Stream Energy is more than just a seller of energy; it is an epitome of philanthropy

It was a sad event for the Houston, USA dwellers and those in its surrounding as the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey took away their homes, businesses and both human and animal life. When such devastation occurs, philanthropists and philanthropic organizations from all over step in to lend a helping hand. Among those that stepped in for those affected by the hurricane is Stream Energy.

Stream Energy is a successful company based in Dallas, USA that deals in production and provision of Energy. It sells clean energy to residents as well as corporations all over Texas. The sales are made via associates who earn a commission from the number of sales they have made. Among Streams, the clientele is cybernetic doctors who directly get clean energy from Stream for their daily operations.

Stream Energy has always been recognized for its endless humanitarian works. However, this particular catastrophe hit close to home for Stream as those victimized by the hurricane were mostly the company’s consumers, clients, and some employees.

When it comes to its works of philanthropy, Stream Energy has a specific foundation that handles such affairs called the Stream Cares Foundation. In association with the Habitat organization as well as Red Cross, Stream Cares offered financial support to relieve the burden brought up by the disaster in addition to moral support to the victims.

Stream Energy has a feel for the homeless. Homelessness is a cause that the company has stood by for many years and has made countless efforts to help those that are victims of the circumstance. For this reason, Stream has partnered with the Hope Supply corporative that works towards settling the homeless and providing them with food and other essential primary needs especially the minors. For close to half a decade these two companies have been able to provide the homeless with meals and essentials like diapers, clothes, and necessities for the school going. They have also catered for several children with no homes.

The upside to such philanthropy is not just the satisfaction in knowing that one was able to stand with the needy at their moment of need but for companies like Stream, philanthropy helps the company earn respect in the society and a reputation that also increases to its customer base.

Anthony Petrello’s Work And Philanthropy

The contributions Tony Petrello has made makes him a great name in the corporate world. Tony now works as Chief Executive, President and Chairman at Nabors Industries. Nabors is recognized among the biggest businesses in geothermal drilling and oil contractors.

Tony serves as Director at Hilcorp Energy and also Stewart & Stevenson. While doing these jobs is a herculean task, Petrello manages to take time out to give back to his community through philanthropic contributions.

Tony Petrello boasts a very impressive history. in 2015 He was listed as one of the highest paid Chief Executive Officers in America. Tony got his Bachelors and Masters degrees of Mathematics at Yale University. He later on earned a Juris Doctor degree at Harvard Law. After finishing his studies, Petrello started his professional work in ’79, joining the law firm Baker – Mackenzie. Working there, Petrello specialized in complicated law issues including international arbitration corporate taxes and more. Tony’s great work lead him to become Managing Partner at the firm in ’86 until 91.

Afterwards, Anthony Petrello took a huge step with his career and accepted a Membership at Nabors Industries on the Board of Directors also the Executive Committee. During this time, Tony he utilized legal expertise he got at his previous role at Baker – Mackenzie. With the leadership and guidance of Petrello, Nabors achieved fantastic profits and success in recent times. Just last year, its stock prices went up 180% and Petrello is solely credited. Now Petrello is devotedly working on growing the company on the competitive level.

Additionally, Tony actively supports clinical programs and neurology research centered at children. Petrello has pledged over $7 million towards the Jan & Dan Duncan Neurology Researching Center of Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony also serves as the Member on the Trustees Board at the hospital.

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Barbara Stokes Has Had a Successful Career

Even when Barbara Stokes was just starting out working as an executive, she knew her career was going to be the best it could be. She had a lot of motivation and had a lot of desire to do better than what other people thought she was going to do. In addition, she knew she had to work hard to get to a point where she was helping other people and also making money for herself and her family. These things have given her the motivation to bring attention to the industry she is in while also maintaining that she is a good person who can balance her life. Read more at Business Insider.

Starting out at places like Boeing gave Barbara Stokes the motivation she needed to continue working hard on her career. She knew there would be things she would have to do if she was going to make the smaller companies the same way as Boeing had been. Even though Boeing was a huge company, she wanted to mimic the positive corporate culture the company had. It gave her the chance to try different things and give back to those who were in the business.

