Bringing Imagination and Creativity Back To Fashion With TechStyle

In some areas, the fashion industry has become very boring and uninspired. Even with women, there has been some kind of rut that has turned up in the fashion industry. Women do have more room to express their own sense of style than men. The only thing is that a lot of clothes are not made to last. This is one of the glaring problems in the fashion industry. It seems that great style and elegance has to come at the cost of durability. Fortunately for Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, this large gap in the market is something that can be easily filled.

Don Ressler has partner with Adam in order to see what they can do to bring forth a fashion company that can succeed in the fashion industry and experience growth. This has involved a long examination of the market in order to look at the behavior of the consumer. At that point, they have decided on the business model that they are going to use for their business. Their choice of a business model is an online business model. When it came to their products, the direction that they have decided on is following the behaviors of the customer so that they can provide the desired products. All of their efforts have led to the founding of TechStyle.

Adam Goldenberg is better able to find out what the customers want because he focuses on the data. The purpose of this data was to keep from having an excess of items that are not selling. Don works with other designers to bring in a lot of creativity that is missing in the world of fashion. They also work on finding ways to reach the neglected groups in the fashion industry so that they can maximize the profits they gain from their products. At the same time, customers are given an opportunity to be original.

Don and Adam are always looking for ways to inspire and set an example in the fashion industry. They not only provide all of the fun products, but also some of the greatest examples in social responsibility.

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How ID Life and its Founder Logan Stout Will Assist You to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Everyone in the society wants to live a long and very healthy life. This might seem to be an easy task, but it is very complex affair that many people have never been able to accomplish. People in the modern times live in a very complicated way. They spend most of their time in the office, and other work places trying to look for a great source of income. When they get home, they are already too tired, so they quickly fix junk food so that they can go to bed and get to relax. Some opt to go to the restaurant and purchase anything they can afford so that they do not have to cook and clean the dishes. The people with children have more difficult time because they have to take care of them and at the same time work in the office so that they can make ends meet.

The kind of life people are used to have made them overweight and unhealthy. Being overweight simply means that the person in question is not happy. According to a survey carried out by a reputable body in the United States, over sixty percent of the men and women living in America are overweight and even obese. These people are looking for different ways to live the life they have been dreaming of, even if it means spending a lot of their resources. There are numerous numbers of companies that are promising to deliver supplements and other products that will assist the consumer to get their ideal body. The most surprising thing is that these people do not get the results they are looking for. Sometimes, these products only make the matters worse for the people living with this dangerous weight.

Logan Stout is self-made businessman who has been in the world for a long time, and he has decided to change the lives of the obese people by introducing a company called ID Life. The company is found in the US, and it manufactures products that give the consumer the healthy body they are interested in. some of the products bring unhealthy results to the clients when used for a long time.

ID Life understands its client’s very well, and this is why it has managed to impress its customers. The products made by the firm are specifically designed to suit the client, and they work perfectly for the needs of the consumer.

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Amicus Therapeutics Solution For Rare Genetic Disease

Amicus Therapeutics is a global biopharmaceutical organization based out of Cranbury, New Jersey. The company is leading to finding better innovative therapies to treat various rare but severe health conditions.

Amicus Therapeutics leading product migalastat is now available to the patient with Fabry disease in Europe. Galafold (migalastat) is a rare genetic illness characterized by sphingolipids not properly metabolized. Migalastat is an oral-administered medication and the first of its kind to be approved by EMA to treat Fabry illness. The drug is yet to be certified and approved by FDA.

The company has remarkable science, a perfect portfolio and is now focused on finishing their work in the second stage study in Pompe, probably by the end of this year (2017). They have also filed for approval of the leading Migalastat drug in Japan and are planning to do the same here in the US. Other plans for this year include the completion of phase 3 epidermolysis bullosa clinical trial.


One of the agendas of Amicus Therapeutics this year was to introduce its Galafold (Migalastat) treatment for Fabry condition in North America and make plans to see that its FDA approved.

