Professional Athlete and Philanthropist-Logan Stout

He is a Successful entrepreneur and loves giving back to the community. Logan Stout is a professional athlete who is passionate about Baseball. Mr. Stout loves helping other passionate sportsmen and women and supporting them every day is what makes him happy. To reach as many sports people; Mr. Logan supports the development of Dallas Patriots which is the largest baseball group in the United States. The primary purpose of the organization is to assist the young sports individuals to achieve their game dreams as they give moral as well as emotional support, something that most children don’t get in school as well as at home. Logan Stout is passionate about people and he makes sure that he lives to accomplish his dreams of helping others achieve their goals too.

Logan Stout knows what the athletes and other sportsmen and women need in life; a healthy life. His experience in the field led him to establish ID Life. ID Life can well be described as healthcare line which develops and distributes energy supplements, weight management equipment, as well as sleeping aids for the athletes. Logan doesn’t provide the required products to the sports individuals just when they need them, instead they must undergo detailed checkup before they get is required of them and their bodies. Logan is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of ID Life.

Logan is not a professional athlete, founder and Chief Executive Officer of ID Life, a successful investor but he is also a mentor and a motivational speaker, as well as a successful published author. Logan Stout has been gracing different events where he has been making speech on how one can make it in life by dealing with the obstacles they face. Mr. Stout is also the founder of Premier Baseball Academy. The institution is the best platform for him to mentor the young aspiring sports people and ever individuals who want to improve their lives in general. Logan Stout is also a family man who loves his family and appreciates every support they offer him. During his free time; Mr. Stout loves spending time with his wife and sons.

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David Giertz Uses Market Opportunities to Help Clients Prepare for Retirement

David Giertz has developed great expertise as a financial adviser who helps his clients successfully navigate complex markets and implement savings and retirement plans according to their unique circumstances. One thing he has noticed is that most people don’t properly plan for retirement if they plan at all and he hopes to convince potential clients of the paramount importance of a solid financial plan in going forward. The earliest one can plan for retirement the better off one will be when the time comes according to Giertz.

A savings plan for retirement is essential, although, it may not be enough and other ideas may need to be considered. Investing in market opportunities could be a valuable supplement to savings and Social Security. Giertz can help with the array of market choices and analyze a client’s tolerance for risk.

David Giertz also has a full understanding of the formulas used to estimate the amount of savings that one might need. As can be expected if one wishes to retire early the savings amounts are exponentially increased. He can help each client determine their needs and the correct path forward.

A Roth IRA could be very helpful for those contemplating early retirement as funds are taxed before withdrawals so there are no penalties imposed for those who use the monies before age 59 and a half. There are income stipulations, however, and anyone who makes more than $118,000 per year cannot use a Roth IRA.

A brokerage account for investments is recommended by Giertz and is an excellent way to complement your savings and Social Security. Giertz helps his clients access various markets and helps them develop this potentially critical alternative income stream.

A health savings account is also a viable way to plan for retirement and offers an attractive investment opportunity. To avoid penalties only use this for conditional medical expenses.

David Giertz has over three decades of experience as a financial adviser and a successful track record of helping his clients prepare for retirement. He is employed by Nationwide Investment Services Corporation in Dublin, Ohio.

He has four certifications that he uses to help his clients grow their asset base via various market opportunities. Equities, commodities, and bonds often attain superior performance when compared to risk-free vehicles. David Giertz is also a certified business coach with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches.

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Family Wine Collection: The Art of Making Wine

Winemaking is one of those sophisticated activities that requires a specific taste. The average “Joe blow” wouldn’t have a clue on how to successful make wine because it’s more than just picking and storing grapes. Family Wine Collection has grown into a premier brand. Founded by Jess Jackson in 1982, this small family business would grow into a well-established company in the years to come. Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter of Jess Jackson, would spend a lot of her time as a child picking grapes. This would sometimes be in 100-degree temperatures. This action would instill an appreciation for hard work and character within all of the children.

Julia Jackson, the youngest sibling, actually followed more in her mom’s footsteps. As of today, she is a spokesperson for Cambria Estates. Julia would attend college at Scripps College and at Stanford University. A couple of academic degrees later, she would find herself in Bordeaux, France. This is where Julia developed a strong passion for the wine industry. While living here with a close friend, she would gain all of the necessary insight on how to run a successful vinification business. Julia took this knowledge and ran with it in a sense. Being a representative of the family business, she does a lot of travelling to foreign locations. Family Wine Collection just so happen to own wineries across the globe and what Julia Jackson knows.

