The One Stock For Kids To Buy As Published By Stansberry Research

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland and with more locations throughout the United States, Stansberry Research is a publishing company with a specialty based on market investments. The company was founded in 1999 by Porter Stansberry, an expert investment advisor and publisher. Since the company has launched, the website and online newsletters it produced help investors investing in mining, oil, power, natural resources, healthcare and biotechnology.

The bi-monthly newsletter that the company puts out features articles and research by Porter along with more financial editors that the company has hired over time. Each of the contributing editors is a subject matter expert in particular areas of the investment world. On top of the investment newsletter that gets put out, investors can also subscribe to one of a line of options that the company calls “Investment Portfolio Solutions.” These solutions offer customized investment advice and resources in a wide range of options to consumers under the mantra that the company and journalist are not advisors or brokers, but rather financial journalists (

One neat feature that subscribers to the solutions receive is access to their journal archives that cover the wide variety of topics from the company. One such recent Stansberry newsletter in the archives features an article from Porter about the only stocks he will teach his kids to buy. In the article, he outlines how two of the richest investors in American history made their money by investing in property and casualty insurance companies. The article goes into detail how the insurance industry is and has been regulated to where most major companies end up paying out more in claims than they’ve brought in through premiums. But, there are and have been unregulated parts of the insurance sector where investors have made a large chunk of their money.

The article ends by highlighting that even though more and more regulations have hammered the insurance industry in recent years, making it hard for insurance companies to greatly profit, Stansberry Research and their team of insurance stock experts have been able to pick winning stocks to invest in with very little risk.

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Financial Expert Chris Linkas Talks About The Burden Of Student Loans

When it comes to handling their financial lives most college students leave school woefully unprepared, financial expert Chris Linkas has stated. People get out of school, get their first “real” job, and have zero idea how to handle their personal finances. Teaching people about this area would ideally happen in schools and the homes of parents but unfortunately that is almost never the case.


Establishing of Career

Chris Linkas took an active interest in financial matters early on. His first job was at RER Financial Group, LLC, where he was at first a financial analyst and eventually was named as the vice president of this company. In this position Chris Linkas managed over $4 billion of book balance. This led to him getting a great opportunity to become a vice president at Goldman Sachs a year and a half later.

The biggest thing facing most students is their student loan balance, he says. People take on big student loans to finance their education, loans often so big it doesn’t matter what they do for a living because what they earn will never justify how big their student loan is. Chris Linkas says that people really should opt for a good public university over any private, and very expensive, university.


Dedicated Head

Since 2012, he has been the European head of credit for a multinational financial firm based in the UK. Chris Linkas explores for good investment opportunities both in the United Kingdom as well as in European countries like Spain, Germany, France, and Switzerland among others. He says one thing he recommends to other entrepreneurs is to find something they are passionate about outside of their professional careers. He says he plays soccer himself because he really enjoys it and it clears his head. It also helps him stay fit and, also importantly, has absolutely nothing to do with investing.

Another thing Chris Linkas recommends to those in the younger generations is to start as early as possible investing according to their risk tolerance ( A dollar invested when you are younger than 25 can be worth $11 when a person is ready to retire at age 65, due to the value of compounding interest.

Upwork Tips on Making your To-Do List More Effective

Upwork is a famous freelance platform that connects freelancers from different parts of the world with various jobs depending on their skills and expertise. It is one of the best ways for freelancers to find genuine work and for the companies to find freelancers with the needed skills for their work. While there are many advantages to working as a freelancer for Upwork, many beginners might find it difficult to manage their time especially if they receive a large number of jobs at any time. To help manage their tasks, it is essential for freelancers to have a to-do list. But, just creating a to-do list without planning will not be useful if they do not use it properly.

