Getting to know Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is famously known for hosting the American Idol as well as his extensive career as a radio host. He also doubles as a producer and a fashion icon and has shown exemplary performance in all these categories. Ryan was born in Atlanta Georgia in 1974, and from a young age, he showed an interest in entertainment as he ostensibly did shows in the house instead of partaking in normal 10-year-olds activities. Notably, he won an internship with WSTR FM at 16, and his excellent performance secured him a job with the station.

According to, Ryan Seacrest has had a very successful television career that spans more than two decades. Before landing a job as a host of American Idol, Ryan had worked with TNN as the host of a show called Ultimate Revenge, NBC’s Saturday Night Movie, ESPN’s Click, Wild Animal Games, Gladiators 2000, and Radical Outdoor Challenge. He joined American Idol in 2002 and initially co-hosted it with Brian Dunkleman while Fox still broadcasted it. He hosted the show until 2016 until the following year when the show moved to ABC.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) became the radio host of KIIS’ On Air with Ryan Seacrest in 2004 as the replacement of Rick Dees. Before that, he hosted the American top 40, a countdown show created by Casey Kasim. Besides entertainment, Ryan has a hand in fashion and has his collection called Ryan Seacrest Distinction which he launched in 2004. Additionally, he has a skincare line known as Polished launched in 2017.

In the New York Times recent interview with Bee Shapiro, Ryan Seacrest talked about his daily routine and his love for keeping fit. His routine involves waking up at 6, working out, catching up on the news, and commuting to his place of work. He admits that in his late 20s and early 30s he felt guilty for working out during the day, a behavior that seemed somewhat awkward then. On a lighter note, he admits that he works out to keep eating and drinking wine. Ryan Seacrest lives his life to the fullest, and at 43, he has more time to do it.

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Surf Air Celebrates Five Years In Business By Giving Members Another Travel Perk

Most people know flying on a commercial airline can be an annoying and frustrating experience. Seats are smaller, food and snacks are scarce, and arrival times are works of fiction. It almost feels like the major airlines want to charge you extra if you sneeze on board.

But there’s a new kind of airline in service, and it’s called Surf Air. Surf Air is not just an airline, it’s a travel club. It’s a travel club with unlimited monthly flights. Surf Air calls itself “the hassle-free airline,” because members fly on private executive-style planes and enjoy all the perks that the airline industry can’t afford to give customers anymore.

Surf Air fly’s members travel across the U.S., and the company has service to Europe. When you join one of Surf Air’s membership plans, you travel without going through the dog and pony show that disrupts and challenges business fliers when they get to the airport. Plus, on Surf Air you can book a flight and get confirmation fifteen minutes before the scheduled departure if you have a change of plans, or new plans force you to get on a plane quickly.

Surf Air is celebrating five years in business, and the company just announced a partnership with Private Suite LAX. Premium Surf Air members will receive a free membership to The Private Suite LAX. A membership means no more waiting in long security lines. Private Suite LAX has private security screening, and the company even drives members directly to their aircraft when the flight is ready to board. Plus, members can enjoy Private Suite’s lounge. The lounge has a food service pantry, clean bathrooms, and two-person daybeds.

A regular membership to Private Suite LAX could cost more than $4,500. Surf Air is giving its members this useful gift to say “thank you” on their fifth anniversary.

How Whitney Wolfe Emerged From Threats Issued Against Her By Pro-gun Activists

Whitney Wolfe is one of the pioneers of the famous Tinder App. She joined Tinder at the age of 22 and was made the vice president of the marketing department. Her duties included popularizing the app among college campuses with the aim of eventually creating an active user base. Besides, she influenced the name and the logo of the company while still in office before she quit and moved to Austin, Texas.

According to Whitney Wolfe, the environment on dating apps was too aggressive and thus when Andrey Andreev of Badoo contacted him with a deal of starting Bumble, she did not turn it down. The app began operations in 2014, and by the end of 2015, it had made close to 80 million matches and had 15 million active conversations. Under her guidance, Bumble launched a BFF and Bizz feature that would enable women to make female friends online and establish hustle related networks respectively.