For years, Barbara Stokes has always had the motivation to keep doing different things with the options she has. She knows there are going to be things that will allow her the chance to do more with the business. As long as Barbara Stokes has been able to help the people who are in the city and who are a part of GSH, she knows there will be a positive opportunity for success. Thanks to Barbara Stokes, there have been other things that will give her the motivation that will continue to grow the business. Read more about Barbara Stokes at


Even when Barbara Stokes isn’t working, she is busy. She helps with charities, she gives back to her community and she takes care of her children. As a mother of three, Barbara Stokes knows what it means to be able to multitask and balance out many different things. In addition, she has managed to make her career the best it can be in every situation so she has to give back to the people who she works with. Barbara Stokes knows there will be different things that can happen because of the career and because of how much she has been able to help others who are a part of her life in Huntsville.


Susan McGalla Inspiring Young Women to Become Successful in Competitive Corporate Sector

One of the most popular and successful female entrepreneur and executive in the United States currently is Susan McGalla. As the Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers, she has helped the company in devising some unique and innovative business strategies to help propel the company towards growth and enhanced market reputation in the past few years. Susan McGalla has considerable experience in the business and management sector and has worked with numerous companies over the years, which has contributed to her experience and expertise in business. Susan McGalla is popularly known for heading Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle Outfitters Inc as well in the capacity of CEO and Chairman respectively.

Susan McGalla is often featured in many popular magazines and TV channels due to her success and popularity among young and ambitious women, who are looking forward to a similarly successful career. As a woman who as found success in the male-dominated business community, she continues to inspire and share her experiences with other female aspirants who are heading in the same direction she headed years back. Susan McGalla in a recent interview talked about what the women today must focus upon to achieve success in the corporate world. The first tip she gave to the women of today is to focus on their studies and complete education with good grades. Susan McGalla also asked women to go for higher studies as she said that it is education that would help make way for more prominent designations in the corporate world.

Susan McGalla said that education is essential, but getting a quality education from famous universities is expensive. It is, for this reason, she asked the female aspirants to manage their finance from early on so that they are in a position to support their education financially later on without any hiccups. Susan McGalla said that without educational degrees, no one could be entertained in the corporate world, until and unless they are entrepreneurs themselves or have some exceptional skills. She also asked women to be diplomatic in the workplace and have a support group of colleagues and friends at the workplace to get through the rough tides that are bound to come on the road to success.

The Victorious Path of the Former UTC CEO Louis Chenevert

The former CEO of the united technologies and a successful Canadian businessman is none other than the Louis Chenevert. United Technologies Corporation is an American multinational conglomerate which manufactures the technology products. They do the high-end research and developments to manufacture high-quality products. So, when we focus on the path of the successful CEO he has started his journey as a Production General Manager at a General Motors and he spent almost 14 years at General Motors. He also played a role as the president at Pratt & Whitney in 1993 and it was after six years of his service. And then, in 2006 March he became the chairman of the company which does huge technological things i.e. UTC. He was the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Business Council during 2011-2012. So, in 2008 April he became the Chief Executive Office of UTC and it was the light of his life. Not only the role of a CEO, at Goldman Sachs had he also played the role of an Exclusive Advisor. His advice was targeted on the opportunities of aerospace and industrial sectors. Read more at

He played an amazing role as the CEO of UTC also his standard services were unattainable by the other CEOs of the UTC. Chenevert has achieved many feats which leaves everyone in wonder. He had the highest share of the company’s success because he was highly concerned about the company success. He ensured to provide excellent services to the company so he was named as the most efficient CEO. The UTC gained the global recognition because of the extraordinary leadership provided by Louis Chenevert. He has developed the company’s success by creating strategic plans all because of hard work, patience, courage, and discipline.

If we consider his accomplishments the pet project can be named as the best. His project was selected as the Airbus established Pratt & Whitney in the engine market. In 2011 his project was named as the great accomplishment of the year. He also understood if the engines need to become hotter the advanced material should be developed. The concept of decoupling the fan is an income generating idea for the U.S. economy until today, so this idea has never been outdated. Chenevert clearly understood that if newer design engines are introduced the payoff will be immense and yes, it was true. The UTC’s growth parachuted with his marvelous idea. Read more about Louis at

Technology is Beneficial for the Future

Louis Chenevert believed that investing in technology can improve the future success of the business. Even the current CEO, Gregory Hayes believes on the above statement. An effective CEO is someone like Louis Chenevert because he was focused on the company’s growth and to improve it better than how it was. As he his commitment to the company was at the maximum level he had been considered as one of the efficient CEOs although he ended his journey of UTC on 2014 December after serving for almost 6 years. His resignation is one of the most baffling incidents to the company.


