Understanding the Foundation of the Kabbalah Centre

The wisdom of the Kabbalah has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 4,000 years. In 1922, Rav Yehuda Ashlag set up an institution to teach the Zohar, the written texts of the Kabbalah. This move went down in history as the first time Kabbalah was made available to the average person. Before the institution was established, Rabbis believed that the Kabbalah was too complicated for the average person to understand, and would, therefore, teach it to devoted male students who were above the age of 40.

Rav Yehuda Ashlag then passed the responsibility of leadership to his student Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein who later handed the torch to Rav Berg.

The Hidden Wisdom

Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew word ‘kabel’ which means to receive. It is often referred to as the secret wisdom which focuses on obtaining the concealed religion knowledge of God such as God’s design for the seen and unseen world.

Kabbalah was presented as knowledge to humanity on three different occasions to three different men. Adam was the first to be handed down the spiritual teaching through Archangel Razael as Adam and Eve were being removed from the Garden of Eden. Abraham was the second to receive the wisdom of the Kabbalah. He was allegedly introduced to the Kabbalistic secret teachings by Melchizedek. The teachings were sections of the covenant that God made with Abraham. The final revelation of Kabbalah was unveiled to Moses when he was at Mount Sinai. The first time he went up the mountain, he was given the Commandments, and when he went for the second time, he received the Kabbalah.

Throughout history, Kabbalists have hidden the interpretations of the Torah from religious leaders and the general public. This is because many of the Kabbalists were victimized and other people knew that the teachings conflicted with Christian and Jewish doctrines.

The Kabbalah in the 21st Century

Today, the Kabbalah wisdom is being taught in more than 40 brick and mortar locations around the world. The Kabbalah Centre’s method of spiritual teaching the wisdom is starting with teachings that do not need the previous knowledge of Jewish and Hebrew texts for understanding.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches as a supplement to religion rather than an alternative.

The Reviving of Goettl Company- Positive Attributes

Goettl as an HIVAC leader is credited with the shaping of air conditioning and heating industry for over a decade now. Goettl offers its services to Arizona and the feedback from the communities is positive mainly based on profound commitment. Goettl began its services from humble beginnings and they have increased their innovations as a way of increasing commitment to their customers. Goettl organization was begun by Goettl brothers in 1926 as a way of becoming a pioneer in the mass production of evaporative coolers incorporating other innovations in the heating and cooling technology field.
For over ten decades now, the company has continued to provide and service comfort systems to thousands of homes and businesses mainly in Northern and Central Arizona. Goettl has an impressive resume for tract housing developments in the last decade where it has contributed to custom homes, remodels and new buildings filled with commercial projects. The steady supply of such quality services and products is considered a positive trend for Goettl organization.
Goettl has been accredited with many successful installations mainly in the Verde Valley- Brookfield communities and Arizona. The successful projects for the organization coupled with the ongoing projects count as positive attributes to be recognized. The success of the organization’s projects is attributed to exceptional customer service, experienced management team and highly trained technicians for both residential and commercial HVAC service and installation applications. The known successful projects for the organization include the following:
Phoenix Heating Services
As a company, the company offers a full range of residential heating services like gas and electric furnace installation, radiant heating installations and heat pump installations. We maintain air handlers, duel fuel system, ductless heating system and known traditional furnaces that offer a full range of tune-up and affordable home care plans.
Indoor Air Quality Services
As a company, we value the concept of family and to ensure this, the company offers whole house humidification and air cleaning, air duct cleaning, integration of UV germicidal lights and air duct cleaning around the home. Over the last decades, companies offering HVAC systems have continuously failed and Goettl Air Conditioning have provided quality services especially in the HVAC system provision.
Phoenix Cooling Services
Heat pump and air conditioning installations are quite important and as a company, we offer a full range of residential cooling and heating services whether new installations or maintenance of the installed products. Having a 24 hour response department also helps in the provision of quality services.

