Brian Bonar Gets Honored by the Professional Networking Community

Brian Bonar, who’s been at the head of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, has been highlighted for his contributions to business which have made him a household name to his clients and his company’s competition.

Cambridge Who’s Who has chronicled key people in finance for years, making it a source of eyeing talent as it rises to the attention of the financial world. Cambridge’s Who’s Who Registry has selected only four entrants per year, two men and two women, who have demonstrated exceptional skill in managerial roles in their respective companies.

They’re chosen from a process that utilizes a selection committee that looks over applicants and take into consideration their educational backgrounds and their history in the role of a leader with respect to those who work beneath them. In the case of Brian Bonar, he was named one of Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance.

According to Bloomberg and Whitepages, Brian Bonar has given nearly three decades of his professional life to working in the role of a manager while working in disparate sectors of the financial world. It’s this varied set of experiences in business that led Bonar to be the ideal candidate to assume a leadership position within the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

For more than ten years, Dalrada Financial has relied on Bonar to be their company chairman and CEO. In these positions he assumed the responsibility of managing the benefits for employees and the aftermarket products they might rely on.

It’s in keeping with Dalrada’s chief role to it’s clients as a marketing liaison, offering them a swath of program options for employees in an effort to increase the efficiency of a business. This includes, but is not limited to, mitigating risks employers take on through insurance and financial management, as well as providing promotional services that benefit a business’ ability to manage itself.


About Brian Bonar:

Brian Bonar’s success in the world of finance as an executive has led him to several leadership positions that have expanded on that leadership background which has made him a success.

This has to do with a technical understanding that has made it possible for Bonar to make sense of how businesses function and what’s needed to make them succeed. This is supported by an education in technical engineering at James Watt Technical College and mechanical engineering at Strafford University. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

This includes time spent as a sales manager for Adaptec, procurement manager for IBM and Director of Engineering for QMS before going on to open his own company, Bezier Systems. In executive roles, Brian Bonar has served as President of Allegiant Professional Business Service and Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Business Services.