Following the CEOs decision to suppress any gun images in the app, the Bumble staff has faced so many threats and cyber attacks. Speaking to the chief content officer at the Hearst Magazines, Joanna Coles, Whitney Wolfe said that she was getting emails from people threatening her saying they knew where her offices were and they would come for her. With these kinds of danger remarks and having her staff harassed, she called out for the help of security team that watched over the offices in Austin for a couple of weeks while she moved around with a bodyguard.

The Southern Methodist University graduate said that despite the backlash from bumble users, it was the right thing to do because guns were against the company’s values. Her decision was fueled by the shootings at a high school in Parkland and the fact that most people who lost their lives to household violence were because of guns.

Besides being the Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe got married to Michael Herd in a beautiful ceremony in Italy last year 2017. A year later, the Utah native was listed among the top 30 under 30 most influential personalities in Tech. She is gracefully scaling the heights of success.

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Success Story Of Dr. Jennifer Walden In The Field Of Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Lee Walden is a well-known celebrity plastic surgeon based in America. Dr. Walden is the founder of plastic surgery center known by the name of Jennifer L. Walden Plastic Surgery Centre. The surgical center is where private surgery practice is performed. She also owns another such surgical center in Austin, Texas known by the name of ambulatory surgery center. Dr. Walden is known to be one of the best plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons in America and even is globally renowned for her procedures. Jennifer Walden is one of the head doctors to have used laser machines while performing certain surgical procedures. She is also an expert for performing labiaplasties and also vaginoplasties. Her expertise in the field has led her to the top to be featured in the Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 top rated Surgeons in the industry.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an extremely skilled and talented Plastic surgeon of this generation. She is known to be a spokesman for many high profile medical aesthetic companies such as Sciton Inc. Thermi Aesthetics, Cynosure and Lumenis and many such companies. Jennifer Walden contributes monetary support and her skilled expertise to many foundations both educational and charitable. She is a sponsor to many elementary schools and loves to help the organizations to develop education procedures for the future generation and also supply funds for the teachers. Dr. Walden serves as a leader of the plastic surgical and aesthetician industry. She has spoken on various platforms for providing lectures concerning surgical procedures and educates people about those procedures. She is engaged with several philanthropic associations too. She was honored as Women of the Year by Leukemia Society of Austin.

She began her career at an early age and got a job in the Manhattan Eye, Throat and Eye Hospital. She performed her practice under the mentorship of Dr. Sherrell Aston. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a member of the Board of Directors of Modern Aesthetics and the Practicing Plastic Surgery Editorial.

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Robert Ivy Shines With A Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is a professional and an architect who is the CEO and EVP of the American Institute of Architects. Just recently, he received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement award which was given by the Mississipi Institute of Arts and Letters.

Mr. Ivy has helped expand AIA’s influence in the architectural scene. Being a professional from Mississipi, he also understood the needs of the community and he participated in supervision of projects that help uplift the development of the area, as well as mentoring other architects by honing their innate skills.

Only a handful of people have been given the honor to receive the award. Apparently, it is only awarded to Mississipi artists and their proponents who helped contribute to improvement in the status of art in the state. Former recipients include the late artist Walter Anderson, singer Leontyne Prince, writer Eudora Welty, writer Shelby Foote, as well as actor Morgan Freeman.

AIA was delighted that Robert Ivy has received the award. He commented that Mr. Ivy has dedicated his cause to the developing of the architectural scene in Mississipi. He believes that Mr. Ivy, who fulfills many roles such as a practicing architect, writer, and editor is a great example in the architectural profession. The Noel Polk is a symbol of professional as well as a personal accomplishment for Robert Ivy as a citizen born in Mississipi. Mr. Carl Elefante, the president of AIA, congratulated Robert Ivy for his award.

Some of Robert Ivy’s other awards prior to the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement include being a Master Architect recognized by the Alpha Ro Chi fraternity. Other recipients of this position included Mies van der Rohe, I.M. Pei, and Buckminster Fuller. Mr. Ivy also received a 2017 Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas. The medal was awarded in the University at the Fay Jones School of Architecture.

