Alex Pall Talks About Pushing The Chainsmokers Forward Musically

The Chainsmokers are a DJ and production duo made up of two people, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. Alex Pall handles the DJ duties while Drew Taggart does the production. There are a number of things that set them apart from their peers one which is that they are actually heavily involved in many of their own songs while serving as guides for other ones. They say this makes their music much more personable and about themselves. It also creates better albums because they make a cohesive whole versus having an album where the songs are all written by different people.

Alex Pall grew up near New York City and developed a passion for being a DJ at a young age. He was doing it for a time as more of a side career but decided to give it a real go a number of years ago. It was after he teamed up with Drew Taggart that The Chainsmokers got a lot better and really took off. Over the past three years they have now had a succession of hits that have charted both in the United States and internationally.

When their first single, “#Selfie“, became pretty popular Alex Pall said that they knew they need to keep pushing themselves professionally to get even better. He says what has also really changed for them is that initially their base was college students but now a lot of other people listen to their music, both older and younger than that. Alex Pall says that when they started out they could just mix things into a set and go from there. Nowadays with a lot more diverse audience they need to create a much more elaborate performance in order to satisfy their fans, which he says is a good thing.

Alex Pall says that they are now putting on festivals. Their shows now feature curated material and they have a lot more production and short acts than they used to. They are now thinking of mixing in video during their live performances and everything they do is done live which he says they are pretty proud of.

How Malcolm CasSelle Is Changing Digital Asset Exchange

Malcolm CasSelle has quickly made himself world’s leading experts on virtual asset exchange. He originally began his career by attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received an education that resulted in him receiving his bachelor’s degree in computer science. After his time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he was accepted at Stanford University. It was at Stanford University that he did his formal education and received his Master’s degree in computer science.


Since the final completion of his formal education process Malcolm CasSelle has been a member of several technology companies always serving in key leadership positions. The most prominent companies which he has worked have been MediaPass, Xfire, Tencent, Seachange International, and Tronc, Inc. He was serving as the chief executive officer for Timeline Labs whenever Seachange International acquired the company in 2015. After the corporate acquisition was completed, he served as the senior vice president and general manager of the digital media portion of Seachange International. Continue to work for Seachange International for quite some time for changing career bands and serving as the chief technology officer for Tronc, Inc. Today he is currently serving in prominent positions. One as the chief investment officer for OPSkins one of the world’s leading company for in-game sales. Additionally, Malcolm CasSelle is the president of his own company which is known as Worldwide Asset Exchange.

It is his position at Worldwide Asset Exchange that is the most exemplary.


Through this company, Malcolm CasSelle has developed his own cryptocurrency utilizing the same technology that powers bitcoin, blockchain. With this technology, he has taken virtual asset marketplaces and move them away from the centralized marketplaces of the past into the future that is powered by decentralized technology. This decentralization of technology has eliminated prevalence of geographic fragmentation and fraud within the virtual asset exchange marketplaces. By creating a cryptocurrency uses around the world are able to exchange freely in transactions using a common store of value. No longer do users need to go to Forex exchanges in order to facilitate transactions. This is incredible keeps prices low and competitive in the marketplace is.


Stream Energy is more than just a seller of energy; it is an epitome of philanthropy

It was a sad event for the Houston, USA dwellers and those in its surrounding as the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey took away their homes, businesses and both human and animal life. When such devastation occurs, philanthropists and philanthropic organizations from all over step in to lend a helping hand. Among those that stepped in for those affected by the hurricane is Stream Energy.

Stream Energy is a successful company based in Dallas, USA that deals in production and provision of Energy. It sells clean energy to residents as well as corporations all over Texas. The sales are made via associates who earn a commission from the number of sales they have made. Among Streams, the clientele is cybernetic doctors who directly get clean energy from Stream for their daily operations.

Stream Energy has always been recognized for its endless humanitarian works. However, this particular catastrophe hit close to home for Stream as those victimized by the hurricane were mostly the company’s consumers, clients, and some employees.

