The Differences Talk Fusion Has Made Because Of Bob Reina

Bob Reina is a former police officer turned entrepreneur. His innovations in email have revolutionized the field and brought him success. He has turned fresh and intelligent ideas into reality.

His work with Talk Fusion focuses on both the current and future trends in communication technology. He wants to be the best and is willing to put in the work to achieve this goal.

One of Bobs greatest passions is animals. He works with non-profit groups to find them good homes.

He even brings his own pet in to the office to bring about a more relaxed atmosphere. He is willing to use his knowledge and experience to help not only animals but other people as well.

Talk Fusion began doing business in 2007. They help people to realize their dreams, build their futures and they help communities throughout the world. Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion and he has changed lives.

Bob Reina believes success and responsibility are intertwined. He motivates and guides people so he can make a difference.

Bob gave a donation of one million dollars to help the Human Society. He has helped save the lives of a large number of animals and supports the orphanages in Indonesia. He does not simply talk about what need to be done, he makes certain his goals come to fruition. His actions are being repeated by Independent Associates throughout 140 different countries.

He has started an unbelievable program through Talk Fusion. Each associate can pick one account and donate it to whatever charity they choose.

This includes customization, branding, and video marketing products. He is giving these charities the ability to be more productive, reach more people and spread their individual messages.

Bob has always looked for ways to help people reach the goals they have set for themselves. That’s what Talk Fusion is all about. He always wants to know how the company has changed the lives of the people it has touched. In some cases money is needed for medical expenses to save a life.

Some people just need a chance to rebuild. Whatever help is required Talk Fusion is there.


Why White Shark Media’s Ad Management Services Are Beneficial

White Shark Media is a Google AdWords and Bing Ads marketing company that uses advanced analytical technology to build effective marketing strategies for small to mid-sized business clients. When you run a small business, using every available tool online is critical to driving home leads and contacts for your customer base, and Google AdWords and Bing Ads are key pieces of the puzzle. But it isn’t enough to simply drive traffic to your website. You want to make sure that your visitors are compelled to buy your products and services and through effective search engine keyword usage and proper bidding, White Shark Media can help those leads start to come in.


White Shark Media makes sure that point-of-contact professionals who are in tune with client needs oversee campaign management, and advisors and supervisors monitor the signup and working process in case the point-of-contact has any questions. White Shark Media’s services include pay-per-click ads and local SEM Management. If you want to get even more out of White Shark Media’s small business plans, you can signup for their Triton Website feature which is completely SEO-ready. White Shark Media is also a member of Google’s Small Business Partner network, a privilege not granted to many companies. In fact, Google has very strict requirements to meet that program, and White Shark Media has met them to the letter.


You might have ongoing concerns about how White Shark Media works such as staying in touch with your campaigns, making changes if you don’t feel those changes are helpful, or starting from scratch if it’s unnecessary. White Shark Media wants to make sure every client is kept in the loop at all times with all AdWords campaigns, so they host meetings at where clients can see progress reports. They make sure to keep as much of existing campaigns that are working and try to add elements to make them perform better. But they also now no longer require clients to make a new AdWords account if their existing one is doing well.


To find out more about what White Shark Media does, you can signup for an evaluation with them. This evaluation is completely free and is not contingent whatsoever on whether you hire White Shark Media. A specialist will meet with you, take a look at your current AdWords campaigns and structure and tell you how they would change them. If you like what you hear, you can hire them. If not, you’re free to walk away.


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Dick DeVos – A Benevolent Mind with Superior Business Acumen

The Work History of Dick DeVos

As a business student myself, Dick DeVos’ passion for entrepreneurship deeply inspires and motivates me. DeVos’ career had begun in 1974 at Amway Corporation with various initiating roles in diverse fields. I believe this was a good start for him as he must have been able to absorb a wide variety of skills and strategies from this. In 1984, he acquired a leadership position within the company as its Vice President leading the company to expansion in 18 different countries. I was further fascinated when I discovered that DeVos had then secured the roles of the CEO and President of the Orlando Magic basketball franchise in 1991. He concluded his roles at Orlando Magic after three years in order to resume his contributions to the Amway Company as the company’s new President. To my gladness, I found out that over there, DeVos’ role had enlarged into leading Amway’s secondary branch, Alticor as well in the year of 2000. In the August of 2002, DeVos retired from his position at Amway and Alticor, in order to take up his new, currently held role as the President of The Windquest Group.


