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Daniel Taub’s and Israelis’ Opinion about Geneva Agreement

Daniel Taub, Israel’s ambassador to the UK, criticized the Geneva deal. He said that there is the possibility of Israel forming an alliance with other countries which sees Iran nuclear bomb plan as a threat. He said that the deal between Tehran and world powers had not brought any relief to them.

Daniel Taub told the ‘The Independent’ that the Geneva deal would not deter Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Israeli national security team has been sent to hold talks with American officials. Daniel Taub said that in case the current situation does not change, Israel may be forced to form alliances with predominantly Sunni countries. Learn more about Daniel Taub:  http://www.daniel-taub.com/ and http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-will-still-make-a-nuclear-bomb-israel-s-ambassador-to-the-uk-daniel-taub-argues-the-geneva-deal-8965373.html

It is not only Israel that is concerned about the threat posed by Iran nuclear bomb, other countries too are concerned about the same, and they can decide to overcome their differences and rise against a common course by allying.

Daniel Taub believes that given the current changes taking place in the region, it is easy for its neighbors to forget the border and territory dispute and come together for the prosperity of the area.

The deal was praised as a milestone in diplomacy with the Islamic Republic. Mr. Hague, who received a lot of praises from the UK said that the six months deal was to help in easing some of the sanctions against Iran. Iran was also expected to allow UN inspectors to access some significant areas of Iran. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

According to Mr. Hague, the deal was because of the several commitments made by Iran. Mr. Hague thought that the deal would make the Middle East and the whole world safe from a nuclear bomb, something that Daniel Taub did not accept.

According to Daniel, the deal was going to fail since the infrastructure set by Iran towards manufacturing nuclear bomb had not been dismantled. Daniel Taub said that everything has remained intact despite the deal. He said that the world was being deceived and nothing significant was taking effect on the Iranian side.

Daniel Taub is the Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv foundation. He has served in several positions in the Israeli government. He was a combat medic of the Israeli Defense Forces, served as a reserve officer in the International law division of Israeli.

Daniel Taub was the Ambassador of Israel in the United Kingdom. He was also a foreign minister. He is an internationally recognized lawyer and an Israeli Diplomat.

Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is Israel’s ambassador to London and has served in the Israel Defense Forces as a medic and reserve officer. He attended the Oxford University College in London and Harvard University.

He has served in the Israel Defense Forces as a medic and reserve officer. Currently, he is the Director of Strategy and Planning at Yad Hanadiv Foundation.

Daniel Taub has held many positions in government including working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a principal deputy legal advisor and advisor to the United Nations.

He participated in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process as a negotiator and managed the International Court of Justice decision for Israel’s security barrier. He was also involved in the UN investigation for the Gaza flotilla incident and Israel’s Red Cross society’s entry into the Red Cross Movement.

As the ambassador to the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub contributed to increasing trade and technology between Israel and the UK. Additionally, he promotes the idea of forming alliances between Israel and the Middle East.

He believes doing so will deter nuclear threats by Iran. Even though, the Geneva accord was created to stop the usage of nuclear power Iran continues to store weapons. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Since there is an inherent danger from nuclear weapons, Taub believes that if Middle Eastern countries form an alliance they can control usage.

He knows that the relationship between Israel and Palestine has had a negative impact on negotiations, but hopes for an opportunity for change; however, he continues to develop relationships between both territories.

Although Iran already has nuclear weapons, Taub believes the plan can make a difference. Iran still has the Arak plutonium heavy water reactor in place, and they have nuclear several weapon sites, so the UN Security Council is attempting to prevent Iran from storing uranium. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-will-still-make-a-nuclear-bomb-israel-s-ambassador-to-the-uk-daniel-taub-argues-the-geneva-deal-8965373.html

Many believe this deal will not prevent countries that want to utilize nuclear weapons from continuing to store them.

In addition, it is believed that the deal was created in confidentiality between the United States and Tehran. It is not certain that the Geneva arrangement will protect Israel or any country from nuclear attack.

The Israeli Prime Minister believes the agreement has placed the world in danger and Obama has given Iran six months to comply with their commitment. Many of the leaders of the world are outraged because the plan has not prevented Iran from obtaining nuclear power.

Bad Business Leads to Bad Drugs According to Sahm Adrangi

Hedge fund investor Sahm Adrangi uses his capital to destroy bad business and he’s profiting from it while making a difference. The activist investor and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. first made headlines by taking down several shady Chinese companies that were listed in the United States by instigating short-selling attacks on their stocks. This resulted in a couple million in profits, several investigations, and multiple companies being exposed for fraud and facing enforcement actions internationally. More details on Sahm Adrangi at valuewalk.com.

