Avaaz Acts a Symbol of Hope and Change Throughout the World

In a short time, Avaaz has become one of the World’s largest online activist networks. Avaaz strives to help people around the World unite to make things better for everyone. Avaaz confronts global issues, such as poverty, corruption, and climate change. The network supports thousands of individual efforts to help create change. Avaaz supports campaigns in multiple languages on different continents. Avaaz signs petitions, contacts different governments, and organizes protests. Avaaz wants to make sure that the citizens’ views influence the decisions of the World’s leaders.

Technological Advancements

Because of the new technological advancements, Avaaz has a team that does research on any issues concerning them. Avaaz has a large online community that spreads awareness about different issues.

Strength In Numbers

The Avaaz community is made up of thousands of members. Members receive email alerts to help them decide if they would like to get involved or not. The Avaaz staff works with their allies to create unique campaign strategies. Avaaz does not try to persuade its members to tackle a specific issue. Avaaz gets insight from its members and then they decide what issues to address. Avaaz emphasizes leadership. Flickr Photos.


Avaaz is funded through its members. There are corporate sponsors influencing Avaaz and their priorities. Many movements dissolve over time. Avaaz is aware that people will have different opinions, but instead of using that to divide, members simply have the ability to decide the campaigns that they want to support and contribute to. All of Avaaz’s campaigns are intertwined due to the core value that everyone deserves respect. Avaaz believes that citizens have a responsibility to help make the World a better place. Avaaz acts as a symbol of hope that people do have the power to influence change in their communities.

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