When it comes to its works of philanthropy, Stream Energy has a specific foundation that handles such affairs called the Stream Cares Foundation. In association with the Habitat organization as well as Red Cross, Stream Cares offered financial support to relieve the burden brought up by the disaster in addition to moral support to the victims.

Stream Energy has a feel for the homeless. Homelessness is a cause that the company has stood by for many years and has made countless efforts to help those that are victims of the circumstance. For this reason, Stream has partnered with the Hope Supply corporative that works towards settling the homeless and providing them with food and other essential primary needs especially the minors. For close to half a decade these two companies have been able to provide the homeless with meals and essentials like diapers, clothes, and necessities for the school going. They have also catered for several children with no homes.

The upside to such philanthropy is not just the satisfaction in knowing that one was able to stand with the needy at their moment of need but for companies like Stream, philanthropy helps the company earn respect in the society and a reputation that also increases to its customer base.


Kamil E. Idris is a diplomat, a philanthropist, and the former World Intellectual Property Organization Director General. His tenure at this internationally recognized post was from 1997 to 2008. He was a former candidate for the presidency in his home country Sudan. In addition to this, Dr. Kamil Idris is also a scholar, a global civil servant and a statesman in Sudan.



Kamil Idris has been part of United Nation’s International Law Commission during various time frames. In 1997 he was appointed as the Director General of WIPO. Mr. Idris predecessor was Arpad Bogsch and he had held the post for 25 years. The Sudanese statesman’s main role at the global intellectual property establishment was to manage the organizations’ endeavors of protecting the world’s intellectual property. Mr. Idris held two terms during his tenure at WIPO. During this time he displayed a selfless and philanthropic attitude. He did this through contributing his remuneration to developing countries that belonged to an organization called UPOV. Mr. Idris has always believed that Intellectual property is a vital tool for global development, economic prosperity, communication and driving the infrastructure of developing countries. Moreover, he formed the notion that if some essential points could be dealt with critically then the world would benefit more from IP.


Kamil Idris further demonstrated his Sudanese statesmanship by running for the presidency as an independent candidate for the country in 2010. Mr. Idris is the president of The International Court of Arbitration and Mediation. The Geneva-based philanthropist has also had the opportunity of publishing various books that touch on development, intellectual property, and international law.



Kamil Idris graduated from Khartoum University with Bachelors in Law. He also attended several other institutions like Egypt’s Cairo University, America’s Ohio University, The Franklin Pearce Law Center, and Switzerland’s University of Geneva. In addition to this, he was honored by the Indira Gandhi National Open University. He managed to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Political Science and Economic Theories, a Masters in International Law and International Affairs, an honorary degree in Doctorate of Laws and an International Law Doctorate from the above institutions.



Dr. Mark Holterman: Changing the Future of Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman would always have the compassion to help the needy. He would always use his profession to provide treatment to those who cannot afford to go to the hospital, and he would also initiate medical missions targeting the poorest people in the United States so that they can receive health care and treatment. Because of his will to help the needy, he decided to establish the Mariam Global Health Fund which would actively assist those who need medical attention anywhere in the world (Mariamglobal). It was established in 2012, and it continues to grow until today. Dr. Mark Holterman serves as the current CEO, and he keeps on inviting some of his colleagues to help out with his initiative.

Another thing that Dr. Mark Holterman spends his time on is the research about regenerative medicine. There are two plausible candidates that he focuses on – autoimmunity and stem cell treatment. According to the knowledgeable doctor, these two treatments can cure a lot of diseases if studies about them will continue. The treatment methods have a lot of potentials, and the scientists of the future can use his research as a stepping stone on developing newer technologies that will help the medicinal and the healthcare sector. His colleagues have been giving their support to Dr. Mark Holterman, wishing him good luck with his research.