I was amazed to find that Dick DeVos is more than a remarkable businessman. He is also an active political figure. June 2, 2005 marks the date when DeVos was announced as a candidate for the Governor of Michigan. After spending large amounts of his personal capital for the campaigns associated, his defeat was not exactly a loss. I am absolutely stunned at how DeVos still actively participates in political activities from an external position with the best intentions of improving the prosperities of the American citizens. After the former President, Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election, I was amazed to read that DeVos promoted a ‘Right-to-Work’ initiative, particularly focusing on Michigan.


The Philanthropic Engagements of Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos’ contributions go well beyond just the professional world. I absolutely appreciate his enthusiastic philanthropic engagements that make the world a better place for everyone. DeVos pursues social causes that I particularly believe have equal importance in our society and includes arts, education, free-market economics, civic leadership, health care and environmental pollution. I was impressed with his multi-tasking abilities that I could interpret from his additional role as the President of Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation since 1990. Through this organization, he conducts activities related to positively contributing to the causes. I am pleased to say that he had donated to several projects and funds and also awarded scholarships through his charitable organization.

Jose Borghi Talks About The Importane Of Social Media For Businesses Today

The internet has revolutionized people’s lives. It has changed the way people communicate, how business is transacted and even how marketing now takes place says Jose Borghi. Businesses must realize and adapt to the internet or suffer consequences. One of these consequences says Jose Borghi is the extinction of a business.

Mr. Borghi cites a research study conducted by Tereza Novellino that looked at Fortune listed companies in 2000. The editor of the Upstart Business Journal found that more than half of all firms listed on the Fortune list in 2000 no longer existed. They have either went bankrupt, merged or were bought out. Tereza Novellino found that in 30% of business extinctions from the fortune featured companies, that is was because of management models that refused to change with the time. Jose Borghi echoes the following warning. If you do not adapt to the times and changing consumer, then your business will end up like half of the fortune companies did in 2000. You firm will became a relic of the past.

One of the things that businesses should pay close attention to today says Jose Borghi is social media and online interaction. Mr. Borghi describes today’s consumer as being dynamic and on social media. Companies need to realize this. They should have a presence on the web and on social media, if they are to better serve and meet the needs of this new emerging client. Ignoring it, will lead to loss of revenue and in the worse cast the extinction of your firm.

The best way to serve the customer in today’s digital and social media world is by developing what Jose Borghi labels the Omani channel. This is the conglomeration or grouping of social networks and platforms into one big picture. All of the different social media platforms that you are present in, should be integrated together. They should all promote you and share a similar message. Jose Borghi also says that you should be on each of the Omani channels as this will allow you to better reach out to your audience. It will also help you gain new clients as well help you better serve your existing clients.

The omnichannel or social media network is also the best way to gauge whether a product is successful or not now says Jose Borghi. It can even be more effective than surveys and actual feedback from customers. Social media allows people to express their opinions openly and completely without hindrance. Thus, if a business is looking for feedback on a product or service, looking at social media posting about that product or service can be an excellent way to gauge its success.

Maggie Gill Continues To Help Memorial Patients Receive The Best Possible Care

Maggie Gill has always been seen as one of the most innovative leaders in the U.S. healthcare industry for the work she has completed in the southeast of the country from Florida to Georgia and into areas of South Carolina. After beginning her career as a healthcare financial specialist in Florida, Maggie Gill has found a home at the impressive not for profit Memorial University Medical Center; now working as both the President and CEO of Memorial, Gill has recently been named to the “Hospital Review” list of 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Healthcare Industry CEO’s to watch.


In terms of her work as a healthcare professional, Maggie Gill has spent much of the last few years looking for better ways to aid patients of all ages who fall under the care of Memorial from its Savannah, Georgia base. The latest innovation taken by Maggie Gill and her colleagues at Memorial is the decision to make a great investment in preventative care for Medicare Advantage program recipients in the latest partnership between Memorial and Eon Health, a well known Medicare specialist insurance provider based in Georgia and South Carolina.