This is a male dominated industry, but Julia Jackson is changing the status quo. Her nonprofit organization, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, is a winner. This organization is strictly about “girl power,” and it donates up to $100,000 on an annual basis to other organizations. Champ de Reves is one of the company’s premier brands. This Pinot Noir is aromatically-charged thanks to its high elevation growing conditions. This is only one of many fine wines from Family Wine Collection and with Julia Jackson at the forefront, this company will certainly produce many more in the years to come and her blog

Lime Crime’s Vegan Cosmetics are Simply Groovy

Diamond Crushers, Pocket Candy, Unicorn Hair are a few of the names of a new line of vegan Cosmetics put out by founder Doe Deere whose aim is to knock your socks off and impress your fans. Yes, fans. After using these products you’ll most likely be loved by all.

An online Presence Like None Before

Trendy, internet friendly shopping, fun to use is the vibe on the street. Blushes such as Pocket Candy created a minor craze in its similarity to the Polly Pocket toy of the 90’s. Say good-bye to the makeup your mother wore and hello to something that captures the future.

There really is no denying it, Lime Crime is groovy. Like a breath of fresh air in the stuffy stuck-up air of the makeup industry it literally makes you smile when you see it.

Glittered lip glosses like Diamond Crushers are so different, and yet, beautiful and elegant too. Need a temporary hair color that will catch attention without harming your tendrils? Then Unicorn Hair is the winner. Matte Velveteen lipsticks are so sexy that perhaps it shouldn’t be worn by the innocent or naive.

Putting Fun Aside (Is that Even Possible?!)

Lime Crime is reintroducing fun to the world that’s for certain, but not without a serious side in regards to community as a whole and well-being.

The certified vegan free company stands by its claim of not harming animal while creating its products. As well as its high standards of production, it has a heart for students who want to use the products but have budget constraints, hence they offer 20% off to those whose focus is school. That’s actually very generous indeed!

And speaking of generosity, the company founder Doe Deere has donated to date over $16,000 dollars to various charities. Not too shabby considering they are still fairly new to the cosmetic industry. They consider themselves Rebels when it comes to giving to childrens after-school programs in the LA area as well as numerous animal shelters. It’s obvious that this company has got their feet on the ground and their heads in the clouds as they continue to please the shopper with outstanding, fun, safe and gorgeous products designed to please.

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The Revolutionizing Role of Clay Siegall in Cancer Research

The cancer research and treatment organization, Seattle Genetics, has moved to new heights since its establishment in 1997. As the Co-founder, CEO, Boards’ chairperson, and President of the company, Dr. Clay Siegall has actively demonstrated his passionate quest of improving lives and eradicating pain for cancer patients. He systematically rose in his profession where he began as a senior research investigator at the Myers Squibb Institute.

His promotion to work as a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow at the National Cancer Institute followed closely, enabling him to continue collaborating with various stakeholders in advancing the cancer research he had initiated. Through him, Seattle Genetics received a financial invasion of more than 1.2 billion dollars from the private funding, which supported the company’s mission of promoting innovative technological treatments for cancer worldwide.

As the leader of Seattle Genetics, Siegall has a core responsibility of raising funds needed in the extensive researches and endeavors in managing cancer. In addition, his leadership acumen is of importance not only to his co-founded firm but also to the cancer research community. He spearheads the production of medicine and provides information on conducting productive research that aid in the vision and mission of the community. Through the numerous articles he has published, he educates people on new research methodologies. He understands the importance of human capital in cancer management hence his approval of hiring more workers.

His role revolves around revolutionizing cancer management through research and drug development. Setting the bar reasonably high, Siegall silently leads his company and other competitors in working hard to move to great heights as far as the cancer treatment is concerned. With his dedication, he is very promising to the world to release a variety of new and reliable medications to fight cancer.

Dr. Siegall’s contributions for the cancer research communities and private organizations are significant. In 2012, he was recognized as the alumnus of the year at the University of Maryland. His enthusiasm in supporting cancer patients remains unquenched. The production and approval by FDA of the ADCETRIS, an antibiotic conjugate for cancer, was just but his first success.

