Richard Allows Clients Control

Even though the client has chosen their adviser, his life should remain in his control. For one thing, clients do need control over their decisions. Fortunately, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is one of the financial advisers that allow their clients to control their finances.

This gives the clients a lot of trust and confidence over their decisions. One of the things that Richard Blair does is provide his clients with a lot of information of the different aspects of the industry. He also recommends that his clients look through the different decisions so that they can be confident about the choices they make. At the same time, they will be able to increase their income.

However, people will just as likely go broke over investments because they don’t know how the market works.

Given that Richard Blair is very successful at investing, he can provide the clients with different pieces of information that they can think about. With these bits of information, clients could make better financial choices. They will buy plenty of good assets and gain a consistent source of income.

Richard Blair is able to help different clients from different walks of life. Among the issues that he is able to help with is in helping them make better choices on what to spend their money on. For one thing, Richard would not recommend trying to keep up with the latest gadgets. It is also not a good idea to max out the credit card. For one thing, people will ruin their credit and put themselves in a lot of debt in order to get the items that they want. One of the things that Richard Blair teaches is to prioritize.

For one thing, Richard believes that it is important to have all of the financial needs taken care of before going after luxuries.  He does believe in making careful investments so that he will be able to enjoy his life to the fullest at some point.

Benefits Of Online Reputation Management

Are you looking for information about online reputation management? Do you want to find a good reputation management firm to help protect your online profile or build an impressive reputation?

Did you know that your online reputation plays a great part in determining whether or not you will run a successful business? It’s true – people don’t want to deal with a business that has a negative image. They only feel confident buying from a reliable source. Make sure your reputation is well managed by experts in the field.

They research companies, products and services before making a buying decision.

A need for reputation repair or reputation management could occur at any time. When it happens, it is advisable to contact a reliable online reputation management team of experts from

For an entrepreneur, business owner or corporate executive, online reputation management is an essential aspect of maintaining a great profile. It can have a huge impact on how people perceive your organization or your brand. It can also have a tremendous impact on your revenue or the success of your organization or business. Many companies lose customers and potential sales as a result of online negative image.

It’s easy for anyone to go online and post negative reviews or derogatory remarks about you or your organization. With the popularity of social media and discussion forums, irate customers and malicious competitors can ruin your reputation simply by posting defamatory content.

These reviews and remarks can come from just about anywhere, and they can cost your company in potential customers, potential business, and even potential employees. It is not advisable to just overlook this kind of issue.

If you have negative reviews about you or your company, there are essential steps you can take to improve your online reputation as a business owner or organization leader, no matter what industry you’re in.



Inmate Calling Has Expanded To A Global Network

An impressive Certification 1 has allowed the leading inmate calling regulator in the industry to expand their network to a global forefront. Securus Technologies is proud to announce that eleven of the partnered associations have acquired the certification that will allow them to be able to create jobs for over 456,600 IT professionals. The general public can rest assured that their needs will be meet through mandatory government mandates that specific expressed inmate calling laws be applied to all network providers. The newly acquired Certification 1 will ensure that they have the top technology to be in complete compliance.


A recent PRN Newswire article has specified that Securus is responsible for correcting inaccuracies with Global Tel-Link in a fourth-quarter audit. Surprisingly, as a benefit to their customers Global Tel-Link is now offering free calling features to Louisiana for a limited time. They are working around the clock at Securus Technologies to keep their customers connected for an affordable rate.


Securus Technology Features

Video Chat Features

The court was determined to cut their costs in light of tough economic times and needed a way to get them to their court appearance for far less gas and commuting. They began to utilize a video monitoring system that allows inmates to speak through a monitor and appear for their court hearing. This video chat technology has been extended by Securus to provide a new feature for inmates and their families.

Video Chat Visitation

Video chat now has the great feature of allowing inmates and their families to visit online. If you’re on their visiting list you can visit them without ever having to leave home with this great feature provided by Securus Technologies.

