Sentient AI – Revolutionizing the Ecommerce Customer Experience through Artificial Intelligence Technology

As the world gets blanketed by the e-commerce revolution, the e-commerce companies are finding and developing new ways to compete with each other more aggressively to grab the more significant market share. One of the ways that have proven to be more efficient when it comes to competing with the counterparts and getting the attention of the customers is the use of advanced technology. And, while just about every e-commerce companies use modern technology to woo the customers and strengthen their hold in the market, it is the use of Artificial Intelligence technology that would help in getting an edge over the competitors. It is one of the newest technologies today, and many companies have implemented this technology successfully to get data they didn’t have access to previously. The data collected by AI technology can help improve e-commerce customer experience as well as provide the company’s management with data that can improve the sales, revenue, and market reputation.


One of the most significant achievements of artificial intelligence is its ability to predict and identify micro-segments among the customers. Sentient AI is one of the biggest names in the world of AI technology and provides AI platform that helps the individuals, as well as the companies, gather data that can advance them towards their business goals with more clarity while saving on time and money considerably. The company was started around 2007 by Babak Hodjat and Antoine Blondeau, who decided to research on and develop artificial intelligence platform on a massive scale. It is what resulted in Sentient AI, one of the most trusted names in the field of AI technology.


Artificial intelligence also helps the e-commerce companies to identify the shopping pattern of the company and recommend them the products that would meet their preference. It is an excellent way for any company to connect with the customers individually and almost provides the customers with the same experience as walking into the showroom and getting recommendations by their sales executive. The artificial intelligence technology takes into the account browsing history, previous purchases, shopping pattern, and other data, which helps in predicting the types of products the customer might be interested in. The e-commerce customer experience is also significantly improved by the Sentient AI technology through the chatbots that can be integrated with the e-commerce site’s interface. It helps the customers get the answers to company’s FAQs and get guidance about the company’s terms and policies precisely.