Goettl Air Conditioning Opens Office in Las Vegas; Adapted from

Choose An Effective Online Reputation Management Solution

Are you in need of online reputation management? Looking for guidance in choosing a great system to help guard against threats and attacks online?

People use the Internet to do their research before they shop or order a service. They read the profiles of companies and service providers, then decide who they want to deal with. If a company has negative online reputation, they will definitely have a hard time operating successfully.

If you have take the time to set up a reliable online reputation management system to monitor and manage your online profile effectively, you can rest assured that your potential customers and other Internet users will see or read positive content about you or your company.

It is extremely important to be able to know how you are perceived online. And with the right resources and tools, you can track conversations and respond immediately.

Many business owners do not consider reputation management until something damaging or defamatory has happened to their company or brand. It is a good idea to have a reputation control system that will effectively remove all negative comments and content and push up favorable information in search engine results pages.

A need for reputation repair or reputation management could occur at any time. Reputation management is a necessary service that all companies should consider. That is why it is imperative that you get in touch with reputation monitoring and reputation management professionals. You need to talk to reliable online reputation management experts to find out how they can help to protect your reputation online.

It takes just one mistake to tarnish your online reputation, so make you are protected. It is advisable to use the services of the experts to monitor and manage your reputation online.

People make a buying decision based on what they read online about companies and service providers. If your company has bad press or defamatory remarks, customers will not want to patronize your business. Your business will suffer adverse effects if you do not have a way to effectively remove or suppress derogatory or damaging content concerning your business.


Equities First Provides Financing For Investors

Equities First Holdings is a shareholder lending institution. Banks and primary lending institutes have become very strict so they are offering an alternative route for those left out. Interest rates are skyrocketing withing traditional lending institutions and stock market related loans typically have a higher loan-to-value ratio than margin loans. Al Christy, Jr, CEO of Equity First, says that stock based loans have a lower risk due to the fact that an investor can quickly pull out of the market with minimal losses to the original capital.

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. They boast that they have had thousands of transactions since their opening in 2002 with international companies and high net-worth individuals. They have offices world wide including London, Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. Their team features Senior CEO Al Christy, Managing Director, Jeff Smith, and Chief Risk Officer Simon Moore. Individual investors, businesses, and executives of public companies use their loans for business investments. Over 70% of the companies transactions are from international deals. They claim that there is a massive surge of growth in the financial markets of Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe.

They doubled the size of their headquarters in Market Tower of Indianapolis since their explosion of growth in 2013. They have recruited a top notch team to serve the niche markets in their new international offices. Their team come from backgrounds that have dealt with custodian banks, investment banks, law firms and international jurisdictions. They are continuing to invest and expand into new markets all the time.

In 2014, Equities First Holdings acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited from the United Kingdom. This branch of the company is now called Equities First London Limited. Prior to the acquisition, they partnered in 2013 to expand into the markets of the UK and Australia.

Richard Allows Clients Control

Even though the client has chosen their adviser, his life should remain in his control. For one thing, clients do need control over their decisions. Fortunately, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is one of the financial advisers that allow their clients to control their finances.

This gives the clients a lot of trust and confidence over their decisions. One of the things that Richard Blair does is provide his clients with a lot of information of the different aspects of the industry. He also recommends that his clients look through the different decisions so that they can be confident about the choices they make. At the same time, they will be able to increase their income.

However, people will just as likely go broke over investments because they don’t know how the market works.

Given that Richard Blair is very successful at investing, he can provide the clients with different pieces of information that they can think about. With these bits of information, clients could make better financial choices. They will buy plenty of good assets and gain a consistent source of income.

Richard Blair is able to help different clients from different walks of life. Among the issues that he is able to help with is in helping them make better choices on what to spend their money on. For one thing, Richard would not recommend trying to keep up with the latest gadgets. It is also not a good idea to max out the credit card. For one thing, people will ruin their credit and put themselves in a lot of debt in order to get the items that they want. One of the things that Richard Blair teaches is to prioritize.