Dr. Mark Holterman is also one of the most vocal voices who is pushing for the advancement of medicine and healthcare. He is using the Mariam Global Health Fund to encourage those who have brilliant plans in their heads to submit their proposal straight to him, and if this group finds the idea possible with the present technology available, they will be funding the project and will make it into a reality. These great ideas are the ones that the company of Dr. Mark Holterman needs right now. They wanted to make sure that each of the products that they will be creating would leave a mark on society. So far, the Mariam Global Health Fund managed to assist those who are living in remote areas and needing special medical attention.



Richard Dwayne Blair Offers Sound Investment Advice

When you are looking to prepare for your financial future, taking the advice of a professional can be very beneficial. Personal finance professionals and investment advisors will be able to give you a constructive look at your finances and help you determine how to reach your long and short term financial goals. One individual that can provide you with great advice is Richard Dwayne Blair, who is an investment advisor with Wealth Solutions.

When you work with Richard Dwayne Blair, you will receive great advice that can help you to make better investment decisions. Over the past few years, Richard Dwayne Blair has developed a new investment plan that anyone can follow. This plan has been broken into three different segments.

The first part of the plan created by Richard Dwayne Blair is to create your plan. In order for you to reach your financial goals, you will first need to know what they are and where you stand today. Richard Dwayne Blair will be able to work with you to create a long-term plan that meets all of your goals. He will also be able to help you to figure out where your finances stand today so you can create a better plan to meet your long-term objectives.

Once you have established your plan, Richard Dwayne Blair will help you to figure out a way to reach your goals. This part of the process will include creating an investment and saving strategy that will help you to achieve your goals while also fitting into your risk tolerance profile

Finally, the third part of the plan that has been created by Richard Dwayne Blair is to establish an insurance plan. One of the biggest responsibilities you will have when it comes to building your financial safety net is to make sure that you are protected from some of the more significant issues that can affect your finances. Richard Dwayne Blair will be able to help you determine what your insurance needs are and how you can go about covering them. He can then help you to build a plan that works for you.


Start Campaigning Immediately with the Help of NGP Van

Planning and hosting a campaign rally is a huge undertaking that takes a large and dedicated group of workers and volunteers. Still, most campaigners feel that the effort is worth it because it is a great way to get the word out about a cause, get the attention of the lawmakers or parties you are trying to impress upon, and also drives media attention. If your goal is to reach voters, increase the confidence of supporters to your cause, gain press and the attention of uninformed individuals, then planning a rally is a great option according to NGP Van.

NGP Van points out the many things to consider in the planning in the rally, everything from the timing to the location can make or break a successful event. You want your event to be as near the deciding date in order to have the biggest impact. A visible and easy to access location is important. Acquiring the proper permits and permissions can end the rally before it even starts. Technical details like signage, advertising, speakers, and a way to circulate information all has to be taken care of. Finally, getting the word out there via volunteers and support groups is necessary to get people on board.

Trying to stay organized can be difficult for any campaign or grassroots group, so it is important that you use the best tools available to you. NGP Van takes a lot of the work out of the technology that is needed to organize campaign efforts, including everything from email lists to compliance checklists to fundraising accounting. The company has helped countless campaigns organize the way they strategize and organize over the past few years, reducing the need to build everything from the ground up in order to get the ball rolling. With NGP Van you are off to a great start from the moment you decide to begin campaigning for a cause.

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Anthony Petrello’s Work And Philanthropy

The contributions Tony Petrello has made makes him a great name in the corporate world. Tony now works as Chief Executive, President and Chairman at Nabors Industries. Nabors is recognized among the biggest businesses in geothermal drilling and oil contractors.

Tony serves as Director at Hilcorp Energy and also Stewart & Stevenson. While doing these jobs is a herculean task, Petrello manages to take time out to give back to his community through philanthropic contributions.

Tony Petrello boasts a very impressive history. in 2015 He was listed as one of the highest paid Chief Executive Officers in America. Tony got his Bachelors and Masters degrees of Mathematics at Yale University. He later on earned a Juris Doctor degree at Harvard Law. After finishing his studies, Petrello started his professional work in ’79, joining the law firm Baker – Mackenzie. Working there, Petrello specialized in complicated law issues including international arbitration corporate taxes and more. Tony’s great work lead him to become Managing Partner at the firm in ’86 until 91.