Together with his team at Seattle Genetics, he is planning to produce twelve drugs that will continually help affected populace in more than 60 countries.

Be Sure That Your Air Conditioner Is Running Efficiently

According to Goettl Air Conditioning, a Southwestern US air conditioning company, most people can take it upon themselves to follow some simple steps to improve the efficiency of their air conditioning in the summer. According to NorCal News, this can lead to substantial savings in their air conditioning bill by simply adhering to some easy-to-follow principles.

Check the area around your outside unit and make sure that it is free of debris and plant growth. If there is debris or plants that are overgrown, the unit will be hampered from its best operational state because of restricted air flow. Take off the cover of the unit (with just a few screws) and use your garden hose to wash the coils as they too collect grass clippings and dirt.

The use of ceiling fans can be a great help in making sure that your air conditioner is operating at its most efficient levels. When ceiling fans are running, even at a slow speed, the cooler air is moved around the room, and the thermostat is less likely to start as the cool air is being recorded by it. According to the US Department of Energy a thermostat can be set at a full four degrees higher and the people in the room will not be uncomfortable.

Having a thermostat that is programmable allows for the setting of certain times when people are not home for the thermostat to reset itself for higher temperatures. Some thermostats can sense when no one is at home and will reset automatically. This uses less power when you are away which adds up in savings.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1938 and has locations in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and Southern California. One if the favorites services of customers are the Goettl Maintenance program. This offers members a free checkup annually for their heating and air systems, emergency coverage, and discounted services and parts. For more info, visit

Jason Hope, the Internet of Things, and You

Jason Hope has made a name for himself for a bunch of different things in the technological world. To start with, he is the founder of Jawa — a mobile communications company that has been so successful he has been able to back off and focus on other ventures. Thanks to Jawa’s success, Hope has begun to focus on his work as a venture capitalist. Among his new potential interests is this new concept called the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things has been building buzz for the better part of the last couple of years but now it is finally breaking into mainstream. So, what is Internet of Things? Why does Jason Hope believe in it?

The Internet of Things is a broader term that is used to define all the technology that syncs with one another and, typically, the internet. Imagine each individual item in your home connected to the internet and interfacing with a broader network. This is the Internet of Things in action. The Internet of Things offers massive potential for future endeavors because it fundamentally can change the way that we are living our lives. Jason Hope, a futurist and technologist, has always been focusing on looking ahead of the curve in order to keep in front of his competition. His eyes are locked in on the IoT now.

The more common places to see the Internet of Things in action right now are typically within the entertainment field. From wearable technology to smart TVs, the Internet of Things is starting to make an impact at least on one broad level. While entertainment is the fundamental engine of progress for technology, Hope believes that it is not the primary place that the IoT will be making its impact. In fact, Hope is looking to even bigger things with his thoughts on the IoT.

Hope believes that the Internet of Things is going to be so efficient and so effective that eventually major companies are going to turn to it in order to merely keep up with the demands of their customers. The Internet of Things is, as Hope predicts, going to shift away from simple entertainment and turn to borderline necessity. This means that we are going to see the Internet of Things become an integral part of our day to day lives. We can see this happening in fields of home security, public transport and even modern medicine.

The Internet of Things is a niche product at this point, that is understood, but there is change in the air. Hope is advising major companies to get in on the ground floor in order to enjoy the profits that comes from staying ahead of the pack.

Michel Terpins, a Successful Brazilian Rally Driver

Michel Terpins is an experienced and popular Brazilian rally driver in the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He is a reputable driver and has taken part in several championships in Brazil. Michel Terpins, 40, completed yet another crucial stage in the 25th edition of Sertoes rally together with Maykel Justo, 37. Michel managed to win in two stages out of the three stages that were competitive in prototype T1 race. Michel was equally listed as one the five drivers who were fastest in the race. He secured the fourth place in the overall within 11:45m23s.


As a result of various mechanical problems, the duo was forced to slow down between Santa Terezinha and Arana, a 306 kilometers distance during the third stage. The gearbox of T-Rex # 322 had broken down on Monday the 21st and couldn’t receive mechanical support at the end of the day’s race. The rear suspension was equally damaged forcing Terpins to take his feet off the accelerator to avoid compromising the results. Michel Terpins is a leader in Brazilian cross-country Rally championship. Even with this state of their cars, they managed to finish in the fourth place in prototype T1 and tenth place in the overall rank.