Join the superior Securus Technologies network today.


Timber Creek LP’s Marc Spark, Making a Bold Move to Move Forward

Marc Sparks, the well known Philanthropist, author and venture capitalist, have made some huge impact on the business world early last year and from there it appears that Marc will stop at nothing to push through with all of his passion and plans that are obviously been well prepared for any possible circumstances, being a social entrepreneur that he is.

It all started with Marc Sparks’ bold move of moving to a new office after almost a decade and a half working and doing business at Timber Creek Capital, LP, the company that he founded.

Who actually is Marc Sparks?

Timber Creek LP’s goal is to provide a broader business knowledge to different business person or organization that dreams of achieving success with a well planned and organized business support.

Marc Sparks is also the author of “They Can’t Eat You”, a book available in kindle and hardcover which tackles about how Marc Sparks have become a successful entrepreneur that could inspire those who wanted to become successful with their own business.

Marc is also a known philanthropist with his program called: Spark Tank. The goal of Spark Tank is to provide at least Five Thousand Dollar worth of grant to a Non-profit organization in Texas that could help a huge impact in their community.

What’s with the new office move?

Marc Sparks believes that with the time changing so fast, it is a major factor in one’s success about the time of office environment.

Marc believes that all the employee’s and staff would be more productive in moving to a much better and harmonious environment to continue with helping out other business to become successful.

Marc Sparks’ experiences for more than three decades have really paid through, with him sharing all of his expertise to every company that they are mentoring with.

It will be inevitable that Marc Sparks work will be remembered by the Texan community in the years to come as not just a man in a coat and tie who became an author and philanthropist, but as someone who made an impact that changes the lives of many.

Marc Sparks today is continuously providing business consultation and providing grants to those who seek the companies help in being successful with their goal.

Understanding about “Spread Betting” in Football Sports Betting

When a team is much stronger compared to its opponent, then more people will be inclined to bet for the team to win if the choice is simply a win/lose. This usually proves to be a huge problem for the sports books as they depend on a huge chunk of the money from the losing bets to settle the money won by winners. When most people place a lot of bets on a single team, sports books stare at making big losses. In order to make things even, a “spread bet” is usually offered where the victory margin determines the bet winners.

Sports books usually propose a “line” that will suggest a minimum virgin victory for the team that is considered favorite to win. This is usually the team that the highest number of people believe it will win. This is what is referred to as the spread. When the favorite team wins and surpasses the minimum victory margin, it is considered to have “covered the spread” and those who had placed bets on such an outcome get to win their money. It is also possible for those who place their bets on the team considered as the underdog to win in two major ways.  They will also win if the underdog team loses and the victory margin remains less than the spread. It is important to note that covering the spread is only necessary for the favorite team but not the underdog.

This is not good news to a sports book and they make this impossible by including a spread that has a fraction. This fraction is commonly known as “the hook”. The spreads appear just after the name of the teams and a negative number represents the favorite team while a positive number shows the underdog. An example is “RAIDERS +13.5” which means the Raiders are the 13.5 point underdogs. If the favorite team wins by 14 points then those betting on the underdog would lose the bet and those for the other team would win the money. If Oakland Raiders lose by 13 points or less then those betting on it would win. remains your most trusted betting site due to its great Football odds, NFL odds and Super Bowl odds. Check out to get the best news on sports betting and the best format to use to place your bets.

Brian Bonar Named to Cambridge Who’s Who

Cambridge Who’s Who® has named Dr. Brian Bonar as one of four honorees in the financial category this year. This prestigious award is presented each year to two male and two female winners who have shown outstanding leadership in the financial field. A committee from Cambridge University makes the final determination.

Brian is the CEO of Trucept Incorporated. This company provides professional employee operation services freeing business owners’ time to run the day-to-day operations. Some of the services provided by Trucept include workers’ compensation, employment administration, government compliance management and payroll services. The company can also advice businesses on policies and best practices.

