Michel Terpins, a Successful Brazilian Rally Driver

Michel Terpins is an experienced and popular Brazilian rally driver in the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He is a reputable driver and has taken part in several championships in Brazil. Michel Terpins, 40, completed yet another crucial stage in the 25th edition of Sertoes rally together with Maykel Justo, 37. Michel managed to win in two stages out of the three stages that were competitive in prototype T1 race. Michel was equally listed as one the five drivers who were fastest in the race. He secured the fourth place in the overall within 11:45m23s.


As a result of various mechanical problems, the duo was forced to slow down between Santa Terezinha and Arana, a 306 kilometers distance during the third stage. The gearbox of T-Rex # 322 had broken down on Monday the 21st and couldn’t receive mechanical support at the end of the day’s race. The rear suspension was equally damaged forcing Terpins to take his feet off the accelerator to avoid compromising the results. Michel Terpins is a leader in Brazilian cross-country Rally championship. Even with this state of their cars, they managed to finish in the fourth place in prototype T1 and tenth place in the overall rank.


In 2002, Michael Terpins participated in Sertoes Rally Grid, motorcycle group. For the last four years, he has recorded impressive results by standing out in most important stages. This year’s race is now set to take place in Midwest, Goias, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Mato grosso. Over 280 participants, navigators, and pilots are expected in the event. More than 161 vehicles will take part in this car, UTV, motorcycles, and quadricycle competition. The competitors will cover a distance of 3, 3000.06 kilometers.


Michael Terpins and his brother Rodrigo, 44, were primarily driven by the passion for off-road and speed to become rally drivers. The two brothers have raced consistently on T-Rex and competing in various Brazilian cross-country rallies for four seasons now. Bull Sertoes Rally Team has registered impressive performance in several participations. The team is holistically sponsored by Xarla, Support team MEM, Terpins &Cintra Advogados, Ohlins, Eventos, and Bull Sertoes.


Greg Secker: A Finance Renaissance Man

Greg Secker is the owner of Learn to Trade, which happens to be one of the leading trading companies in Europe. A multi-millionaire by his twenties the English businessman just has a knack for the profession. Much of his success can be attributed to his fearlessness and determination. He’s always had the philosophy of “why not,” instead of “why.” He believes no major goal has ever been achieved without any risk.

Although Greg Secker has seen much success in the finance industry his storied career wasn’t always part of the plan. While at the University of Nottingham Secker studied agriculture and food science. As he attended the university he began to realize his strong interest in computers. He began building and selling computers as a hobby. He the attended a job fair that would change the trajectory of his life forever. At the job fair he met a guy with Thomas Cook Financial Services. The two quickly hit it off when they noticed their shared interest in computers. Secker was given a job with the company as a trading technologist. On the trading floor he created the Virtual Trading Desk, the first online currency trading platform. The online forex trading platform was so revolutionary that Secker received the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce in 1998.

Working on the Virtual Trading Desk peaked Secker’s interest in foreign exchange trading. It felt trading in foreign exchange would be a lot easier because he had to code all of the functions of these trading strategies. As long as you stick to a strategy driven trading plan and remain disciplined your trading plan has a good chance to succeed.

Once Secker had accomplished enough in trading to consider himself an expert he decided he wanted to help others become successful as well. He is passionate about teaching people how to trade and be entrepreneurs. Each of the companies and organizations he has founded were created in order to teach people financial freedom. In 2010, he founded the Greg Secker Foundation, a non profit organization.


This Man Gregory Aziz, the Force behind National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the man at the helm of National Steel Car, the North America’s leading railroad and tank car manufacturer. The company has been in the business sphere for over 100 years. Mr. Greg Aziz has been on the steering wheel, propelling it on the foundation of excellence in the world of engineering and manufacturing.

Who is Greg James Aziz? One may ask. Well, James Aziz is the man who believes in the power of the people. He believes that if that when a people are inspired, they can do great things including instilling trust in what they do and in what they offer to customers. This great trust and hope in people has been the cornerstone of National Steel Car making it more dynamic, diverse, value-driven and innovative than ever before.

