José Henrique Borghi: How to Select the Right Ad Agency

Do you want to advertise your business or product? Not sure where to get the best quality marketing help or advertising service that will help you succeed in your venture?

When it comes to advertising campaigns or business promotions, it’s important to choose an advertising agency that is well known for rendering top notch services to clients. That’s where José Henrique Borghi, a reliable advertising and marketing consultant can help.

José Henrique Borghi is a leading provider of business promotions and effective advertising solutions that help organizations and entrepreneurs get more clients or customers and increase their revenue. With the services provided by José Henrique Borghi and the team at Mullen Lowe, you’ll benefit from their years of experience and great expertise in the industry. You will be guided properly and shown the best way to reach your target audience and become successful.

Before you consult with a marketing or advertising agency, you ought to know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with your advertising efforts. You will need to take the time to evaluate what you have been doing in terms of marketing and advertising and pinpoint your current marketing or advertising challenges.

José Henrique Borghi and his team have access to industry’s top resources and connections, which enable them to meet their client’s needs efficiently and effectively. Their advertising solutions and marketing help will help you immensely with all aspects of your campaign and ensure an outstanding outcome and what Borghi knows.

If an advertising agency or marketing professional truly cares about you, they will want to know what your expectations are, before they even start to explain what they can do for you. José Henrique Borghi is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to get good results from their advertising campaigns and read full article.

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AAA Alternative Investing Lessons from James Dondero

If you want to earn the same return as the markets, you can invest in stock indices. But, most people want to earn higher profits. That is why they might be interested in AAA alternative investing lessons from Highland Capital President James Dondero.


“Strategic Assets”


There are many concepts for investing, running the gambit from penny stocks to sovereign debt. The most successful hedge fund will purchase a cheap asset, which has experienced a momentary downturn. For example, James Dondero purchased AAA: American Airlines & Argentina.


Do all of the Highland Capital assets begin with the letter “A?” No. That was just a coincidence. Why did Highland invest in American Airlines?


If you remember 2001, all of the airlines were forced to ground their fleets and accept very stringent security checkout systems. Some airlines never recovered. On November 29, 2011, American Airlines filed for bankruptcy.


During the Barrons Dondero interview, American Airlines was discussed. The American Airlines stock price was at basement levels, creating a great opportunity. US Airways merged with American Airlines and fuel prices fell. This enabled American Airlines to recover and deliver a nice reward to Dondero’s investors.


“Why Hold These Assets?”


While some alternative investors just grab a penny stock, because it is low, Highland Capital’s James Dondero is not doing that. In fact, his strategy is similar to Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet prefers blue-chip stocks with well-established brands; James Dondero prefers “strategic assets.” Both have a certain advantage over other securities.


Remember that all of the country’s airlines were originally owned by the government. Will the government allow American Airlines to fail? No. Just like with the 2008 bailout, they will find a buyer.


The same can be said for Argentina and energy sector master limited partnerships, which are also key investments for Highland Capital. The US has a strategic petroleum reserve and is not likely to allow its energy companies to fail. What this creates is a foundation – even if these assets go bankrupt, their assets will still have value. This is one of the key AAA alternative investing lessons of James Dondero. about dondero at




Redefining The Banking Experience

NexBank is an exceptional bank. It meets the needs of customers with a different approach. NexBank has embraced technological advancement in their services. It enables efficiency in services delivery. This is different from traditional banking. The bank has grown over the years. It has influenced the economy of Texas in various ways. The bank is a source of livelihood for more than 500 people in Texas. This enables it to be a source of economic influence in the state. NexBank offers a broad range of products to the consumers besides providing common banking services to them.


Nexbank offers it services to businesses and individuals. It provides solutions in banking and acquisition of mortgage for citizens. Their packages are easy to acquire because it is open to flexibility. The bank is built under the pillar of flexibility. This means that it creates custom made products for its clients so that the products are comfortable for various customers according to their needs. The bank develops different products to suit the needs of their customers. The product that one individual uses is created differently from another person’s product. This depends on their economic capacities. The bank provides services for different institutions. Various institutions depend on banks for diverse needs. NexBank offers services to various institutions to facilitate the growth of the companies. This increases the pool of resources available in an economy. It leads to economic development of a given state in the long run.