In 2002, Michael Terpins participated in Sertoes Rally Grid, motorcycle group. For the last four years, he has recorded impressive results by standing out in most important stages. This year’s race is now set to take place in Midwest, Goias, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Mato grosso. Over 280 participants, navigators, and pilots are expected in the event. More than 161 vehicles will take part in this car, UTV, motorcycles, and quadricycle competition. The competitors will cover a distance of 3, 3000.06 kilometers.


Michael Terpins and his brother Rodrigo, 44, were primarily driven by the passion for off-road and speed to become rally drivers. The two brothers have raced consistently on T-Rex and competing in various Brazilian cross-country rallies for four seasons now. Bull Sertoes Rally Team has registered impressive performance in several participations. The team is holistically sponsored by Xarla, Support team MEM, Terpins &Cintra Advogados, Ohlins, Eventos, and Bull Sertoes.


Greg Secker: A Finance Renaissance Man

Greg Secker is the owner of Learn to Trade, which happens to be one of the leading trading companies in Europe. A multi-millionaire by his twenties the English businessman just has a knack for the profession. Much of his success can be attributed to his fearlessness and determination. He’s always had the philosophy of “why not,” instead of “why.” He believes no major goal has ever been achieved without any risk.

Although Greg Secker has seen much success in the finance industry his storied career wasn’t always part of the plan. While at the University of Nottingham Secker studied agriculture and food science. As he attended the university he began to realize his strong interest in computers. He began building and selling computers as a hobby. He the attended a job fair that would change the trajectory of his life forever. At the job fair he met a guy with Thomas Cook Financial Services. The two quickly hit it off when they noticed their shared interest in computers. Secker was given a job with the company as a trading technologist. On the trading floor he created the Virtual Trading Desk, the first online currency trading platform. The online forex trading platform was so revolutionary that Secker received the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce in 1998.

Working on the Virtual Trading Desk peaked Secker’s interest in foreign exchange trading. It felt trading in foreign exchange would be a lot easier because he had to code all of the functions of these trading strategies. As long as you stick to a strategy driven trading plan and remain disciplined your trading plan has a good chance to succeed.

Once Secker had accomplished enough in trading to consider himself an expert he decided he wanted to help others become successful as well. He is passionate about teaching people how to trade and be entrepreneurs. Each of the companies and organizations he has founded were created in order to teach people financial freedom. In 2010, he founded the Greg Secker Foundation, a non profit organization.


This Man Gregory Aziz, the Force behind National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the man at the helm of National Steel Car, the North America’s leading railroad and tank car manufacturer. The company has been in the business sphere for over 100 years. Mr. Greg Aziz has been on the steering wheel, propelling it on the foundation of excellence in the world of engineering and manufacturing.

Who is Greg James Aziz? One may ask. Well, James Aziz is the man who believes in the power of the people. He believes that if that when a people are inspired, they can do great things including instilling trust in what they do and in what they offer to customers. This great trust and hope in people has been the cornerstone of National Steel Car making it more dynamic, diverse, value-driven and innovative than ever before.

Life is about challenges and motivation lies in people having the power to constantly challenge them. Greg J Aziz believes in people’s constant challenging of themselves with the persistent rising of the bar of quality and perfection. To make a business last for more than a century, a sense of purpose and trust is key. Such a business need to be founded on strong values and always bringing out the best in others with the results being clearly stretched through the products and services of the company. This is the power behind Greg James Aziz as he helps maintain National Steel Car at the top of railroad freight and tank car manufacturing.

One who keeps on celebrating past successes ends up failing to see what the future holds. James Aziz does not dwell in the past. He acknowledges past achievements but he is always relentlessly focused on the pursuit of excellence. National Steel Car knows too well that a customer is a real reason why any business exists. To them, the voice of the customer always comes before anything else. This is achieved through having a sense of purpose and Greg Aziz has been instrumental in making sure that this sense of purpose is realized among those who work for National Steel Car.

James Aziz is credited for having led National Steel Car to be known and trusted by most of its customers as the builders of the highest quality rail cars with a consistent high on-time delivery. Gregory James Aziz thrives only on one principle: perfection. This is what has managed to keep National Steel Car ahead of others for more than 100 years.