Alongside a range of options for receiving low cost care in a number of areas in Georgia and the Low Country of South Carolina, Eon and Memorial have come together in a bid to inspire Medicare recipients to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Maggie Gill believes this is an important factor in helping an aging population who may not be looking to take advantage of the latest options in preventative care for themselves. Part of the Medicare Advantage Plan that began enrollment in January 2017 that has been heavily discussed is the access to Silver Sneakers fitness programs and information made readily available about how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Global CEO of CP+B Advances Advertising to its Golden Age

Advertising has always been an enigma, understanding what drives individuals to spend their precious pecuniary measures is an invasive art, but an art nonetheless. In the modern day, advertising has evolved into an unstoppable machine. Corporations wage encompassing campaigns, quickly becoming modern crusades, all with the intent of capturing eight-seconds of your attention (the accepted average span). In this decisive world of sociology, statistics, and intuitive guesswork, a new competitor has taken the reins of one of NYC’s large firms, and she has done it with flair.

Lori Senecal has been laterally promoted to CP+B from a sister firm known as KBS. Lori Senecal’s position is “Global CEO”, and this title is not just for show. Senecal earned her stripes through some crafty advertising agility. At the stalwart firm McCann Erikson, she led the global innovation sector, eventually moving to KBs+. The woman increased her former firm’s presence 3-fold, and helped it receive the label of “Standout Agency”. The timing for her CP+B move could not have been better, says 3percentconf; Senecal came in at a critical juncture of intellectual-prosperity for CP+B. When she joined, CP+B had just snatched away Infiniti, propelling the firm to top-competitor status.

According to her interview by Hubspot, Lori Senecal takes her role in stride, and seeks to set an example for woman around the globe. When she thinks about the influences that brought her abreast the industry’s top competitors, she looks no further than her older siblings (she is the youngest of four). Her advice for other underdogs looking for a market entry is the example set by women leading at companies like Coca Cola, BMW, and Kraft. She is all about grabbing the bull by the horns, as it got her to the top. She tackles innovation in a bold manner, becoming of any true leader. While she has had “wonderful mentors” when asked what other female mentors she has had, she alluded to “Liz Lemon” from thirty-rock. One might suppose that this fictional character is the epitome of leadership through modern quirkiness. Regardless of influence, Senecal brought her business around the world, to places like Europe and China. It will be interesting to see what the world now has in store for her boldness.

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Arizona’s Goettl Air Conditioning Grows Through A Merger

According to an article recently published by PM Newswire Goettl Air Conditioning has recently joined forces with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air. The move has given the company over 20 employees as well as over 15 trucks. Paradise air is a company that serves the rental home and multi-family home market. Las Vegas Air is a company that primarily provide services for residential customers. By merging with the two companies Goettl Air Conditioning now has a larger footprint in the Southwest and is better able to serve their clients.


Both Goettl Air Conditioning and Las Vegas Air are second generation family-owned HVAC companies. Bringing them together will help them complement the services each company offers. It will also enable Goettl Air to attain their goal of providing people throughout the Las Vegas Valley with the highest quality service. The leadership at Las Vegas Air found the Goettl team attractive because of the company’s strengths and qualities that will help them better take care of their customers and their staff. They feel collaborating with Goettl Air Conditioning would enable them both to provide their customers with a better and more diverse collection of services.



Since 1926 the Goettl family has been creating innovative ways to help people cool their homes and businesses. The company’s Goettl High Desert Mechanical has been providing HVAC services in Central and Northern Arizona since founding Goettl Air Conditioning in 1939. The air conditional units they professionally install can help people cope with Arizona’s brutal, arid summers. Their service technicians can also repair old air conditioning system and make them work more efficiently and effectively while providing unmatched, high quality service for residential and commercial customers.


Goettl Air Conditioning offers a wide range of services. They include mobile dispatch vehicles and 24/7 emergency services for people needing expert heating and cooling morning, noon or night. No matter the problem you’re having with your HVAC system, they can help. They also offer an assortment of air cleaners and humidifiers to improve indoor air quality and add comfort and value to your HVAC system applications.


Whether it is new construction installation, duct sealing, retrofit, repair or replacing parts or the entire HVAC system, their experienced comfort specialists and technicians can do it quickly and affordably. They also offer full-service maintenance contracts. Their recent merger with The Sunny Plumber means they now offer quality plumbing services as well.

A Decade of Smiles, A Lifetime of Laughs


“Funny” is a personal taste. What one thinks funny, another finds dumb. The 1980’s gave us some classic humor, films that continue to tickle the nostalgic funny bone. Caddyshack and Airplane kicked off the ‘80’s in a big way! Parody films such as Airplane would be an ‘80’s staple as Spaceballs and The Naked Gun made their way to the theater. Stripes, Ghostbusters, Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off also introduced major laughter to the general public. The ‘80’s truly gave us many funny films as well as many classic lines from these movies.


