Life Line Screenings Are Painless, Quick And Easy

You can sign up to have a battery of medical tests done to you as a sort of preventative measure. Life Line Screening is a friendly group of medical professionals that care deeply about your well-being. Instead of using the standard medical care modality of waiting for you to become sick or suffer a heart attack or stroke, Life Line Screening provides a more proactive approach of getting out ahead of your illness before it strikes.

It is really pretty simple and you have no excuse in skipping out of this kind of medical approach. The visit starts simply enough. You walk into a reception area where you are greeted right away before filling out some paperwork. There is very little waiting before you are taken through a battery of about 10 different tests.

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The ultrasound testing is pretty simple. The ultrasound is applied to three different parts of your body — neck, abdomen and ankle — to check for the health of certain arteries. The neck ultrasound is testing your carotid artery for fatty buildups. These fatty buildups slow down blood flow to the brain which can cause strokes. The ankle ultrasounds checking for peripheral artery health to see if there are any blockages in your extremities. And the abdomen ultrasounds checking for abdominal aortic aneurysms that generally cannot be felt before they become an acute medical problem. All of these maladies are slow-growing and, with a little foresight, can be treated with lifestyle changes and medications.

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Other tests include a finger prick blood test and an EKG for your heart. Each of these tests can detect a medical condition in its very first stages so that you can be treated with less invasive techniques such as lifestyle change and medication. Otherwise, you may be looking at painful surgeries, heart attack or stroke.

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