Robert Ivy will be given the Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as a stained-glass art by designer Andrew Cary Young in Pearl River Glass Studio. The award will be presented on June 2 at the Mississipi Institute of Arts and Letters.

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Meet The Law Expert: Ricardo Tosto

One of the benefits of specialization is gaining experience and becoming an expert in the field. You get better at what you do because you find all the possible ways to handle all the challenges you come across as well as methods of doing tasks effectively. Well, this explains why Ricardo Tosto is among the most successful defenders in Brazil. He has been in the field long enough to learn everything there is to know about the law in Brazil.
The law in Brazil is among the most paid careers. It deserves the pay because becoming a successful attorney in the state is not easy. The journey of Ricardo Tosto began by acquiring his law degree in Presbyterian University. He also went a step ahead and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation.

Ricardo Tosto also passed the bar examinations, which is a requirement to become a certified lawyer in Brazil. This is a big deal because there are only 8000 lawyers in Brazil who are approved by the bar association, while they are more than three million graduates.

Ricardo Tosto had humble beginnings, but through his hard work, he was able to start Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados. It is among the most prominent law firms in Brazil. It has more than 500 employees. This includes the associates, who are paid on a monthly basis, partners who are paid depending on their input in a company and interns who are there to learn the field work part of the profession. Ricardo Tosto ensures that he delegate the duties to his associates. He also sacrifices his time to train them, which is why every attorney in the Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados is an expert.

Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados are famous for handling complicated cases and winning them. It has also represented known personalities in the nation.

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Kamil Idris Keeping Close Eye On American Trade Relationship With China

It is the opinion of Kamil Idris that the tariffs announced on Chinese products being imported into the United States by President Donald Trump will have a great effect on the Chinese government. Trump explains that the tariffs are necessary to combat what he feels is unfair trade practices by the Chinese government and the unethical acquisition of American technology. The numbers reported by the United States Trade Representatives in 2017 seem to back the president’s claim by stating that it is possible untold billions have already been lost due to the theft of American intellectual property by the Chinese.

Kamil Idris explains that $50 billion worth of tariffs imposed by Donald Trump is to directly punish the Chinese for this intellectual property theft. The violations the Chinese are accused of include stealing trade secrets from American companies, counterfeiting popular brands of American companies, and pressuring American business entities to share technology in order to access Chinese trade markets.

The international business community has long complained about these practices on the part of business owners and the government of China. Many countries have even taken the action of discontinuing business with China.

Trump had promised in the past to impose a 25 percent tariff on steel products entering the country and 10 percent on aluminum. Kamil Idris notes that President Trump seemed to be extending an olive branch to our closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico, by not extending these tariffs to products originating in those countries.

The move by Trump has concerned trade allies of the United States throughout the world who feel the tariffs are unfair. Likewise, many lawmakers in his own party have spoken against the sanctions and warn that both the Chinese government and the European Union could retaliate in ways that could cause problems for the U.S. economy.

Kamil Idris says the situation is both a serious and fluid one that he will continue to monitor carefully.

About Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris is a native of Sudan and is recognized as a scholar, statesman, and civil servant operating on an international level. Idris served as the World Intellectual Property Organization as their Director General for a term that began in November of 1997 and ending in September of 2008.


NGP Van Has Some Tips for the Perfect Campaign Email

The breakthrough success of the Obama campaign, which led all the way to the White House, was built on the lessons of earlier campaigns that harnessed the power of email. Today, maintaining an email list is just another necessary task. However, with potential supporters constantly bombarded with emails competing for their attention, composing the perfect email is no small feat. NGP Van is a premier technology company serving progressive campaigns, and their experts have some tips for making your mail-outs more effective.

According to NGP Van, one of the most important things to keep in mind when writing up your email is focus. Candidates comment on so many issues that it is tempting to carry that dynamic over to your draft. But your email should be focused on a single idea and issue. The next step is to outline how the reader’s support, financial or otherwise, will help to produce positive change, a goal which should be realistic, something potential supporters can easily envision.