To tackle the tasks from the to-do list, freelancers should ensure that they have it ready the night before even if it means that they are awake for a few more minutes. It will help them start working on their tasks early in the morning when they are at their best. Having the list ready at night also allows freelancers to stop worrying about the tasks when sleeping and know exactly what needs to be accomplished the next day. Also, mention all the tasks that need to be done on a single to-do list rather than creating multiple lists. Since you freelancers will have limited time with them the next day, it is a good idea to prioritize their work depending on their importance. It will ensure that you do not waste your time working on things that are not immediately required.

Many times people feel overwhelmed with the number of tasks that they have in front of them. But, by breaking down the tasks into smaller ones and delegating some tasks to others, accomplishing it is not very difficult. Freelancers need to make sure that they accomplish the most significant task for the day well before lunch or as early in the morning as it is the time when they are the most productive. Remember that organizing your tasks and planning ahead is an investment for freelancers and should not be taken lightly.

Chairman & CEO of Paragon Biosciences Works with MATTER

Jeff Aronin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Biosciences, has over two decades of experience in the bioscience field. His innovative strategies and experience developing biotech and innovative healthcare companies is pushing Paragon forward. Aronin earned an MBA from DePaul University and a bachelor’s of science degree from Northern Illinois University. One of his distinct career accolades includes being named an Aspen Institute Henry Crown Fellow.

In addition to being the Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin is also the Chairman and CEO of Paragon Pharmaceutical Capital. The latter is described as an innovative and dynamic global investment firm which is focused on establishing, fostering, and managing life science companies.


The Company That Leads Biotechnology

Paragon Biosciences is the parent company or umbrella company which helps create and establish the growth of biotechnology companies. Currently there are four companies powered by Paragon which each have niche developments yet employ the same patient-centric tactics. Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals is constantly in the process of developing cutting edge therapies for patients with debilitating dermatologic conditions. Harmony Biosciences is focused on patients with central nervous system and sleep disorders and creating the innovative medications to treat associated disorders ( Precision BP focuses on rare genetic oncology diseases and researches the potential complex treatments for such diseases. Decade Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the research and development of Alzheimer’s therapies to improve outcomes and quality of life for such patients.

Over 6,000 identified diseases do not have treatments at this time. Paragon is working methodically to ensure that they are able to make a difference in that daunting figure. At the core of their philosophy is a simple approach to identifying patient needs, carefully reviewing the science behind the needs, and then creating the company structure to focus on addressing those needs. This philosophy is what drives their proven model of drug development. In fact, Paragon has 13 medications which have received FDA approval within the past decade. This is a pace typically only seen with the largest pharmaceutical companies, but Paragon Biosciences is driven by their patient centered goal to succeed in bringing new medications to fruition.

Equities First Holdings news on best loans packages

Equities First Holdings is a shareholding loans firm that is among the fastest growing financial institutions in the world. The firm was first established in 2002 in Indianapolis. Over the years, it has opened branches in other locations across the world. Equities First Holdings is today a leading form in the financial sector because it implements programs that resonate with a majority of the people looking for financing options. Shareholding loans are far much better than any other loans that one may be looking for. The interest rates that these loans attract are too low and therefore has no effect on the overall development of the business one is financing. The interest rates are also fixed making them easy to repay. One does not have to struggle with fluctuating interest rates which affect their ability to repay the loan. Equities First Holdings rates are far much better than the ones given by commercial banks.

Upcoming Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Jason Hope Funds Non-Profit That Seeks To Cure the Aging Process

Arizona Philanthropist and entrepreneur, Jason Hope, helps leading nonprofit organization to fight the world’s worst inevitable– aging. Aging can cause quite a burden and not just on the individual. The individual who ages becomes more susceptible to diseases, illnesses, and other bodily problems like weakened bones and immune systems. Eventually unable to take care of themselves, many family members and children take it upon themselves to provide care for their aging family members or friends. This can result in financial burden, stress, and worsened home matters on those that take on the act of caring for an elderly loved one.

