Milan to Market: Milan Farms Founder and CEO Milan Kordestani

Milan Farm’s Founder and CEO Milan Kordestani is an American born entrepreneur who spent his early years in both the UK and the United States. Milan involved himself with riding horses at a very young age which progressed into an adult passion he still participates in today. At the young age of ten, Milan taught himself that when bad things happen, it’s best to pick yourself up and continue on with what you were doing and just do it better.

At 10 years of age, he was thrown from a horse and he decided then that it was a much better outcome to get back up and finish the ride on the same animal that had just thrown him down than to let the setback keep him off the animals he loved so much. His determination and calculating process earned Milan a steady hand with all things he endeavors in. From Horses to online journalism, and now Milan Farms, his passions have expanded and his greatest success has yet to be achieved.

Working as a reporter for the Huffington Post, Milan dives into topics he cares most about. You can search for, and find, his writings on farming, agricultural workers, and poultry which are the top three things Milan sees as his responsibility to involve himself with. It’s not just enough to think and say solutions, but it is a necessity to become involved and do solutions and that is exactly what this young business man is doing. He form, Milan Farms, focuses on poultry, eggs, and Saffron he sources from farms he personally approves of. He is aware that even when your labels say the food you eat is safe and sound, Milan wants people to know that local foods are best for both the consumer and the farmer.

Building on that framework, Milan Farms has grown to three separate outlets where consumers who are interested in high quality, fresh, and local foods can come and get some of what they are looking for directly from the farm and the farmer, even if today’s farmer is a young, well trained, entrepreneur like Milan Kordestani.

In the end, Milan Farms continues to grow and it will offer high quality products from which its Founder chooses to focus its attention to while delivering on a promise that it is possible to get fresh, local, and quality all from the same place and from a business that is led by a determined CEO who proves that progress can and will involve the farmer no matter how far technology takes us away from the farm.

Milan Farms has been a registered trademark since 2016. The farm distributes eggs, poultry and Saffron locally, regionally and globally to eager consumers who see the benefits of highly specialized farming and distribution. The future is bright for this upstart company with a determined and focused CEO like Milan Kordestani at the helm.

Shervin Pishevar’s assessment of the American economy

Shervin Pishevar is a man known for his many words when it comes to various societal issues. He returned with a bang. Pishevar went to his most preferred social media platform, Twitter, to give his view of the American economy to his followers. A 21-hour rant of Twitter has been the topic of discussion of the valid of the arguments that he seemed to advance about an impending economic crisis in America. Stocks of some companies were shaken as a result of the opinions made by this respected entrepreneur and business leader. Indeed, many financial analysts seem to agree with some of his thoughts.

A careful analysis of the twitter rants by Shervin Pishevar seems to suggest that his tweets were thought out carefully since he seemed to be concerned with more than just the 6,000-point decline of the American economy. He deliberately chose to address various issues that are of concern to many Americans in regards to the economy including issues related to politics, nationalism, and culture. The scope of his tweets clearly indicates that Pishevar’s concern might be more than just concerns raised by an investor and businessperson. Rather, they are concerns raised by a patriotic individual concerned with the future of his society in general.

Many people have taken his 21-hour rant a bit serious because his previous predictions regarding the economy came to be. Shervin Pishevar is the same man who previously raised concerns about a potential future crisis for Facebook in terms of identity and approximately ten years after his article, his concerns lay bare for all to see as the company struggles with an identity-related crisis. In his 2008 article, Pishevar wrote, ‘While our financial systems lie teetering or near destruction, we realize we must build from the ground up a new system.’ The entrepreneur’s tendency to raise concerns that affect different societies in advance is responsible for the nationwide attention to his claims that an economic crisis is impending. It is a matter of time until the public finds out whether Shervin Pishevar’s concerns are genuine.

Dr. Mark Mofid- Top plastic surgeon in San Diego and La Jolla

Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon doctor in the United States. Being a plastic surgeon is not an easy task. It is one of the hardest professions that anyone can get into. Some of the operations involved in plastic surgery include gluteal augmentation, facelift, and breast augmentation. For a surgeon to carry out any of these with no negative implications, that is a doctor who’s is skilled enough to handle more surgeries. Patients should, on the other hand, keep away from doctors who have a bad past. There is no need to visit a surgeon who has a history of delivering undesired results.

Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the plastic surgeons who has earned a good name for delivering top services to his clients. He has a rating of five and a half on Yelp, something that is not common to find in a plastic surgeon. Most of the patients who have gone through him are proud of the outcome of their surgeries. All patients who have gone to him for plastic operations have achieved the desired results.

One of the reasons why Mark Mofid has made a good name in the plastic surgery industry is the way he runs his plastic surgery career. To him, it is not just a career but a business. He approaches his practice as if he is running a business where he has to make sure that his patients get the best customer satisfaction. Dr. Mofid is certified by the plastic surgery board to practice in San Diego and La Jolla.

Dr. Mark Mofid is known for prioritizing the health safety of his clients. He does not give an implant because one can afford to buy but he does it depending on whether it is the right implant for the patient’s body. He has also been researching about various implants and coming up with alternatives which are safer than the ones being used by other plastic surgeons. Dr. Mark Mofid has achieved in the area of gluteal augmentation where he has come up with an implant that is working perfectly. It does not leave sagging muscles as it happens with other implants.

Equities First Holdings Branch Office In Australia

The decision to move your business into a new area or market is often carefully planned. Without the knowledge of how things work in a new country, for instance, your business could fail. You need to have a reputable company to work with that can advise you on any move you will make. Equities First Holdings has been opening many branch offices in the last couple of years and recently opened one in Australia. Their employees are very well trained in all aspects of the lending institutions there. They help businesses who are relocating to secure loans for purchases and will also help them to make contacts with potential inventory sources.

The company itself has been doing this in many other parts of the world and has been very successful at it. Their main office is located in Africa, but, they now have several offices across the planet. The Australian lending market has historically been difficult to get into and Equities First Holdings is working to make this change. They believe the potential for growth in the country is very good at the moment and will only increase. Many businesses have taken their advise and begun the process of moving.

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Bob Reina: He’s All About Fun

Bob Reina is always talking to his customers and his employees about the importance of having fun. Frankly, it is vital in life. If people are not laughing, smiling, and enjoying each and every second of life, what is the point of doing something? If someone is going to do something, especially when it comes to employment, they need to be enjoying it and having a blast. They need to be happy about it and they need to feel like they are getting something out of it. If not, they are living a life for just money. While everyone loves money, there is more to life than just money. It is said all of the time and that is because it is true: money does not buy happiness.


Happiness comes when someone is having fun doing something they love. If you watch NFL football, even though they take it very seriously and it’s a career, they are having fun out there. They are high-fiving each other, jumping up and down, and really getting a kick out of it. It was their dream to be in the NFL and it has finally paid off for them. For Bob Reina, he wants people to love every second of what they are doing. The company he founded and created back in 2007 is called Talk Fusion, and it allows people to use their video technology to start up a company and have some fun.


People love to connect with one another and feel like they are really bonding with their customers. When they have a product or a company that matters to them, it shows and people take notice of it. As a matter of fact, people are drawn to them. They have a certain glow and a certain smile that just radiates off their face.


It is because they are living out their dream. Bob Reina is more than happy to help people get started with Talk Fusion. Right now, there are 30-day free trials, so there is really nothing to lose if someone is thinking about taking that next step in life. Learn more:





The Life Of Gregory Aziz

Greg James Aziz is the President of the company National Steel Car as well as the Chairman of National Industries Incorporated. He stays busy overseeing the companies and ensuring they are being operated to his standards, which are fairly high. National Steel Car is always raising the bar for safety, reliability, and efficiency. The number one priority of the company is the safety of the customer.


When a railcar is distributed from the company, you can rest assured it has been tested over and over again ensuring it is okay to be out on the market and the railroad tracks assisting the general public. Greg Aziz got onboard with National Steel Car in the year 1994. He was a man who had had recent experience with investing. He decided it would be worthwhile to consider investing in the company. He crunches the numbers and talked it over with family before making his decision.


1He then organized the purchase from its then owner, DOFASCO,  and took the company in his own hands. It has never been the same since. He has increased productivity levels along with brought in such a high margin of profit that the company was able to start donating to charity through the name of Gregory James Aziz. There were multiple places that benefited from his sponsorship including the Hamilton Opera, the United Way and the Theater Aquarius. He also hosted several local food drives over the years for the hungry and the poor.