The leadership of NexBank is another solid foundation that the bank has invested. John Holt is the chief executive officer of NexBank. He has worked in the banking industry for more than three decades. John has worked in different managerial positions that make him rich in expertise. NexBank can achieve its goals by putting the right leadership in place.


Wessex Institute of Technology Boosts Careers

Professionals that are in the science or technology industry should consider joining the Wessex Institute of Technology. The Wessex Institute of Technology is the premier professional organization for those that are employed in the field and membership often provides a number of great perks.

One of the perks of joining the Wessex Institute of Technology is having access to more career opportunities. Those that are members of the Wessex Institute of Technology will find that they can boost their careers a number of different ways. One way is through networking. The organization hosts dozens of different meetings and networking sessions over the course of the year. This gives people a chance to meet others in the field.

The Wessex Institute of Technology also operates a job board. This job board is only available to members and is full of current postings for great positions located all over the UK and the rest of Europe.

The Steps Taken By Goettl in Becoming a World Leading Entity

If life I anything to go by, then a good and comfortable home is key to a fulfilling life. Many people prefer to occupy quite, cool and a serene environment as a choice for a home. With this comes peace of mind, body fulfillment, and enhanced self-esteem. For this to happen, many people have invested in air conditioning and heating equipment that have been used in many residential and commercial houses to provide comfort. Goettl is a well-established air conditioning and heating Installation Company in Las Vegas.


The company has developed good working relationship with the locals where it has in some instances provided free professional services to its clients. Abana Stephenson is a beneficiary that has seen her home transformed by the good work of Goettl. Her family has been living in a house with spoilt heating and air conditioning services making the stay even difficult for children. The children would have difficulty in using the toilet due to non-functioning air conditioning and heating system thus forcing them to share amenities with the parents. The manager of Goettl Michael Gamst learned of the situation and sent his team which refurbished and repaired the systems free of charge. This was in the spirit of fostering a good working relationship with the community.


Goettl was established in 1926 in Ohio. Over the years, the company has grown gradually to open sister branches in other cities across the US. It has opened a branch in Phoenix, Arizona where it has developed its brand to suit the existing community. Due to its goodwill, the company has expanded its services. it offers massive production of heating, cooling and air conditioning system.


The company has been in the limelight in hearing some of the most trusted and professional personalities that have attributed positively in the expansion of the company. This has led to the provision of professional service delivery.


EOS Takes the Lip Care Industry By Storm

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a new company, but in its seven years of existence, it has managed to become the second best selling lip balm in the U.S. EOS has even surpassed trusted lip balm companies like Chapstick and Blistex, and sells around 1 million items weekly. Beauty editors for Cosmo and Allure have featured EOS several times, and celebrities like Kim Kardashian have even used the lip balm, which has piqued the curiosity of the public and boosted sales. Check this on

EOS lip balm has been pretty secretive about its business practices, but cofounder Sanjiv Mehra announced that the company is starting to divulge more information to its consumers. EOS lip balms are filled with organic and natural ingredients, and customers enjoy the smooth texture and various flavors of EOS balms, which include honeysuckle honeydew, passionfruit and vanilla mint. Mehra also shares that EOS is worth around $250 million, and it is predicted that EOS lip balm will be one of the leaders in the growth of the lip balm industry. The lip care market is said to increase to $2 billion by the year 2020. Hit for additional articles.

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In addition to lip balm, EOS also sells quality hand lotions and shaving creams that nourish and protect the skin. Visit for more information.

Facts 101 on CTRMA and The Director, Mike Heiligenstein

For the longest time, traffic has been one of the biggest problem in Texas. Particularly, Travis and Williamson County. Therefore, the two counties formed a mobility authority that would come up with solutions to this problem. In the year 2002, The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was formed, following the passing of the state law. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

This body is dominated by men, six of its members being men and only one being and African-American woman. The body is encompassed of 7 members. The chairman of the body is appointed by the Governor of Texas. The other six members are appointed by Travis and Williamson counties. Each of the counties elect three members to serve in the Mobility Authority.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has condemnation power. However, it does not have taxing authority. The body however manages to raise money without eating into the tax dollars.