Eli Gershkovitch Know Craft Beers

Canada has quite an extensive collection of craft beers. Canadians love their beer. And since craft beer is making a resurgence, sales are skyrocketing. Read more on

Breweries all over the country are working night and day to produce excellent craft beers. Quebec’s McAuslin Brewery and Ontario Craft Brewery churn out the most. While the variety of beers vary by province, it wouldn’t hurt to drive a couple of hours to partake in some new brew. Beer experts compiled a list of Canada’s best of the best:

  • Red Racer Pale Ale
  • Glutenberg Belgium Double
  • Weissbier
  • Nutcracker Porter
  • St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout
  • Meade
  • Blueberry Cream Ale

There are plenty of craft beers to choose from. Beer lovers should also take a tour of some of Canada’s best breweries. Read more at Westender about Eli Gershkovitch.

He’s a pilot, a lawyer, and oh yes, a domestic mass brewer. Eli Gershkovitch sort of fell into the craft brewery business completely by accident. But once that happened, there was no turning back. Gershkovitch is the owner and CEO of Steamworks Brewery. He’s been brewing since 1995, funded by the money he made in his previous profession: law.

When Gershkovitch started, there weren’t many steam breweries in Canada. It might have had a lot to do with it simply hadn’t take off in certain regions. Once Gershkovitch showed people he was serious, he had locals and folks coming from miles around to get a taste of his steam brewed delights.

Over the years, his flagship brewery has grown, and he’s even gone international. Today, Steamworks beers can be found all over Canada and in 14 U.S. states. He plans to expand more in 2017. His beers have won a number of awards over the years. Gershkovitch says it’s a testament to the quality of his product.


Baltimore’s on the Rise

If you have ever been to Baltimore, you probably have one of two thoughts about it. Either it is a great historical city or that it needs much work to be done to bring it up to par. This is where Todd Lubar comes in. Toddy, is a trendsetting Realtor, who wants to renovate Baltimore to its days of previous glory. Not only does Todd have a background in real estate but also has an extensive credit and finance background to boot. He is currently the president at TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He has held positions at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial group. He developed the Maryland Legacy Financial office to a production unit of several 100 million dollars a year in loan volume. You can visit to see more.

Todd Lubar kept his position as one of the 25 most successful mortgage originators in the country for 25 years. Todd credits hard work and vision to his success. His typical day is getting up early in the morning. Grab a cup of coffee and eat breakfast with his kids while simultaneously checking his emails. Todd credits his team for his success emphasizing how important honesty and communication are in his daily business. Another attribute to Todd’s success is that he had his computer software custom built to fit his needs. In doing so, he is able to eliminate all data that is not pertinent to his day to day operations. For more details visit Inspirery

Todd also owns demolition and development companies and remains active in all aspects of Maryland real estate. Combined with his banking knowledge, Todd is an asset to the small first time buyer or the huge development contracts. His experience and contacts from over 25 years of business dealings have made him a master in all things real estate. So, the next time you are visiting Maryland or even if you have lived in Baltimore, you are most likely looking at houses and buildings that Todd has touched.

Glen Wakeman’s Massive Efforts to Nurture Aspiring Business Moguls

Glen Wakeman is renowned for his immense efforts in refurbishing and revamping the entrepreneurial sphere. He has consistently exuded a unique desire for helping young entrepreneurs to build and improve their businesses. He has often been described as a business revolutionary with a great entrepreneurial spirit, and has consequently been actively involved in mentoring young and aspiring business moguls.

Born in Miami in 1968, Glen Wakeman has quite remarkable educational background as he attended and graduated with a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton in 1981. Moreover, he is an alumnus of the University of Chicago where he graduated with an MBA in 1993. He has subsequently been a dominant figure in the entrepreneurial realm, and his exceptional set of skills has enabled him to live in more than 5 countries as he engaged in various entrepreneurial endeavours. Visit to know more about Glen Wakeman.