According to the study published in the New England magazine of Medicine, 50 participants with mutant galactosidase alleles were given this medication. However, the study failed to achieve its objectives, and the situation could have been worse if all the 67 participants could have taken part in the research, including patients who could not have benefited from this drug. For FDA to approve this drug in the US, more clinical trials and tests need to be done. Read the company profile at Crunchbase.

The company’s balance sheet is healthy and estimated to be much better by 2024 because of the increase in demand for Fabry’s illness medication.

So if you know someone who is suffering from a rare and devastating condition, including Pompe disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa, and Fabry Illness, Amicus Therapeutics have amazing technologies used to produce innovative drugs to treat patients suffering from the conditions mentioned here. The struggle and pain that these people go through are what motivates Amicus Therapeutics to continue with what they are doing. Their goal is to make these people better and healthy again. Know more on about Amicus Therapeutics.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Patrners With The NFL For Prostate Awareness

For a little over a month the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the National Football League Alumni Association, and LabCorp are coming together to educate men about the dangers of prostate cancer. The work of the three groups begins on September 1st and continues through October 15th with a range of free and discounted Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) tests provided for eligible men aged over 40; the first 2,000 men will receive their PSA test free of charge followed by those meeting eligibility requirements receiving the test for just $25.

The aim of the six months of tests is to raise awareness in men in the age range where testing becomes important to learn more about prostate cancer and the effective treatments of cancer have been created to fight this disease. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the NFLA, and LabCorp hope to ensure men in the appropriate age range are aware of the PSA test and the results which will be measured against a target range; the Cancer Treatment Centers of America hopes to make clear to men a result outside the target range does not necessarily mean prostate cancer is present and difficult treatments are necessary.

Established in 1988 with its first location in Illinois, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has grown into one of the most important treatment providers in the U.S. Now totaling six locations across the nation, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has become a popular option for those who are not happy looking to solely be cured using the traditional treatments; a range of complementary treatments are offered by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to aid the recovery of patients.

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was formed by Richard J. Stephenson when his mother was unable to recover from her own cancer diagnosis and Stephenson decided more options could have been explored outside the traditional forms of cancer treatment.

Don Ressler Changes the Atmosphere in E-Commerce

The athletic clothing industry is changing, and retailers have entrepreneurs like Don Ressler to thank for this. He has become a powerful force and the world of athletic clothing, and people are looking at the next move that he is going to make. When people hear about Fabletics they instantly think of Kate Hudson and clothing line that she is a co-founder of. What many consumers may not have realized is that Kate Hudson is part of a trio that consists of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

Don and Adam are very intricate part of the business model for Fabletics. It is these two that have set the blueprint for how this company functions. Don Ressler is someone that has been part of the e-commerce world for a long time. He has matured in the business of selling athletic clothing, but he was able to do this because he gravitated towards the blueprint that he originally helped create for JustFab.

When Don Ressler created JustFab with Adam Goldenberg they would put their minds together and come up with the automated shipment of clothing for women on a monthly basis. This allowed people that were shopping for clothes to get clothing that fit their style profile delivered each month.

When people heard about the style profile this made them excited. They became very interested in shopping this way because it allows them to maximize time. No one had to worry about going to the website to do any shopping. People could simply get what they needed delivered to them without the hassle of actually going to the website for it.

This was something that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg worked on after their success with Intelligent Beauty. Don and his partner would go from selling skin care products for women to sell clothing for women. This was clearly a bigger market, and Don Ressler realized it instantly. He was aware of that they could sell clothing along with accessories like jewelry on the JustFab site.

As time went on Don Ressler would find even better ways to expand JustFab and Fabletics. For the JustFab line he would add plus sized clothing to the equation. This allow JustFab to pick up a new crowd. For Fabletics Don and his business partners would at footwear for the JustFab brand. He has been able to expand both companies by taking these types of risk.

