How Malcolm CasSelle Is Changing Digital Asset Exchange

Malcolm CasSelle has quickly made himself world’s leading experts on virtual asset exchange. He originally began his career by attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received an education that resulted in him receiving his bachelor’s degree in computer science. After his time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he was accepted at Stanford University. It was at Stanford University that he did his formal education and received his Master’s degree in computer science.


Since the final completion of his formal education process Malcolm CasSelle has been a member of several technology companies always serving in key leadership positions. The most prominent companies which he has worked have been MediaPass, Xfire, Tencent, Seachange International, and Tronc, Inc. He was serving as the chief executive officer for Timeline Labs whenever Seachange International acquired the company in 2015. After the corporate acquisition was completed, he served as the senior vice president and general manager of the digital media portion of Seachange International. Continue to work for Seachange International for quite some time for changing career bands and serving as the chief technology officer for Tronc, Inc. Today he is currently serving in prominent positions. One as the chief investment officer for OPSkins one of the world’s leading company for in-game sales. Additionally, Malcolm CasSelle is the president of his own company which is known as Worldwide Asset Exchange.

It is his position at Worldwide Asset Exchange that is the most exemplary.


Through this company, Malcolm CasSelle has developed his own cryptocurrency utilizing the same technology that powers bitcoin, blockchain. With this technology, he has taken virtual asset marketplaces and move them away from the centralized marketplaces of the past into the future that is powered by decentralized technology. This decentralization of technology has eliminated prevalence of geographic fragmentation and fraud within the virtual asset exchange marketplaces. By creating a cryptocurrency uses around the world are able to exchange freely in transactions using a common store of value. No longer do users need to go to Forex exchanges in order to facilitate transactions. This is incredible keeps prices low and competitive in the marketplace is.


An Open Society helps to make the World a Better Place

An open society is a great place to live and work. It is also the type of environment where most people want to live. The United States has an open society that benefits millions of its citizens. Many countries around the globe are open societies as well.

So, what is an open society? It is a place where government is not too involved with people or business. It is a place where people have rights. They can openly express themselves without the fear of retaliation. They can work within a chosen field of employment where they are qualified and learn more information click here.

They are provided with a basic education for children and for adults. A society where people have opportunities to compete economically within the business field is open as well. In short, an open society is a place for people to be responsible for their own lives and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros is a man who understands the importance of an open society. His organization Open Society Foundations (OSF) was created for this purpose. He wants to help people to live in nations where they can be all that they are supposed to be. Rights such as fair treatment, access to decent healthcare and the opportunity to work, are very important. Soros supports many groups through OFS who can help him to achieve this end and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Keep in mind that many nations have closed societies or communities. They limit a person’s religious, social, economical and civil opportunities and rights. Many closed communities take this action because they do not want outsiders to flourish. More importantly, the power structure within these communities want to stay in tact.

Soros understands that it is important for governments and for the wealthy to retain their power. However, he also understands how critical it is for minorities, immigrants and poor people to have liberties as well. Historically, the rich and powerful have always controlled things. This might not be in the best interest of the people who are powerless and Follow his

Societies have to keep things fair and balanced. If they don’t power becomes too lopsided and one group starts to dictate the landscape. Balance is crucial within any society. Without it, tyrants could emerge or a corrupt government could come to dominate and read full article.

OSF works with hundreds of American social institutions and various social organizations throughout the world. They provide funding and insight for these organizations. This way people can have various organizations that will fight to keep society free from social, religious, economic and cultural problems. In closing, an open society simply makes the world a better place. You can find out more about the importance of OFS on the website Inside Philanthropy.

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