Since the mobility authority was established, they have managed to grow their asset networth to more than $1.8 billion dollars. Money raised by the company is used to cater for their expenses and even improve the state of roods in the two counties. They raise this money in a number of ways. First, they sell stock bonds to the private sector.

Money obtained from the private sectors accounts for 70% of their revenue. The body repays this money using the income gotten from toll roads. The rest of the money is raised by CTRMA through the public sector. The biggest public source of their revenues is the Texas Department of Transportation.

So far, CTRMA has used the money raised in the construction of toll roads and the issuance of toll tags. The money is also used in the operation of HERO. HERO is a Highway Emergency Response operator. The operator helps motorists who are stranded on Interstate 35 and US 183.

The aim of this operator service is to ensure that traffic flow is not restricted by anything. The mobility Authority also runs an app, Metropia. This app is used to broadcast resources to help decongest roads. They give advice on travel time, to ensure that traffic in Texas flows.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein is the director of CTRMA. He was employed by the board in the year 2003. Mike Heiligenstein manages the employees of this mobility body ensuring that they have all the support they need make strategic plans to improve the traffic situation in Central Texas.

Goettl Air Conditiioning Is Taking Care of Customers Both Old and New

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business for over 70 years. Two Goettl brothers started the company in 1939, and they were the first company to introduce the evaporative cooler concept for air cooling as well as the first refrigerated air conditioning system.


Today Goettl offers installation, repair, parts, and maintenance of heating and air conditioning, HVAC for businesses, Air Quality Control, and Plumbing services for their clients. The Goettl company is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, and in Corona, California.


Kenneth Goodrich, the owner of Goettl, has recently merged with Las Vegas Air and Paradise air to acquire more facilities to meet the up and coming demand. The desert cities are beginning to grow and expand again, and the need for competent air conditioning is a major event already.


One of the features that people like about the Goettle Brand is the Goettl Maintenance Program. Over the years, Goettl has discovered that heating and air conditioning systems that are inspected and maintained on a regular basis last longer than those that are not kept in good working order.


The Goettl Maintenance Program is a great way for customers to take advantage of Goettl’s fine service and it only costs $12 per month. The plan includes:


  • Discounted pricing for installation, replacement, and repair services
  • A two-year warranty on labor and a five-year warranty on parts
  • A 48-hour emergency service where a technician is at your door within 48 hours of any emergency call
  • An annual check-up for a customer’s heating and air conditioning system


Customers appreciate this service because they can be assured that their units will be in good working order when the peak seasons of summer and winter come around. They know how difficult it can be to find a technician in the middle of the summer if your air conditioner breaks down.


Goodrich plans to add at least 100 new employees in 2017 and will have them trained at a local college in Las Vegas. He sees the need for all of those new technicians to be out in the field installing and servicing new units as the demand continues to grow. He is certainly going to be certain that the company which has worked with several generations of the same families is going to be there for the old customers as well as the new ones. The company’s honesty and reputation are at stake, and he wants it to remain intact.



Get Your Lips Feeling Great

Many people may know Evolution Of Smooth by their small round pods that holds their lip balms. What people may not know is that EOS went through a lot of trouble to create a superior lip balm product. For more than 100 years Chapstick was the reigning king of the lip balm sector. When Chapstick first created their lip balm, it was a revolutionary item. Before that there was really no other company that had created a pocket-size lip balm that was unisex. Since Chapstick was the first company to get lip balm right, they dominated the market. The weird thing about the lip balm industry is that Chapstick has really had very few competitors since their inception.

When the creators of Evolution Of Smooth ( decided that they were going to make a lip balm, they wanted to do something that was creative and unique. They wanted their lip balm to be specifically for women. In order to make a unique lip balm, the EOS creators decided to get the opinion of different women around the country. They asked women about what they wanted in the touch, feel, and look of their lip balm. They wanted women to feel an emotional connection to their lip balm, and they wanted their lip balm to engage all five of the senses. By using the information from all of their surveys, EOS lip balm was able to come up with the smooth round pods that they use for their lip balm’s today.

Evolution Of Smooth also got in contact with many different beauty bloggers, and they were able to get their product out to many of the well-known pharmacies and stores like target. Now Evolution Of Smooth has totally dominated the lip balm industry. Evolution Of Smooth continues to improve their products because they want to give their customers the most amazing lip balm experience ever.