Jason Hope has embraced another approach to the cure of “age”. Hope seeks to aid in reversing the aging process by donating his own funds to research conducted by non-profit organizations that will transform the way healthcare organizations combat and treat the effects of the inevitable aging process. Jason Hope has supported the charitable organization, known as the SENS Research Foundation, for over five years. Jason Hope first began funding this groundbreaking organization when he donated $500,000 of his funds in December of 2010. SENS strives to aid the public to obtain accessible technology that can counteract aging and prevent the illnesses and symptoms that come along with it. Jason Hope announced his first contribution to the SENS Research Foundation at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts during an event called Breakthrough Philanthropy.

SENS Research Foundation was founded in March of 2009 and since continues to invest heavily in research programs designed to reverse the effects and learn more about the aging process. This research will not only medically aid the aging process, but SENS also hopes to change the public’s view of aging in order to encourage individuals to become interested in the curing technology.

The SENS foundation has pioneered what they call the “SENS Approach,” which includes a medical procedure to repair living cells and other materials within elderly patients’ bodies in hopes to prevent the effects of aging and its symptoms. By stopping the process at its source, this treatment differs from the rest of the medical treatments in the healthcare community because it not only seeks to treat these illnesses, but prevent them altogether. The SENS Foundation also focuses on seeking outreach to politicians, influencers, volunteers and donors through active events, conferences, and fundraising to raise proper awareness about the importance of their medical research work.

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O2Pur expanding its share of the E-cig market.

The E-cig market is becoming increasingly more popular as people are embracing the technology. For those who are masters in using E-cigs they continue to experience good time but for the newbies it can be a very daunting task. A nice vaping session with friends and family is what everyone is after and this begins by understanding all that pertains to E-cigs.

First on the list is that E-cigs saves you the money. A nice vaping session is one where one uses less cash but still get an awesome experience. Price of this E-cigs is everything and more companies are coming up with their own E-cig products that catch the attention of the customers. O2Pur is one such company that produces E-cigs that are budget friendly for the customer and ones which offer the best vaping experience. The reasonable pricing for most E-cigs in the market makes many people to continue embracing vaping as a new hobby.

E-cig Starter kit is also a very crucial aspect that vaping enthusiasts will be eager to try out. These starter kits help customers to have in their possession all the necessary vaping gear that will aide them in the vaping process. So before you get one ensure that you go to the E-cig stores that are reputable. O2Pur has come to be known as one of the best E-cig companies that offer affordable and high quality starter kits for all their customers.

For those new in Vaping, one has to consider several factors such as the price of the e-cigs, charge time, length of the battery, starter kit and user reviews. E-cigs are electronic gadgets and this means that they will be charged at some point since they come with rechargeable batteries. It is also good to ensure that you look through the user reviews just to get a glimpse of what other customers are saying as this will help you make sound decisions. The company has a user review section where there clients post reviews on the O2Pur products they have so far used.

Financial advisor David Giertz gives tips on retirement

Retirement is a stage in life that surely you’ll eventually encounter and it’s vital to know your options. Experienced financial advisor David Giertz shares some valuable tips you must know about.

How much should you save?

It is very common for people to miscalculate their spending habits and expect to have enough money when retired. Sadly, many find themselves having to return to work after spending all their savings in only a few years. By the time you retire, he advises you to have saved, at least 15 years worth of salary. This means that if you plan to retire by the age of 65, you better have already saved five years worth of salary by the age of 55. People looking to retire much sooner might have to add more years to that figure.

Required Minimum Distribution and the IRS

Even when you have retired, David adds that you will still have to deal with the IRS and they will have command over part of your retirement savings. The IRS mandated Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) puts you in a situation where you must withdraw a certain amount of money before you hit 72 ½ years of age. Failing to follow this rule can have you penalized so severely that you can end up paying up to 50% on tax. Keep in mind that your retirement plan will most likely be taxable.

Other factors to consider

Although its fees are higher, a wise choice is to consider a structured income using annuity. The most recommended is one in which you receive a fixed amount of money monthly but is guaranteed to keep you from blowing it all. At an older age, health problems are also very common and can be very expensive. Keep that in mind when saving.