For one thing, Richard believes that it is important to have all of the financial needs taken care of before going after luxuries.  He does believe in making careful investments so that he will be able to enjoy his life to the fullest at some point.

Benefits Of Online Reputation Management

Are you looking for information about online reputation management? Do you want to find a good reputation management firm to help protect your online profile or build an impressive reputation?

Did you know that your online reputation plays a great part in determining whether or not you will run a successful business? It’s true – people don’t want to deal with a business that has a negative image. They only feel confident buying from a reliable source. Make sure your reputation is well managed by experts in the field.

They research companies, products and services before making a buying decision.

A need for reputation repair or reputation management could occur at any time. When it happens, it is advisable to contact a reliable online reputation management team of experts from onlinereputationreviews.com.

For an entrepreneur, business owner or corporate executive, online reputation management is an essential aspect of maintaining a great profile. It can have a huge impact on how people perceive your organization or your brand. It can also have a tremendous impact on your revenue or the success of your organization or business. Many companies lose customers and potential sales as a result of online negative image.

It’s easy for anyone to go online and post negative reviews or derogatory remarks about you or your organization. With the popularity of social media and discussion forums, irate customers and malicious competitors can ruin your reputation simply by posting defamatory content.

These reviews and remarks can come from just about anywhere, and they can cost your company in potential customers, potential business, and even potential employees. It is not advisable to just overlook this kind of issue.

If you have negative reviews about you or your company, there are essential steps you can take to improve your online reputation as a business owner or organization leader, no matter what industry you’re in.



Inmate Calling Has Expanded To A Global Network

An impressive Certification 1 has allowed the leading inmate calling regulator in the industry to expand their network to a global forefront. Securus Technologies is proud to announce that eleven of the partnered associations have acquired the certification that will allow them to be able to create jobs for over 456,600 IT professionals. The general public can rest assured that their needs will be meet through mandatory government mandates that specific expressed inmate calling laws be applied to all network providers. The newly acquired Certification 1 will ensure that they have the top technology to be in complete compliance.


A recent PRN Newswire article has specified that Securus is responsible for correcting inaccuracies with Global Tel-Link in a fourth-quarter audit. Surprisingly, as a benefit to their customers Global Tel-Link is now offering free calling features to Louisiana for a limited time. They are working around the clock at Securus Technologies to keep their customers connected for an affordable rate.


Securus Technology Features

Video Chat Features

The court was determined to cut their costs in light of tough economic times and needed a way to get them to their court appearance for far less gas and commuting. They began to utilize a video monitoring system that allows inmates to speak through a monitor and appear for their court hearing. This video chat technology has been extended by Securus to provide a new feature for inmates and their families.

Video Chat Visitation

Video chat now has the great feature of allowing inmates and their families to visit online. If you’re on their visiting list you can visit them without ever having to leave home with this great feature provided by Securus Technologies.

Join the superior Securus Technologies network today.


Timber Creek LP’s Marc Spark, Making a Bold Move to Move Forward

Marc Sparks, the well known Philanthropist, author and venture capitalist, have made some huge impact on the business world early last year and from there it appears that Marc will stop at nothing to push through with all of his passion and plans that are obviously been well prepared for any possible circumstances, being a social entrepreneur that he is.

It all started with Marc Sparks’ bold move of moving to a new office after almost a decade and a half working and doing business at Timber Creek Capital, LP, the company that he founded.

Who actually is Marc Sparks?

Timber Creek LP’s goal is to provide a broader business knowledge to different business person or organization that dreams of achieving success with a well planned and organized business support.

Marc Sparks is also the author of “They Can’t Eat You”, a book available in kindle and hardcover which tackles about how Marc Sparks have become a successful entrepreneur that could inspire those who wanted to become successful with their own business.

Marc is also a known philanthropist with his program called: Spark Tank. The goal of Spark Tank is to provide at least Five Thousand Dollar worth of grant to a Non-profit organization in Texas that could help a huge impact in their community.