Life is about challenges and motivation lies in people having the power to constantly challenge them. Greg J Aziz believes in people’s constant challenging of themselves with the persistent rising of the bar of quality and perfection. To make a business last for more than a century, a sense of purpose and trust is key. Such a business need to be founded on strong values and always bringing out the best in others with the results being clearly stretched through the products and services of the company. This is the power behind Greg James Aziz as he helps maintain National Steel Car at the top of railroad freight and tank car manufacturing.

One who keeps on celebrating past successes ends up failing to see what the future holds. James Aziz does not dwell in the past. He acknowledges past achievements but he is always relentlessly focused on the pursuit of excellence. National Steel Car knows too well that a customer is a real reason why any business exists. To them, the voice of the customer always comes before anything else. This is achieved through having a sense of purpose and Greg Aziz has been instrumental in making sure that this sense of purpose is realized among those who work for National Steel Car.

James Aziz is credited for having led National Steel Car to be known and trusted by most of its customers as the builders of the highest quality rail cars with a consistent high on-time delivery. Gregory James Aziz thrives only on one principle: perfection. This is what has managed to keep National Steel Car ahead of others for more than 100 years.


Robert Ivy And His Success As An Architect

Robert Ivy works at the American Institute of Architects where he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer as well as the Executive Vice President. He was appointed as the CEO of the Institution in 2011.

Robert is a graduate of the Tulane University where he acquired his Master’s Degree in Architecture. He also attended Sewanee: The University of the South where he got his Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in English. Robert Ivy worked with the Architectural Record in 1996 where he was the Editor in Chief. Under his leadership, he helped Architectural Record grow into becoming the architectural journal that is the most widely read in the world.

Robert Ivy went on to serve as the Vice President and also the Editorial Director at the McGraw-Hill Construction Media. This included SNAP, GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, Architectural Record: ENR, China, HQ Magazine, Sweets and Constructor. Robert Ivy served as a juror on the panel which was responsible for selecting architect Frank Gehry in order to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. In the period between 1981 and 1996, Robert Ivy served as a principal at Dean & Ivy, Dean/Dale as well as a critic for numerous national publications. The editorial leadership of Robert Ivy at Architectural Record made it to earn many publishing industry honors. This included the National Magazine Award for the American Society of Magazine Editors and the Premier Magazine Journalism Award.

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Robert Ivy also led Architectural Record to earn 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards and 7 Ozzies: the 2008 MPA digital Award meant for the website of the Year and the Folio Design Awards. Robert Ivy was awarded with the Crain Award in 2009, which is the highest recognition for a person in the American Business Media. In 1998, he was also awarded with the McGraw-Hill Award due to management excellent. Robert is involved with the Design Futures Council where he is a Senior Fellow. He has served in the architectural field for many years and has therefore acquired the required skills and experience. Robert Ivy was named as the Master Architect after an unanimous vote by the national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi.

Learn more about Robert Ivy: http://architecture.tulane.edu/alumni/profile/robert-ivy-faia

Things Preston Smith, CEO of Rocketship Education, Learned throughout his Initial Years

Public education is an integral part of life in the majority of countries around the world, especially the United States. Unfortunately for many children living in low-income, impoverished areas of America, they’re not typically subject to quality education. Rocketship Education, a 16-deep network of public charter schools in our great nation, has helped change this detrimental aspect of bad neighborhoods, with every single one of its facilities situated in disadvantaged areas. Chief executive officer Preston Smith founded the first location in Redwood City, California, and learned a number of important things about primary school administration – let’s dive deeper.

Home life reveals tons about learning

Rocketship Education’s teachers visit their students’ homes at least once per annum. This requirement serves the function of better understanding how their students learn, how often they can study, and what drives them. Furthermore, parents are privy to many things their children don’t tell anybody else, especially to their teachers or classmates. As such, teachers’ annual home visits are integral to boosting performance and children’s satisfaction at school.

Parents should push for top-notch education

While very caring parent obviously wants their children to obtain great educations, most parents verbalize their wants and needs more so than acting upon them. Rocketship Education encourages parents to fight for their children’s stars of education by actually placing them in the best public schools available. Putting their money where their proverbial mouths are actually pushes administrators to mandate better educational institutions, far more than simply threatening to move students does.

Teacher diversity is key

Oddly enough, low income neighborhoods usually comprise of minorities. As such, many schools in these areas – schools in middle-class to high income locations, too – strive to diversify their bases of students. While diversity among schools’ enrollment is great, diversity of teachers and administrators is even more important. Rocketship Education strives to do just this, widening their employees’ backgrounds prior to that of students’.

