Academy of Art University History & Background

Out of all the industries in the world today, the art industry is perhaps the most overlooked and underappreciated. When we take into consideration how much time, money, and hard work is needed to excel in this industry, it is hard to imagine why it is as neglected as it is. In reality, the art industry is one of if not the most influential industry to work in. This industry has provided countless masterpieces in various ways that, most industries cannot compare too. With that said, it is prestigious places such as the Academy of Art University that is continuing to push the art industry towards the top. The Academy of Art University, which is one of the best art schools in the nation, has been the leading cause for the advancement of art in many areas, based in San Fransisco, California, the Academy of Art University has well-over 10,000 students alone. Simply put, the university is setting the standard for what it takes to be a prominent school of art in the world. Their contributions have set the bar high for other venues to try and match. As amazing as that sounds, there are many different ways the Academy of Art University has managed to reach the level of status they have today. So, to further understand their valued efforts and how they have managed to succeed, here is more on just one of the many successful avenues.

More on the Academy of Art University & Fashion
As mentioned before, the Academy of Art University has tapped into numerous areas of art to achieve success. One of those areas is none other than the competitive fashion industry. An article by the Huffington post on the Univeristy does a great job explaining how they have contributed in this area. The article goes on to explain how the university is taking part in its 21st runway showcase for fashion. Furthermore, it goes on to explain how in doing so, the university is establishing a future for fashion for many years to come. This just goes to show how amazing the Academy of Art University has become.