Another piece of advice from NGP Van is to test consistently and correctly. Some campaigns cut corners and test for multiple variables, but this costs you more time, money, and votes in the long run. Managers think about email and social media as an afterthought, but recent history shows the error in line of thinking.

Finally, don’t be afraid to write from the heart. As the old addage goes, all politics is local. People are concerned about how policy will affect their lives and their community, so it makes no sense to hide behind abstractions. Stay faithful to your message so that the authenticity of your email rings true in the mind of your reader.

NGP Van was founded in 2001 as Voter Activation Network. Based in Washington, DC, the company has an additional location in Somerville, MA.



The Work of Brazilian Lawyer Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is one of the most well-known attorneys in Brazil. He currently works in the Sao Paulo financial district of the country, offering his legal services to both corporations and high net worth individuals. Due to having over a decade of both work and schooling experience, he has made a name for himself and continues to grow his brand new company founded in 2016. Before he was able to begin his own career, Bruno Fagali studied at multiple universities to gain a dense understanding of the practice of law. Bruno Fagali specializes in ethics, compliance and administrative law, but also has experience with family law and personal injury as well. He graduated in 2012 from the University of Sao Paulo with a degree in legal administration. He then furthered his career at the Catholic University and graduated with a Master’s degree in law in 2015.

Along with the extensive education Bruno has received for his work in the field of law, he worked with several law offices as an intern as well as did some work with charity organizations while going to university. He worked with the Vargas Foundation while attending Sao Paulo University, which is a law firm that specializes in compliance law and legal proceedings. He also volunteered his time and money to help the House Opportunities Organization, which is a free legal aid to those who are dealing with family court matters and need someone to represent them in front of a judge. While he no longer works in the family law field, his work with the organization prepared him to work with individuals as well as their families and have compassion for his clients.

Bruno Fagali founded and launched his own legal office in 2016 and named it the Fagali Advocacy. The company specializes in compliance and administrative law, with education at its core. In fact, the Advocacy’s website blog is updated daily by Bruno himself, who believes that clients need to be educated on what to expect when dealing with these types of cases. When Bruno is not working in his office or on his blog, you can find him spending time with his wife and two children.

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Ryan Seacrest Relocates to New York

Move to New York: Live with Kelly and Ryan

Ryan Seacrest recently moved from Los Angeles to New York. He was to start his new duties on May 1st as co-host with Kelly Ripa on the show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Seacrest is scheduled to replace Michael Strahan. Ryan Seacrest hosts the nationally syndicated radio show KIIS-FM. He is the host of American Idol and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Other than his work in the media Ryan Seacrest finds time to run a line of clothing and skin care items.

Daily Routine

Ryan Seacrest says he’s up by the crack of dawn, which is usually 6AM. After a routine, shower, shave, a dab of moisturizer on his face, dressed in his sweats, zip-up hoodie, Uggs (yes, even in May) and a T-shirt, he’s ready for Matcha tea and coffee, downstairs. Seacrest spends some time in the morning exercising, running in the park or other exercises that prepare him for his busy day.

Commute,Being a “Yes” Man

He doesn’t have to travel very far to get to work, only about 7 minutes on the Upper East side. He enjoys the commute to work and takes the opportunity to read along the way. Once at work his day passes,but with slight intermissions or the infrequent requests,which he’s learned to put in a designated queue until the afternoon. Three words he’s become very familiar with are, “Got it” and “Yes.” People like to know you’ve “got it,” so that’s his favorite reply to the multiple e-mails he receives.

Phone Lock Time, Foodie

Ryan Seacrest, the tv host and producer, says he’s come to understand the importance of putting his phone down for a few minutes. He’d like to learn to meditate, but for the ADD that makes him so easily distracted. He finds just putting his phone down and locking it is a good alternative.

Ryan Seacrest has a real love of a good meal and a bottle of wine. Either one is nearly impossible during the week, but it is something he looks forward to on the weekends. A good bottle of wine is also a welcomed joy.

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