RSED, the acronym for Rocketship Education, was founded in 2007 by Mr. Smith and former employee John Danner. Their schools’ students regularly achieve test scores far higher than their peers.


Avaaz Acts a Symbol of Hope and Change Throughout the World

In a short time, Avaaz has become one of the World’s largest online activist networks. Avaaz strives to help people around the World unite to make things better for everyone. Avaaz confronts global issues, such as poverty, corruption, and climate change. The network supports thousands of individual efforts to help create change. Avaaz supports campaigns in multiple languages on different continents. Avaaz signs petitions, contacts different governments, and organizes protests. Avaaz wants to make sure that the citizens’ views influence the decisions of the World’s leaders.

Technological Advancements

Because of the new technological advancements, Avaaz has a team that does research on any issues concerning them. Avaaz has a large online community that spreads awareness about different issues.

Strength In Numbers

The Avaaz community is made up of thousands of members. Members receive email alerts to help them decide if they would like to get involved or not. The Avaaz staff works with their allies to create unique campaign strategies. Avaaz does not try to persuade its members to tackle a specific issue. Avaaz gets insight from its members and then they decide what issues to address. Avaaz emphasizes leadership. Flickr Photos.


Avaaz is funded through its members. There are corporate sponsors influencing Avaaz and their priorities. Many movements dissolve over time. Avaaz is aware that people will have different opinions, but instead of using that to divide, members simply have the ability to decide the campaigns that they want to support and contribute to. All of Avaaz’s campaigns are intertwined due to the core value that everyone deserves respect. Avaaz believes that citizens have a responsibility to help make the World a better place. Avaaz acts as a symbol of hope that people do have the power to influence change in their communities.

Twitter: https://www.flickr.com/photos/avaaz/

The Trabuco: Almost Forgotten Deadly Weapon

Trabuco is one of the weapons that were used during the primordial wars. The weapons were widely used together with the most common ones like the arrows, swords, and bows. In the years of its application, the Trabuco was a deadly weapon, and it was very useful for mass destruction. In as much as the weapon is not currently used, the means of its application has been an inspiration to the construction of the current weapons of warfare. The operation principles have been borrowed, and the efficiency of its work is still getting an application in the design of the modern weapons.

The vast use in the primordial wars
During the error of territorial fights, nations were rising against others. Expanding the territories was cherished as a show of strength. In such times, the application of Trabuco was extensive. Since the weapons could not be used to destroy an individual, it was reserved for the special moments when troops could come in solidarity. The primordial wars made good use of the large stones. The accuracy and strength of the weapon could not be ignored. When an enemy could attack the opponents, the Trabuco was used to kill people in masses and to bring down the strong walls of different buildings. At certain times, the enemies could use human or animals heads as the shots to be fired using the weapon. Currently, trabuco weapon is widely shown in the movies where old pictures are to be shown.

How the weapon was operated
The operation of Trabuco was not an easy task according to help.madmoo.com. It took the effort of several strong men depending on the weight to be carried. The weapon was to be mounted on a rock, or some heavy weight stuck on the ground. On the opposite end of the weight was an arm to be pulled by the operators. The heavier the weights, the more the force which was required on the opposite arm.

Depending on the population which was to be killed, the weights used had varied sizes. The most common bullets used were huge stones based on dicio.com.br. Certain times, the weapon was used to shoot heads that were chopped during the war to send the opponents a message.

Learn more about Trabuco: http://ultimosegundo.ig.com.br/os-60-mais-poderosos/luiz-carlos-trabuco/52382e759cd61ea113000004.html

Lime Crime’s Scandal Will Make Your Friends Envious

Lime Crime now has over 2.6 million followers on Pinterest. Lime Crime has always been the brand to develop new product lines that keep their loyal customer base coming back for more. If you haven’t tried Lime Crimes products yet, then you’re missing out! Lime Crime has created a new masterpiece called: “Scandal.” The new Scandal Velvetine was formulated to keep you looking fabulous with long-lasting effects.

Doe Deere is the mastermind behind this innovative brand. Doe Deere had once again displayed her talent by creating a new lipstick that screams sex appeal. Scandal is 100% Vegan and created using cruelty-free methods. Scandal was designed to give you an edge, and when paired with eyeliner, you will defiantly turn heads.