But how do you determine the most absolute hilarious 90s comedies ever made? If parody is your thing, how can you not find funny in Blazing Saddles or Young Frankenstein. Silly funny such as Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Animal House, even Old School or The Wedding Crashers. Perhaps you prefer the gross out humor of There’s Something About Mary, The Hangover, or even Borat. The choices are endless. Is it a favorite actor or actress that makes you smile? Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber or Ace Ventura. Steve Martin in The Jerk. Chris Farley in Tommy Boy. Again, funny can be quite personal. There is no shortage for funny, the only limit on it is what you are willing to smile at. There are a lot of other stoner movies on Netflix that are worth checking out too, if you need some laughs with your muchies.

Don Ressler Finds E-commerce Fashion a Beautiful Field

Don Ressler is a leading entrepreneur and businessman. He is known as the mastermind of several successful online businesses. He is the creator of intelligent beauty among other highly successful companies. He started the online business with He decided to sell the company to Intermix Media in 2001. The sale led to Ressler meeting with his current business partner Adam Goldenberg. The two decided to partner and created Alena Media on

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have worked as business partners for many years. Their business journey started in 2001 when they formed Alena media. A few years after running the company, its mother company Intermix Media was sold to News Corp. Ressler and Goldenberg were not happy about the sale and decided it was time to get into a new venture at They sat for many weeks thinking of the best business venture. They finally settled on Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce brand that started in 2006. Intelligent Beauty later grew to become JustFab.

One thing that can be said about Don Ressler and the team behind JustFab is that they have a significant impact in the fashion industry. They have always stood out from other companies from the day they started. The company has focused on a different customer operation. It has strived to build an online subscription and membership platform to ease online shopping. Members that sign up to the online shopping have bought several clothing items at highly discounted prices. Through their efforts, Don Ressler has grown to become a highly successful business person. The subscription model by JustFab is different from that of other companies. JustFab tries to interact with its customers and get full information about customer needs and fashion requirements.

JustFab was recently renamed to TechStyle. The name is a representation of the companies influence in global market trends. It indicates that it brings in fashion with the latest technology in the market on Brandettes. Don Ressler has shown that he is highly passionate about the fashion craft. He is always eager to come up with a new contribution to the fashion industry.

The passion of Don Ressler in the fashion industry has seen him seek for funding from different places. At the start, he assisted in the funding of JustFab where it received $33 million for US Venture Capital Matrix Partners. The funding was completed in 2011. The amount collected played a huge role in a rapid start of the company and its products. JustFab became highly successful in a short time.

Kabbalah Centre for Your Spiritual Growth

The Kabbalah Centre has been a great source of comfort for individuals all over the world. The Kabbalah is an ancient form of Jewish teaching that truly focuses on peace and well-being. It is a wonderful teaching outlet that a lot of individuals have utilized in their own lives. It is also great for all ages, so it is ideal for the young and the old. No matter what your age happens to be, it is vital that you learn the Kabbalah from a facility that specifically kabbalah teaches this method of learning. Trying to teach yourself Kabbalah on your own can sometimes seem difficult because you may not necessarily know what is necessary to utilize this path in your own life.

In order for you to begin learning the Kabbalah, it is a good idea for you to visit the Kabbalah Centre in your area. The Kabbalah Centre will take on all new members throughout the year, so this is a great facility to visit if you would like to learn more about the Kabbalah and all that it is able to teach you. You will be learning the Kabbalah from trained individuals who specifically do this for a living. This is a great option for individuals who would like to implement and integrate Kabbalah into their own daily lives.

There are many benefits to learning the Kabbalah and integrating these teachings into your own life. What is important to know is that the Kabbalah should be taught to you by a professional individual. By visiting the Kabbalah Centre, you are able to learn the Kabbalah from individuals who specifically work to learn more about this ancient practice. You will also be able to connect and mingle with individuals from around the world, and these individuals all share the same path that you do spiritually. There are so many benefits to utilizing the Kabbalah Centre in your everyday life, but being able to have a more secure connection to the spiritual realm in an experienced manner is what keeps people going to the Kabbalah Centre each and every day.