Dallas Women Foundation

According to one of the news provided by Nexbank, it is now official that Nexbank is now the cardinal sponsor of the Dallas Women’s foundation 32nd Annual Luncheon. By contributing a total amount of $100, 000, Nexbank would be able to support the foundation and advocate for the enhancement of the Women’s Economic Security and Leadership. This was the first donation made by the Nexbank, and there is much more to come since the sponsorship is going to be long-term.

Annual Luncheon

The annual Luncheon took place on Friday, October 20th, 2017. The Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas was where the function went down. One of the most influential figures of Time Magazine, Dr. Hope Jahren was one of the people who issued their speech about the sponsorship that was officiated on the same date. The Keynote Address that was issued by Jahren was based on 20 schools and more than 10,000 students in most parts of Noth Texas.

The Largest regional Women’s Fund

Women Foundation is one of the biggest regional women’s funds. It annually hosts Luncheon with more than 13,000 business leaders attending with the aim of providing a speech on how best to the foundation can be run and managed. It is also the most trusted leader regarding the advocating for the rights and freedom of women and girls in Dallas.

About Nexbank SSB

Nexbank is one of the most successful financial institutions in the US economy with cumulative assets of $6.4 billion and a charter that dates back to 1922. The bank provides some financial services which are believed to contribute greatly to its profits over the years. Nexbank has a great leadership team that ensures it reports great performance at the end of every financial period. Since its founding, Nexbank has gained popularity, but the deal it recently signed with Dallas women foundation is quite remarkable.

Entering into a long-term deal is a good example that should be followed by other financial institutions around the world. The rights of women and girls have always been violated, and hence, they need strong support. That can only be achieved when institutions come out to support bodies that are formed to advocate for the rights and freedom of girls and women in the society.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is putting into place a personalized technical solution that will ensure that eviti can access clinical workflows in the electronic health record. Eviti is a NantHealth clinical decision support solution. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America also known as CTCA is partnering with NantHealth and Allscripts to ensure that the implementation of the solution is accomplished. The Clinic Pathways initiative provides that the cancer treatment process is informed without interfering with the clinical workflow of a physician. Hundreds of oncologists across the country were involved in the building of the direct interface of the clinical operating system (NantOS)

Clinical Pathways offers cancer patients with a variety of appropriate treatment options. George Ganeker, the chief medical officer at Clinical Pathways, noted that it also plays a significant role in getting rid of guesswork by clinicians who are overwhelmed with oncology research and new data. George added that they designed an ecosystem of treatment options that are personalized to the standard of care of CTCA for patients to choose and review the efficient and safe alternatives.

Clinical Pathways is designed with the needs of patients in mind. As a result, it incorporates the latest research on cancer, complementary therapies, and treatment regimens therapies into the Allscripts Sunrise EHR. That enables oncologists to design a list of care procedures at the point of care. The treatment platform offers personalized treatment regimes that take care of the health and disease state of each patient, safe and efficient computer order entry for a patient, and comparisons between various treatment options such as the average market cost of delivery.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)

Richard J Stephenson established it. He founded the center after the death of his mother who was ailing from cancer. Richard was not satisfied with the treatment options offered to his late mother, which prompted him to open the first center in 1988. It has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. It is a network of five hospitals that offers its services throughout the US.

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Eric Lefkofsky, the Outstanding Entrepreneur that Cares for your Health

Health remains the most vital sector in all societies and anything that affects it means that the nation, in general, has a problem. In America, the issue is not any different. Over the recent years, health care has continuously shot up in the sense that if one compares its costs from way back in 1996 to present, the cost of health care is very high.