About David

David Giertz currently holds a BS from Millikin University and an MBA from the University of Miami. He has over 30 years of experience working in industries related to financial services. In one case during his term of leadership, a company was able to grow its revenue by almost 600%.

End Citizens United Getting The Support Of People To End The Dominance Of Corporate Money In Politics

The role of the elections in the country is to find a leader who would serve the nation in all its honesty and ensure that the interest of the country and its people is his or her priority. However, the political elections these days in the United States seems more like private affair where instead of political candidates, the corporations and wealthy individuals are fighting for dominance.

Different corporations and affluent individuals spend millions of dollars to ensure that the political candidate of their choice wins the elections so that they can favor them once elected. The political ideology has been crushed due to agendas of the corporations and the use of an extravagant amount of money in the past few years. The interest of the public has suffered and continues to suffer at the hand of the corporations who are manipulating the outcome of the elections by unethically using their wealth.

End Citizens United is a PAC, abbreviation for Political Action Committee, which aims to constitutionally overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling of 2010 in the lawsuit between FEC and Citizens United. If the decision can be reversed, the companies, as well as individuals, would not be able to fund the elections without any accountability. If the campaign finance reforms are implemented as per the End Citizens United, the polls will become full proof of any outside influence or manipulation.

Many corporations always spend millions during the elections to ensure that the government that comes into the power does as it says. However, when the money power of corporations does not oblige the  political candidates, the government doesn’t have to think about the interest of the corporations and can focus on the interest of the people.

Every year the amount of money that the End Citizens United is gathering from the public donations has been increasing. It is giving the End Citizens United the strength to reach out to more people across the country as well as endorse more political candidates in their election campaign to run for Congress.

As more and more political candidates come forward to reject the corporate money, the strength of the End Citizens United is increasing to influence the Congress. Some of the prominent political candidates that the End Citizens United has decided to endorse in 2018 are Kathy Manning, Josh Butner, Max Rose, Sylvia Garcia, Gary Trauner, Tom Malinowski, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, and more.

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Contribution of Jason Hope on Matter of Aging

Jason Hope efforts in the field of research to curb the matters contributing to the aging among the old age has been substantial. He has demonstrated his focus on the mission by channeling $ 500,000 which was aimed at boosting the efforts of the SENS Research Foundation. The organization had put its concentration on the research on issues related to the aging. The money by Jason Hope benefited the institution in various ways.

For instance, its management built a laboratory, Cambridge SENS Laboratory which was aimed at fostering the research in the same field. The other remaining amount was used to enhance much research in the circle of aging within the organization. The matte that shoved Jason Hope to fund the amount to the institution was the dedication that had been seen in its management in handling various research. Hope lauded the avenue that SENS Research Foundation took in coming up with the solution to curb the matter related to the aging in the society. SENS Research Foundation primary agenda was to develop the cures for the degenerating cells in the body. There are many diseases mention by the organization to be part of the associates of the aging that kills the cells of the body. The main areas of concern by the disorders in the body are the mind and the lungs.

SENS Research Foundation via the assist of the Jason Hope has created a perfect platform through its program called AGE-breaker. All the necessary means has been set in place by the team of experts to enable the operation to flow along the right lane of expectation in the field of research. SENS Research Foundation has navigated its way in creating the drugs that assist in managing the cases of the aging through the assist of the Jason Hope. Through the research conducted by the organization, there are some of the factors that accelerate aging in the human body. These include the accumulation of the metabolic waste in the body that ends up degenerating the body cells. As the cells get deteriorated in the body, the vessels of the blood and the skin loses it elasticity. The reason for Jason Hope supporting the take of the institution in the research of aging is to mark a permanent factor that will create mitigation to the mess of the early aging of the human beings. Various diseases that form part of the contributing factor to the aging matter include arthritis that makes the cells of the body to degenerate.

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