a business’ ability to manage itself.


About Brian Bonar:

Brian Bonar’s success in the world of finance as an executive has led him to several leadership positions that have expanded on that leadership background which has made him a success.

This has to do with a technical understanding that has made it possible for Bonar to make sense of how businesses function and what’s needed to make them succeed. This is supported by an education in technical engineering at James Watt Technical College and mechanical engineering at Strafford University. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://mg2.com/about/people/brian-bonar/

This includes time spent as a sales manager for Adaptec, procurement manager for IBM and Director of Engineering for QMS before going on to open his own company, Bezier Systems. In executive roles, Brian Bonar has served as President of Allegiant Professional Business Service and Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Business Services.