Some of these companies were for-profit education centers that were essentially complete hoaxes. Of these companies the China Education Alliance and the ChinaCast Education Corporation both faced legal actions because of their fraudulent activities. Other companies he targeted in 2011 were Lihua International and the China Marine Food Group. While a couple million profit may not be comparative to some of the larger, more seasoned investment companies, Sahm Adrangi wasn’t even 30 when he made these discoveries and bet against them. Consequently, his age and methods of betting against companies brought him international attention. Learn more about Sahm Adrangi at Businessinsider.com.

In 2017, two of his bets against pharmaceutical companies that were developing drugs that he had predicted would fail paid off within weeks of each other. These included a failed prostate cancer vaccine and a drug to treat a rare type of epilepsy that both showed to be only as effective as placebo in late trials. In light of his recent correct predictions, investors took notice when he announced his negative opinion on Prothena’s AL amyloidosis drug. Sahm Adrangi’s prediction in that the positive results shown in the trials are simply the result of natural variance as opposed to the drug itself. Consequently, the company’s stock fell approximately 8% when Sahm Adrangi made his research public. If his prognosis is correct, Prothena will join several other biotech companies such as Bavarian Nordic, Zafgen, Sage, Biosciences, and Unilife who used bad science to sell bad drugs.

Adrangi founded Kerrisdale in 2009 and previously worked for Deutsche Bank, Chanin Capital Partners, and Longacre Fund Management LLC. as an analyst after graduating from Yale University in 2003.

Know more: http://nymag.com/news/business/boom-brands/sam-adrangi-kerrisdale-capital-2013-10/


How ID Life and its Founder Logan Stout Will Assist You to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Everyone in the society wants to live a long and very healthy life. This might seem to be an easy task, but it is very complex affair that many people have never been able to accomplish. People in the modern times live in a very complicated way. They spend most of their time in the office, and other work places trying to look for a great source of income. When they get home, they are already too tired, so they quickly fix junk food so that they can go to bed and get to relax. Some opt to go to the restaurant and purchase anything they can afford so that they do not have to cook and clean the dishes. The people with children have more difficult time because they have to take care of them and at the same time work in the office so that they can make ends meet.

The kind of life people are used to have made them overweight and unhealthy. Being overweight simply means that the person in question is not happy. According to a survey carried out by a reputable body in the United States, over sixty percent of the men and women living in America are overweight and even obese. These people are looking for different ways to live the life they have been dreaming of, even if it means spending a lot of their resources. There are numerous numbers of companies that are promising to deliver supplements and other products that will assist the consumer to get their ideal body. The most surprising thing is that these people do not get the results they are looking for. Sometimes, these products only make the matters worse for the people living with this dangerous weight.

Logan Stout is self-made businessman who has been in the world for a long time, and he has decided to change the lives of the obese people by introducing a company called ID Life. The company is found in the US, and it manufactures products that give the consumer the healthy body they are interested in. some of the products bring unhealthy results to the clients when used for a long time.

ID Life understands its client’s very well, and this is why it has managed to impress its customers. The products made by the firm are specifically designed to suit the client, and they work perfectly for the needs of the consumer.

IDLife Social Media: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPqdr4WK-ig

David Giertz Uses Market Opportunities to Help Clients Prepare for Retirement

David Giertz has developed great expertise as a financial adviser who helps his clients successfully navigate complex markets and implement savings and retirement plans according to their unique circumstances. One thing he has noticed is that most people don’t properly plan for retirement if they plan at all and he hopes to convince potential clients of the paramount importance of a solid financial plan in going forward. The earliest one can plan for retirement the better off one will be when the time comes according to Giertz.

A savings plan for retirement is essential, although, it may not be enough and other ideas may need to be considered. Investing in market opportunities could be a valuable supplement to savings and Social Security. Giertz can help with the array of market choices and analyze a client’s tolerance for risk.

David Giertz also has a full understanding of the formulas used to estimate the amount of savings that one might need. As can be expected if one wishes to retire early the savings amounts are exponentially increased. He can help each client determine their needs and the correct path forward.

A Roth IRA could be very helpful for those contemplating early retirement as funds are taxed before withdrawals so there are no penalties imposed for those who use the monies before age 59 and a half. There are income stipulations, however, and anyone who makes more than $118,000 per year cannot use a Roth IRA.

A brokerage account for investments is recommended by Giertz and is an excellent way to complement your savings and Social Security. Giertz helps his clients access various markets and helps them develop this potentially critical alternative income stream.

A health savings account is also a viable way to plan for retirement and offers an attractive investment opportunity. To avoid penalties only use this for conditional medical expenses.

David Giertz has over three decades of experience as a financial adviser and a successful track record of helping his clients prepare for retirement. He is employed by Nationwide Investment Services Corporation in Dublin, Ohio.

He has four certifications that he uses to help his clients grow their asset base via various market opportunities. Equities, commodities, and bonds often attain superior performance when compared to risk-free vehicles. David Giertz is also a certified business coach with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches.

Find out more about David Giertz: https://thebrotalk.com/investing/even-bros-retire-ohio-investment-advisor-david-giertz-ideas-get-prepared/