Afterwards, Anthony Petrello took a huge step with his career and accepted a Membership at Nabors Industries on the Board of Directors also the Executive Committee. During this time, Tony he utilized legal expertise he got at his previous role at Baker – Mackenzie. With the leadership and guidance of Petrello, Nabors achieved fantastic profits and success in recent times. Just last year, its stock prices went up 180% and Petrello is solely credited. Now Petrello is devotedly working on growing the company on the competitive level.

Additionally, Tony actively supports clinical programs and neurology research centered at children. Petrello has pledged over $7 million towards the Jan & Dan Duncan Neurology Researching Center of Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony also serves as the Member on the Trustees Board at the hospital.

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Ian King, the “Crypto King;” an Investor’s Dream!

Ian King, senior analyst and editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, is one of the most highly regarded financial gurus of this era. He brings to the table a plethora of specializations in the finance arena; from hedge fund planning, to investing in various markets. But more specifically, King got in early and learned the cryptocurrency market in 2013, and has since seen a tremendous return. It was only befitting to add him to the team as a expert in this market. The wealth of information King has to offer has afforded him the opportunity to provide insightful input as editor of Banyan Hill’s Crypto Profit Trader; where he provides tips and recommendations to investors trading in the crypto markets. King is also a major contributor to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily; where his contributions, are focused on investing in cryptocurrency, as well as educating his readers on the pros and cons of this new digital exchange market. Ian King’s strength as a trader comes from his ability to quickly assessed a situation, and act accordingly. He attributes this quality to many summers of having to react quickly to, sometimes highly volatile situations, as a lifeguard on the Jersey shore beaches in the days of his youth. Read more about Ian King at Ideamensch.

In January of 2018, Ian King shined his light on the “Cryptocorn” phenomenon for the inquiring minds of investors to ponder. The term coined by venture capitalists, is a marriage of the words cryptocurrency and unicorn. The later of the two, although recognized as a mythical creature, in investor-speak, describes a startup company whose valuation is $1 billion. These single-horned, digital beauties are popping up all over, and are taking the financial world by storm. According to King, they are truly becoming a formidable opponent for the traditional middleman, and are laying the groundwork for the possibility of a decentralized economic system! Who could have ever imagined such a thing?


Ian King was sought after because of his solid track record of success in various financial markets, his ability to quickly diagnose and respond to market changes, as well as his ability to brilliantly impart what he has learned into the lives of others. The “Crypto King” continues to do so with every trade recommendation given via the various outlets at his disposal. Because of this, he is an individual who is well-respected in the business and investing community. One can be assured that information received from him is not just from research or data collection, but from his own firsthand experience and success. Thus, his faithful readers sit in wait for the next game-changing financial reveal! Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

Dr Jennifer Walden and Positive Reviews

There are some surgeons who give to their patients in a way that goes beyond what others might do, and Dr Jennifer Walden is someone who does that. She is there for her patients through every step of their journey. She helps her patients figure out what they would like to have done on their bodies and she helps them see how that will look for them when the surgery is completed. She uses modern technology to show her patients a 3-D image of how they are going to look when the work is completed on their bodies.

Dr Jennifer Walden wants each of her patients to look and feel their best. She would like for those patients to be confident with the way that their bodies look. She takes on the work of those who are unhappy with their lips as well as those who are unhappy with their breasts. She completes rhinoplasty work as well as forehead lifts. She can handle a breast reconstruction as well as a wrinkle reduction. She is someone who can help care for the faces as well as the bodies of her patients, and she does all that she can to make sure that her patients are happy with the way that they look. To know more about her click here.

Dr Jennifer Walden is someone who is known for the knowledge that she possesses. She has been a media commentator and she has helped in the writing of a textbook. She has experience in the plastic surgery world and she is not afraid to share the knowledge that she has gained with others to help better them.

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