Gregory Aziz enjoyed giving back to Ontario and continues to do say today whenever possible. Aziz is a man of great character who takes care of his family and then his business first above everything else. He is dedicated, strong willed and will never stop until he achieves his goals. These qualities set him apart from most people and they definitely set him apart from most Chief Executive Officers.


Greg James Aziz is a good man who has never shown an ounce of greediness in his life. He has always been about helping other whether it be his family or his own employees or even a stranger on the street. He cares about the well-being of everyone he comes across. This has been attested to by several people in and out of the Ontario area. Everyone truly has nothing but respect for the CEO, philanthropist, father, husband, and friend they call Greg James Aziz. He will, without a doubt, go down as one of the most honorable men to have walked this Earth. Refer to This Article for related information.


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Jeunesse Global Product Beauty System

Jeunesse Global is a health and beauty company specializing in longevity and anti-aging products. The company was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis who wanted to merge longevity products with a direct selling strategy that fairly compensated sellers. The Jeunesse team also includes doctors, plastic surgeons, and alternative medicine professionals.

The Jeunesse system has nine facets, each with corresponding products. Rejuvenate, Defend, Restore, Balance, Enhance, Clarity, Energize, Diminish, and Beautify are the nine components of the system. Members refer to the system as Y.E.S., which stands for Youth Enhancement System. Y.E.S. includes a combination of supplements and skin care products.

Jeunesse skin care products include the Luminesce® anti-aging skin care line for the Rejuvenate component. The line is comprised of eight products: Cellular Rejuvenation Serum; Flawless Skin Brightener; Hydrashield Mask; Youth Restoring Cleanser; Daily Moisturizing Complex; Advanced Night Repair; Ultimate Lifting Masque; and Essential Body Renewal. Use of these products is intended to slow and conceal the appearance of aging as it appears in wrinkles and fine lines, as well as to promote healthy, vibrant skin. Exfoliants, moisturizers, and skin tighteners are all part of this skin care line. Active ingredients range from antioxidants, vitamins, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, sunscreen, and their trademarked ingredient, APT-200™. Polypeptide technology was used to create APT-200™ with a goal of giving skin a healthy glow.

Along with Rejuvenate, Diminish and Beautify complete the skin care regimen of Jeunesse. The Instantly Ageless™ product, part of the Diminish component, is applied specifically to the eye area to treat and diminish crow’s feet and under-eye bags. NV™ is for beautification, consisting of a primer, foundation, shimmer, and bronzer. NV products come in nine different shades and were developed by a celebrity makeup artist. The website features a tool called Easy Match that allows customers to input their current foundation shade and brand in order to find the equivalent NV shade. Used in conjunction with the Jeunesse supplement lines, the company believes customers will see significant improvements in how they feel and look.

Robert Deignan; An Epitome of Successful Entrepreneurship

Robert Deignan, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services was born in Florida, Fort Lauderdale and went to Purdue University under a football scholarship. After his graduation with an Organizational Leadership degree, he co-founded his first venture Franlink, Inc., in 1998 after spending some time with the Miami Dolphins in 1997. Robert, being good in sports, still takes part in offshore fishing competition tournaments and he currently lives with his family in Miami.

Robert came up with the ATS idea after working at an Anti-Malware Software Company that had challenges with software installation. Alongside his other colleagues, they decided to try a different software strategy that gave one up to15 free use days. In 2009, they introduced download page contact for customer inquiries due to the technical problems they were experiencing with the anti-malware product installation. As a result of these communications with users, they came to learn of discrepancies caused by malware products which were blocking this software. They decided to introduce technical methods by introducing in-house agents to remote users to remove the Malware. This method was a success and a fee was charged for this remote service since all computers were now effectively functioning. This was a two-way benefit because consumers enjoyed quality services and the team making gains from that.

The core productive habit he has as an entrepreneur is number analysis. Deignan views time as a valuable resource and its spending should be maximized based on the available revenue opportunities. Employing of family and friends is a risky habit and is highly disregarded by Robert because when business becomes tough, hard decisions can be made which include cutting paychecks and laying off extra personnel. Sometimes, he goes ahead to take the risk and ignore the linked feelings, and in as much as the outcome may fail to show immediately, they are eventually manifested.

His advice to entrepreneurs is that they should always analyze their ideas by putting them in a spreadsheet because numbers don’t lie and time is limited, these analyses can aid them in weighing options of pursuing a decision or not. Robert’s favorite quote is “don’t quit” and he has a desire for more money that comes as a result of working hard.