With an incredible entrepreneurial experience that has spanned over 20 years, Glen Wakeman has been at the helm of various A-list companies. Glen Wakeman is also the founder of Nova Four and SAAS Company that are dedicated to providing strategic advice to entrepreneurs.

Currently, he works as the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. As the CEO, he has endeavoured to develop The Launchpad Toolkit, an outstanding Software that is fully automated and would come in handy for young and aspiring business moguls as they traverse the rough terrains of entrepreneurship—the software allow them to transform their random entrepreneurial ideas into tenable plans. Quite significantly, the software he been widely embraced and has acquired a ‘national utility’ status with an impressive upward growth curve.


Thanks to Glen Wakeman, young entrepreneurs now have a source of inspiration and guidance as the LaunchPad Toolkit contains a series of tips and strategic suggestions for entrepreneurs. Glen Wakeman has also grown resoundingly popular due to his multi-faceted methodology of assessing and improving entrepreneurial performance. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

Family Wine Collection: The Art of Making Wine

Winemaking is one of those sophisticated activities that requires a specific taste. The average “Joe blow” wouldn’t have a clue on how to successful make wine because it’s more than just picking and storing grapes. Family Wine Collection has grown into a premier brand. Founded by Jess Jackson in 1982, this small family business would grow into a well-established company in the years to come. Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter of Jess Jackson, would spend a lot of her time as a child picking grapes. This would sometimes be in 100-degree temperatures. This action would instill an appreciation for hard work and character within all of the children.

Julia Jackson, the youngest sibling, actually followed more in her mom’s footsteps. As of today, she is a spokesperson for Cambria Estates. Julia would attend college at Scripps College and at Stanford University. A couple of academic degrees later, she would find herself in Bordeaux, France. This is where Julia developed a strong passion for the wine industry. While living here with a close friend, she would gain all of the necessary insight on how to run a successful vinification business. Julia took this knowledge and ran with it in a sense. Being a representative of the family business, she does a lot of travelling to foreign locations. Family Wine Collection just so happen to own wineries across the globe and what Julia Jackson knows.

This is a male dominated industry, but Julia Jackson is changing the status quo. Her nonprofit organization, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, is a winner. This organization is strictly about “girl power,” and it donates up to $100,000 on an annual basis to other organizations. Champ de Reves is one of the company’s premier brands. This Pinot Noir is aromatically-charged thanks to its high elevation growing conditions. This is only one of many fine wines from Family Wine Collection and with Julia Jackson at the forefront, this company will certainly produce many more in the years to come and her blog

Matthew Autterson Successful Career

The financial services sector is famed to be one of the most delicate and important parts of the society. This industry involves activities such as the managing of assets such as real estate so that they can realize some great goals for the investor. Without professional help, it is challenging for investors to make good money and take care of their assets from damage and losses. The investors can be insurance companies, corporations, non-profit making organizations and high net worth individuals.

The investors are considered to be the greatest investors in the financial services industry. This is because they allow their hard earned assets to be professionally managed so that they can attain better profits. When the investor gets an object driven individuals to manage their assets, then they can be assured of great profits at the end of the year. However, the professional must be experienced and well educated to give the customer the type of service they deserve. A professional who does not use the right approach risks getting losses. If the customer doesn’t get the intended profits, then the professional in question is in trouble.

There are several financial service companies in the market. However, selecting the one that will not disappoint you can be challenging to the newbies. Before settling for a specific firm, it is crucial to conduct some research so that you do not regret later. The right company will be well licensed, and it will have experienced professionals who will not let you down. Some of the assets you will be entrusting the professionals with are very costly, so it is paramount to take some precautions. Choosing the wrong firm will only bring problems for your investments.

Matthew Autterson is known to be one of the most successful finance executives in the world. Matthew has been in this industry for more than twenty years, and he has assisted very many businessmen and organizations to make the right choices in business. At the moment, Matthew works as the principal at a company known as WIN Wealth Management. The company was established several years ago, and it is doing very well thanks to the businessman.

As a finance executive, the businessman helps his clients to understand several investment portfolios so that they can choose whatever works for them. Matthew is very experienced, and he can choose the best investment option for a client, regardless of their capital. Individuals who have worked with him in the past say that they got the best services.