It’s best to use lip balm 15 minutes before applying Scandal. Apply Velvetines to your lips and prepare to express your beauty the way you choose to. Create your unique style using Lime Crimes beauty products. Lime Crime has high-end hair color that will intensify the look you are trying to build.

LimeCrime is about freedom and expressing one’s unique style. Lime Crime is a global brand that creates high-performance products that have gone viral in the media. Doe Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia and grew up in New York City. Doe Deere now lives in Los Angeles, California. New York and California are both hubs for fashion and innovators, so it’s not hard to see where she finds her inspiration. Lime Crime gives everyone the option to create an incredible style through their superior products. Try on your new style today and be part of the millions who follow this game changing brand.

David Giertz – The Financial Guru

With more than three decades involvement in back, David Giertz has utilized procedures, systems, and developments in the business to ensure productivity. His most recent accomplishment was in the across the country money related deals and circulation association where he filled in as President conveying noteworthy net revenues by developing the benefit levels of the organization from 11billion dollars to 17.8 billion, which is path over the objective, put by P&L. He has additionally been in charge of fruitful organizations, particularly in the discount and conveyance areas at http://officialdavidgiertz.com/. David has been an asset for the private division retirement designs, claim to fame markets, annuities, life coverage, Wirehouses, IMOSs, IRAs, autonomous agents and also shared finances through banks. Mr. Giertz has supervised the effective development and gainfulness of associations in all these budgetary segments.

David Giertz is guaranteed by the WABC as a business mentor. He has a world-class gallup relate engagement score of 83:1 drew in: withdrew representative proportion. He is additionally an awesome piece of advancing instructing as he affirmed more than 100 business pioneers. From the begin of 2004, he has been the head of money related foundation bank. In 2009, he extended to the Wirehouse Distribution channel inside which the organization developed from 1.5 billion dollars to 8billion dollars.

David Giertz landed a section level position at Nationwide in 1999, filling in as the provincial VP situated in Miami Florida. Amid this period, he expanded the income of the southeast domain, which involved Puerto Rico and seven different states by 48%. Before joining the organization on angel.co, David had put in ten years of his vocation at Citi Group where he began as a money related administration guide. He moved to region chief lastly official VP of offers where each time he surpassed the objectives set for him.

Aside from his perfection in the budgetary world, David Giertz is energetically and effectively associated with different group exercises gave an account of Twitter. He has been the seat of the leading body of trustees of Milliken University where he additionally led the financial plan and life partner advisory group. At FINRA, David likewise fills in as the authority. He has served on young lady scout governing body too.

Dr. Walden is Restoring Confidence to people through Cosmetic Surgery

Jennifer Walden commonly known as Dr. Walden is an American cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Walden is also the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Centre and Jennifer L. Walden M.D. This is a private plastic surgery centre which is located in Austin, Texas. Born on November 17, 1971 in Austin, Texas Dr. Walden might have acquired her love for the medicine world from her parents. This is because both of her parents were medical practitioners, her mother being a nurse and her father a dentist. Dr. Walden attended the Anderson High School and after graduation she joined the University of Texas. There she earned an undergraduate degree in Biology. Thereafter she filled an application to join the University of Texas Medical branch but ended up graduating salutarion of her class.

Dr Walden Reviews started her career at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where she got a fellowship as an aesthetic surgeon. At that hospital, she was under Dr. Sherrell Aston who also was a mentor and a key player in the development of her career. After the end of the fellowship, she continued working there specifically on the Upper East Side, New York. There she carried out a wide range of tests that eventually led to the reintroduction of implants of the breast. It was in December 2011 that she went back to Austin Texas and opened the Westlake Hills. Three years later she opened an office in Marble Falls, Texas.

Over the years Dr. Walden has been regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in America. Simply because she is a woman of great expertise and experience. Furthermore she uses a wide range of advanced technologies. Vectra and ThermiVa are some of the examples of these advanced equipment. Furthermore Dr. Walden has developed new equipment to be used during breast surgery. She tops up as a consultant for a number of aesthetic companies like Ideal Implant and Venus Concept. For more info about us: https://www.zocdoc.com/doctor/jennifer-walden-md-2271 click here.