What’s with the new office move?

Marc Sparks believes that with the time changing so fast, it is a major factor in one’s success about the time of office environment.

Marc believes that all the employee’s and staff would be more productive in moving to a much better and harmonious environment to continue with helping out other business to become successful.

Marc Sparks’ experiences for more than three decades have really paid through, with him sharing all of his expertise to every company that they are mentoring with.

It will be inevitable that Marc Sparks work will be remembered by the Texan community in the years to come as not just a man in a coat and tie who became an author and philanthropist, but as someone who made an impact that changes the lives of many.

Marc Sparks today is continuously providing business consultation and providing grants to those who seek the companies help in being successful with their goal.

Understanding about “Spread Betting” in Football Sports Betting

When a team is much stronger compared to its opponent, then more people will be inclined to bet for the team to win if the choice is simply a win/lose. This usually proves to be a huge problem for the sports books as they depend on a huge chunk of the money from the losing bets to settle the money won by winners. When most people place a lot of bets on a single team, sports books stare at making big losses. In order to make things even, a “spread bet” is usually offered where the victory margin determines the bet winners.

Sports books usually propose a “line” that will suggest a minimum virgin victory for the team that is considered favorite to win. This is usually the team that the highest number of people believe it will win. This is what is referred to as the spread. When the favorite team wins and surpasses the minimum victory margin, it is considered to have “covered the spread” and those who had placed bets on such an outcome get to win their money. It is also possible for those who place their bets on the team considered as the underdog to win in two major ways.  They will also win if the underdog team loses and the victory margin remains less than the spread. It is important to note that covering the spread is only necessary for the favorite team but not the underdog.

This is not good news to a sports book and they make this impossible by including a spread that has a fraction. This fraction is commonly known as “the hook”. The spreads appear just after the name of the teams and a negative number represents the favorite team while a positive number shows the underdog. An example is “RAIDERS +13.5” which means the Raiders are the 13.5 point underdogs. If the favorite team wins by 14 points then those betting on the underdog would lose the bet and those for the other team would win the money. If Oakland Raiders lose by 13 points or less then those betting on it would win. Covers.com remains your most trusted betting site due to its great Football odds, NFL odds and Super Bowl odds. Check out Covers.com to get the best news on sports betting and the best format to use to place your bets.

Brian Bonar Named to Cambridge Who’s Who

Cambridge Who’s Who® has named Dr. Brian Bonar as one of four honorees in the financial category this year. This prestigious award is presented each year to two male and two female winners who have shown outstanding leadership in the financial field. A committee from Cambridge University makes the final determination.

Brian is the CEO of Trucept Incorporated. This company provides professional employee operation services freeing business owners’ time to run the day-to-day operations. Some of the services provided by Trucept include workers’ compensation, employment administration, government compliance management and payroll services. The company can also advice businesses on policies and best practices.

 Brian is also the president and CEO of Smart-tek Automated Services Incorporated which offers payroll and administrative support to various small and middle-sized businesses. This company is available to help with temporary staffing, staff leasing and co-employment.

Furthermore, Brian is Co-President at Allegiant Professional Business Services Incorporated. This company offers both factoring and accounts receivable lines of credit to companies needing to increase their cash flows. They are experts at finding alternative funding sources.

As if that did not leave Brian busy enough, he is also the chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation that works with professional employee organizations to offer employee benefit and retention programs. This company has experienced rapid growth in many areas because of the fast growth of these organizations when compared to other business models.

Brian has had an illustrative career in business. He has founded American Management Services, served as chairman of Warning Management Services. He has also served in leadership roles with Bezier Systems, Adaptec, Rastek Corporation, QMS and Alliance National Insurance Agency.

 Brian Bonar is a supporter of the community. He is often found mentoring young people at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego.

Doctor Brian Bonar received his doctorate from Staffordshire University where he also completed his MBA.