Some of the reasons that are found to be the cause include; continuous growth of population and aging, that is, more people are getting older, and this means that they need care and not just any attention but a special one. This means areas like homes for the aged have to be built and of course, this means finances. The high prices of healthcare are what leads to high spending by the patients when it comes to receiving care of any sort. The more common disease is likely to affect people, the more its spending is escalated. For instance, numerous people have diabetes in various parts of the country, and a lot of money is spent on buying medicines. For back pain, neck pain, and others that affect so many are also costly. Although in this case, it’s not about drugs, and the care such patients are given like massage and other pain relieving procedures, which in turn becomes expensive.

Despite the high costs, all hope is not lost as organizations like Lefkofsky foundation are of excellent health. Out of the need for health care, Eric Lefkofsky who is the president of the foundation merged his Startup, Tempus, with Northwestern University’ Cancer center. After that, the CEO hired Kevin White, who is the top researcher in genetics thereby his work comes in handy to cancer patients noting that cancer is one of the worst diseases ever. More so, the prices of genetic sequencing have reduced.

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO of Tempus has helped a lot in the health sector. He is an entrepreneur, his numerous involvements in different ventures in the society is of help. Also, he is a man with a big heart where he is helping the community via ventures like Lefkofsky foundation, which also considers children.

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Talos Energy Explore Mexican Water for the First Time in 80 Years

Mexico, for the first time in 80 years has allowed the private sector back into the country’s energy industry. The industry has been on an ailing trend forcing the government to take measures. As a result, the first offshore well to be sunk by the private sector was launched. The Zama-1 well exploration will be undertaken by a joint venture between three companies. The three firms, Premier Oil Plc, Houston Talos Energy, and Mexico Sierra Oil & Gas Company began exploration on May 21st. The well is the first of its kind to be drilled by another company other than Petroleos Mexicanos.

The well holds an estimated 100-500 million barrels of crude oil. According to a statement released by Premier, the sinking of the well is expected to take three months at an estimated cost of $ 16 million. The three organizations won the bid in the first round of bidding. Talos Energy will operate the well with a 35 percent stake. Sierra has 40 percent stake while Premier holds 25 percent. It marks the first step towards bringing reforms in the country’s energy sector. The many tests done indicate a high chance of success.

Talos Energy is a private and independent Oil and Gas company. It specializes in offshore exploration and drilling. They focus on the acquisition of assets around the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. However, much emphasis is put on asset optimization and exploration. Over the years, the company has adopted innovative ways of keeping up with the competition. As a result, they employ creative and result-driven people into their workforce. They have a collaborative and entrepreneurial culture.

Talos Energy prides itself on geological, geophysical and operating experience in the Gulf of Mexico. They employ a strategy aimed at acquisition, exploitation, and exploration of the basin by utilizing their seismic database. The company’s success is attributed to the increased level of hydrocarbon recovery. It is achieved through the use of specialized drilling and completion techniques. They understand that the workforce is more critical than the machines. Therefore, they commit to observing the highest health and safety standards.

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Agora Financial Puts Investors in Charge

Agora Financial is just the type of website that people need when it comes to making better decisions with their Investments. This company has elevated to a great level in investment world, and people are still looking at all the possibilities that exist for investors that want to make a change on how they distribute their money throughout their portfolio.

Anytime that investor wants to make a monumental change they have to take time to assess the market and see what is actually going on. There has to be a certain amount of research that is done for people to become better acquainted with the investment world and the options that they have. Agora Financial gives investors information that they need to change what is not working and to continue on with those things that are.

Sometimes it is not about changing what is inside of the portfolio. Sometimes people just need consultants that have been doing the research to let them know if they need to buy or sell. Sometimes the investments are already good and investors simply need to increase the amount of stocks that they have for a certain corporation.

The good thing about Agora Financial is that the analysts that are in place are going outside of their offices and actually doing research in real environments. They are finding the opportunities that are unknown to the general public. They are finding the things that people need to look out for if they want to get in on certain investment opportunities early. This is what Agora does. This company puts analyst in a place where they can study and research while the consultants create publications about this knowledge. These publications are a vast resource for for those that need information to make wise investment decisions.

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