 Brian is also the president and CEO of Smart-tek Automated Services Incorporated which offers payroll and administrative support to various small and middle-sized businesses. This company is available to help with temporary staffing, staff leasing and co-employment.

Furthermore, Brian is Co-President at Allegiant Professional Business Services Incorporated. This company offers both factoring and accounts receivable lines of credit to companies needing to increase their cash flows. They are experts at finding alternative funding sources.

As if that did not leave Brian busy enough, he is also the chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation that works with professional employee organizations to offer employee benefit and retention programs. This company has experienced rapid growth in many areas because of the fast growth of these organizations when compared to other business models.

Brian has had an illustrative career in business. He has founded American Management Services, served as chairman of Warning Management Services. He has also served in leadership roles with Bezier Systems, Adaptec, Rastek Corporation, QMS and Alliance National Insurance Agency.

 Brian Bonar is a supporter of the community. He is often found mentoring young people at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego.

Doctor Brian Bonar received his doctorate from Staffordshire University where he also completed his MBA.

Fashion industry Expert Don Ressler

The fashion industry is one where change is inevitable. Fashionable clothing comes and goes each season, allowing consumers to experiment and figure out what look might do well with their coloring. While certain trends change from time to time, other trends tend to stick around for a longer time frame. One such trend is that of fashionable athletic wear on In the last few years, women everywhere have come to realize that they really want to have athletic looks that can go from the boardroom to workout and anywhere in between. Someone who knows just how to help them get the look they want is fashion executiveDon Ressler. Don Ressler is one of creators of JustFab and Fabletics, a company that has shown women everywhere how this trend can offer the kind of clothing they want and need in their lives, allowing them to workout at leisure when they need without feeling grungy and unfashionable.

An Entrepreneur For Today’s Woman

Before coming to JustFab and Fabletics, Ressler has been heavily involved in the creation several start-ups on Brandettes. His work has been about offering consumers today a choice in order of options online and fully demonstrate how to use the power of net to their advantage. He began early with the creation of This company was eventually purchased by Intermix Media, another innovative company that shares his vision of fitness and fashion. After being bought out, Ressler decided that his next move should also be in this industry. Ressler decided to find a partner to work with in order to help him bring his vision to life. Working with Intermix Chief Operation Officer, Adam Goldenberg, only nineteen at the time, the two formed Alena Media.

Getting Together Again

They have helped form one of the leading retailers in the industry, a company that continues to see sales rise and continues to attract new customers. With their leadership, customers know they can count on the company to offer them attractive clothing that also fits both their lifestyle and their budget. Each day, Ressler shows his staffers how they can reach out to clients and present them with clothing choices that are fashionable and encourage people to workout.

Read more:,%20Inc.

Online Reputation Management Company Announces Expansion In Products And Service Offerings

BrightPast, an online reputation management company has made an announcement that details their expanded offering of service coverage and product offerings. BrightPast has now become international in the services that they offer. Therefore, more people will be able to experience the services that they need in order to either get their business back on track or keep their reputation clean. This makes it a lot easier for the business owner to earn an income. Online reputation management has become very important. Therefore, it is up to the individual to make sure that his brand is in good standing with the public.
One thing that is important to understand is that a huge majority of customers will learn as much as they can about a company online before they spend their first dollar. The crazy thing is for most customers, it only takes a legitimate bad article to lose that customer. However, many people can tell the difference between legitimate concerns as opposed to a hidden agenda. Many customers look deep into it because they understand that everyone makes mistakes. They do not expect a company to be perfect. As a matter of fact, they hold a company with absolutely no bad reviews in suspicion. That said, it is important to make sure that bad publicity is addressed before it causes a lot of irreparable damages.

They have stated that while many people come to them for different reasons, the results are the same. Therefore, BrightPast can be trusted for their services. They have methods for each and every specific circumstance that is presented to them. People that are looking for an effective and affordable online reputation management firm will get what they are looking for with this firm.