Adam Milstein Takes To JNS To Warn Of Right & Left With Alliance Islam

The American and Israeli business man, Adam Milstein is perhaps best known as a generous philanthropist who has contributed numerous donations to the Israeli and Jewish-American community through the Milstein Foundation, a charity group which he founded in conjunction with his wife, Gila. However, Adam Milstein is also highly politically active and well abreast of current affairs and historical contingencies; as such, he has recently taken up a highly controversial issue in a article for entitled, Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism world-wide. In the article, Adam Milstein lays out often decried connection between anti-Jewish sentiments and the far right, yet he goes further and also notes that there is a long tradition of anti-Jewish and intensely (and strangely) pro Sharia Law amongst some members of the radical Left as well.

For example, he cites the curious case of Linda Sarsour, a political activist and one of the chief organizers of the DC Woman’s March; Sarsour is also a radical feminist and a muslim who advocates explicitly for Sharia Law and has declared jihad against US president, Donald J. Trump. Adam Milstein further adds that, though the ideas held by Sarsour would be objectionable enough alone, but are further compounded by the fact that she is widely embraced by radical left inter-sectional feminists despite her dogmatic and clearly anti-feminist religious conservatism. He also notes the Iranian Revolution and the overthrow of the moderate shah by leftists working with Muslim radicals as another historical precedent for this strange alliance.

Milstein believes that one of the principal outlets for growth of the kind of anti-Jewish leftism peddled by Sarsour and her acolytes is largely a product of the University System as well as historical circumstances. As a consequence, Mr. Milstein believes that this is a grave threat to, not just the broader Jewish community in America and Israel, but also to the future of Jewish people as a whole all over the world.

Flavio Maluf Keeps Things Moving in Eucatex

Eucatex is an innovative Brazilian company that uses eucalyptus in the production of its products. Eucatex is also a unique company because they have been producing environmentally friendly products for ever since the 1950s. At that time, the idea of environment sustainability was not even a worry for most countries. Because of his dedication to nature and the earth, Eucatex has received several awards and certifications from various entities. Eucatex has been able to reach these great achievements because they are a company that is environmentally responsible, and Eucatex complies with standards that promote protection of the environment.


Eucatex is a company that serves furniture manufacturers. They run different segments in construction and in furniture. When it comes to construction, Eucatex produces portions of doors, paint and laminate floors. When it comes to the furniture industry, Eucatex is Brazil’s largest producer of wood fiber plates.


Flavio Maluf began working at his family company in 1987. Maluf is now the president of Eucatex Group and he took over the presidency from his uncle in 1997. Flavio Maluf wanted to make changes in his company in order modernize things. Flavio Maluf saw areas that needed to be changed in Eucatex, so he took the needed steps to make those changes come to fruition. Flavio Maluf started projects to open different branches all across the country. Apart from opening different branches in Brazil, Maluf began to export his products to various countries around the world. The latter was an invaluable move that greatly improved Eucatex’s popularity in the world. Eucatex is now a multi million-dollar company that grosses over $10 million each year, and Flavio Maluf had been able to raise the value of his company by 30% after he became president. Flavio Maluf is an individual who is dedicated to the environment, and he is also a person who knows how to help a company to grow and thrive.

Igor Cornelsen Explains The Secrets Of Success For The Brazilian Economy

Igor Cornelsen, a well known businessman from Brazil, has recently revealed some amazing tips about the basics of Brazilian banking. The thing that left the entire Brazilian business world in wonderment is how the two top banks in Brazil had their shares rise while the rest of the country was in a financial crisis during 2014 and 2015. Igor Cornelsen explained that there are two secrets that made these two banks successful, and these two secrets are the key to understanding and succeeding in the industry.


The first secret is being able to understand the market. The second secret is already having experience during tough financial times. He says that banks in the private sector are only lending money to people who are financially stable and who they are sure will be able to pay back. This means that the banks have lower costs and are secure financially as well. On the other hand, all the other people are lending from the public banks. These other people don’t have the best credit. In the long term, this is not beneficial for the economy.


Igor Cornelsen goes on to explain that the way to fix this is to have the government install certain measures that will go a long way to make investors feel secure. Many people would want to invest in the Brazilian economy. After all, they are one of the top producers of food. They have a lot of natural resources and they need to spend a lot on infrastructure. They are the largest country in South America and the most attractive economy in South America for investors. He also makes an interesting point, which is that since China is Brazil’s largest trading partners, a stronger economy in China will benefit Brazil.


Igor himself has outstanding experience in investing. If there is anything you need to know about investing in any company, you can ask him. His experience is vast enough that he will undoubtedly know the answer to the question. He has seen tremendous success over his many years in the financial and investment industry and many people rely on his expert advice.



Flavio Maluf and the Business Trends of 2017

Flavio Maluf highlighted the importance of doing a market research and learning the business trends of 2017 to anyone wishing to start their entrepreneurship journey. The Eucatex executive and businessman gave a list of the best sectors to look into in the New Year. Here are some of the highlights from the list that was originally composed by the American Magazine Inc.


Technological Innovations


Currently, technology is being used in businesses a lot and there is an application for practically everything. Flavio Maluf points out that investing in the sector of creating platforms and tools will offer great results. This is especially so if the applications will make the disclosure and administration of business simpler.




Another great way to gaccording to Maluf is investing in things that the young people are interested in. According to the publication; the Millenials are the consumers that a business cannot afford to assume today as they present a potential market. Flavio advises that it is important for an entrepreneur to understand them and their needs in order to please them.


Health and Nutrition


According to the list, the current generation of consumers is the most concerned about their beauty, health, body and measures in general. In this regard, Flavio sees potential in the sector of creating fitness tools to be used on smartphones. Technology will allow the creation of a number of applications that will be used for measuring calories, guide on good sporting and eating habits as well as keeping nutritional records.


Sustainable Products


A lot of importance is attached to sustainable actions and products that are developed with the intent of conserving the environment and preserving the natural resources. Flavio Maluf reports that products geared towards strengthening sustainability have a brighter future ahead. He views this as a great sector for anyone considering joining the business world.


About Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex, the environmentally friendly company that utilizes unique materials in manufacturing products like tiles. He is extremely skilled in running the business due to his impressive educational background. He is a graduate of the prestigious FAAP University based in Sao Paulo. His education gave him an excellent foundation in the business world. He is also a great resource for budding entrepreneurs through his blog.