Description of the CAA

Capital Anesthesiology Association or (CAA) for short, is one of America’s biggest independent practices of physicians that specialize in Anesthesiology. It formed in Austin Texas in 1973. The CAA contains more than 130 (CRNA’s) Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetics, and more than 80 physicians. The organization dedicates itself to giving to most quality care in over 20 medical facilities in Austin’s greater area.

In this organization the CRNA’s and MD’s, nurses and technicians make up a team working together to take care of patients Most of the types of anesthesiology preformed are pediatric, obstetric, and cardiothoracic anesthesiology. The main goal they have is to make sure they give the best care. Also, to commit to the excellence of service in both business and clinical practices.

Three general anesthesia classifications are General, Regional, and Local MAC or (Monitored Anesthesia Care). General is when more extensive surgery is performed, the patient needs to be unconscious for it to work. Regional controls the pain sensation after and during an operation. Mac is known for monitoring small areas of soft tissues.

The CAA and CRNA are dedicated to support different philanthropic organizations. One example of such an organization is called “Eels on Wheels”, it is an adoptive scuba program. It is a non-profit organization that lets people to become certified divers through the (HAS) Handicapped Divers Association. Also, “Operation Smile” which preforms for children palate surgery. It also delivers ongoing and postoperative medical therapies to children in middle and low-income countries