Gregory Aziz: The Courageous Man With A Vision

Courage and vision are the two most important skills that any investor worth his or her salt should possess. The courage to take a risk and the vision to see that investment grow to be recognized by others. James Aziz a man that close friends call Greg is one man that possesses such skills.


James Aziz was Born in mid-20th century in the early part of 1949 in Hamilton, Ontario where he attended college in Ridley before graduating with a bachelor’s degree from a local university. His first brush with business started when he joined his family business in 1971, Affiliated foods. The business grew over the years to become a wholesale food supply to different parts of America and Europe. However, the family business was not the vision Greg Aziz had for himself.


James Aziz joined the investment banking industry where he established his own firm Hamilton corporation National Industries. Banking to the outside world looked like a major success but his vision was not achieved. However, this was due to change.


Dofasco had bought the National Steel Car company in 1962 but by 1990 the company was facing decline and they needed a way out. This presented an opportunity for Gregory Aziz. He had seen the company at its prime when it was the leading company feeding and supplying jobs to the Northern part of America. However, taking such a challenge not only needed courage but vision as well. In 1994 the deal was done. Click Here to learn more.


Gregory J. Aziz embarked on the journey of making this once vibrant company into what it needed to be. To achieve this, he needed to go back to the basics. He started by giving the company a vision and a goal to aim at. Gregory Aziz did by declaring to the world that they would start producing a modular rail car. This was met with excitement around the world, but it also meant the workers needed to work harder. He later reorganized the management and gave the much-needed education and skills to the worker. With a little capital investment, National Steel car was hooting again.


The labor force tripled and so did the output. The demand for its rail cars was once again at the top. Ontario that was once fading was back on its feet. The courage and the vision displayed by James Aziz is one to be admired and bringing National Steel Cars back to its feet and running is not a small fit.



David Zalik and GreenSky Credit: How a 14-Year-Old Made an Empire and Grew Up to Be a Billionaire

When David Zalik was a young child, he was always interested in mathematics. He was born in Israel, but when he was four years old, he and his parents moved from Israel to the United States, more specifically, to Alabama. His father became a mathematics instructor at the University of Auburn. Zalik would see his father’s textbooks around his house and he began to study them. By the time he was in middle school, he took the SAT and aced it. After that, Zalik decided that he would enroll in Auburn and take a few classes. By the time he was supposed to be attending high school, age-wise, he opted rather to enroll full time at Auburn instead.

While he was enrolled at Auburn, at the very young age of 14, he did not want the other students to know how young he truly was. He figured before asking out an older woman that he would need a car. He began to learn how to build personal computers, charging $2,000 and keeping $900 for his profit. He was not very efficient when he first started out, taking around 10 hours to complete the building process. But over time, Zalik could piece together 40 pieces in 30 minutes, drastically improving his time efficiency. In the end, Zalik purchased an older, beat-up Honda Civic. After finding something that he loved to do in building personal computers, Zalik dropped out of Auburn to build his business he named MicroTech, which he then sold in 1996 for a few millions.

It was this business savvy technique and few busts in between that David Zalik decided to create GreenSky Credit. He got the name for the company from Willie Nelson’s song, “Blue Skies,” but decided that Green would stand for growth and energy. Zalik began trying to convince big time contracting companies, like Home Depot to offer business credit from companies and selling them customized financing options for Benjamin Moore, Stanley Black & Decker, and Home Depot. He began begging them to give GreenSky Credit Financing a try. He caught his big break after he sold 17 percent of the company to TPG, Wellington Management, Iconiq Capital and DST Global.

Now GreenSky Credit offers financial solutions to over 12,000 active companies and over 1.6 million people. There has been over 10 billion loans that have been financed through GreenSky Credit. The company’s motto is that “payment, credit, and commerce could be enhanced using technology and elegant user experiences.

GreenSky CEO David Zalik has definitely made a name for himself financially over the years. He has had his fair share of positive and negative experiences with real-estate, technology and financial fields, however is has come out on top. He continues to press forward with his name beginning to be featured in more and more financial headlines, and it is still a really profitable company. Ranked third in most valuable private venture-backed fintech players in the United States, it does not seem like GreenSky Credit will be going out of business any time soon.