End Citizens United Getting The Support Of People To End The Dominance Of Corporate Money In Politics

The role of the elections in the country is to find a leader who would serve the nation in all its honesty and ensure that the interest of the country and its people is his or her priority. However, the political elections these days in the United States seems more like private affair where instead of political candidates, the corporations and wealthy individuals are fighting for dominance.

Different corporations and affluent individuals spend millions of dollars to ensure that the political candidate of their choice wins the elections so that they can favor them once elected. The political ideology has been crushed due to agendas of the corporations and the use of an extravagant amount of money in the past few years. The interest of the public has suffered and continues to suffer at the hand of the corporations who are manipulating the outcome of the elections by unethically using their wealth.

End Citizens United is a PAC, abbreviation for Political Action Committee, which aims to constitutionally overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling of 2010 in the lawsuit between FEC and Citizens United. If the decision can be reversed, the companies, as well as individuals, would not be able to fund the elections without any accountability. If the campaign finance reforms are implemented as per the End Citizens United, the polls will become full proof of any outside influence or manipulation.

Many corporations always spend millions during the elections to ensure that the government that comes into the power does as it says. However, when the money power of corporations does not oblige the  political candidates, the government doesn’t have to think about the interest of the corporations and can focus on the interest of the people.

Every year the amount of money that the End Citizens United is gathering from the public donations has been increasing. It is giving the End Citizens United the strength to reach out to more people across the country as well as endorse more political candidates in their election campaign to run for Congress.

As more and more political candidates come forward to reject the corporate money, the strength of the End Citizens United is increasing to influence the Congress. Some of the prominent political candidates that the End Citizens United has decided to endorse in 2018 are Kathy Manning, Josh Butner, Max Rose, Sylvia Garcia, Gary Trauner, Tom Malinowski, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, and more.

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George Soros Makes Philanthropic Impact by Shifting his Fortune to Charity.

There have been few times in American history that the political world has been as divided as it is today. The 2016 Presidential Election and the corresponding rise of the violently-dumb rhetoric of Donald Trump have given fuel to a darker side of the nation that many had thought to be gone forever. With all of that being said, and there is much more to say, there are still some positives that are worth paying attention to. Perhaps the greatest silver lining from our divided nation has been the increased activity of George Soros, a progressive billionaire, and philanthropist who has made it his mission to stand in the way of Trump’s darkness. Soros made the news yet again, this time due to financial disclosure reports that revealed how Soros donated an incredible $18 billion to his charity, the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations was established by George Soros in the ’70s as a lifelong goal of creating a foundation that could help to serve the world in ways that mattered. The OSF, as it is sometimes shortened as, was created in order to spread progressive ideals, social justice, freedom from oppressive government and more. Simply put, the Open Society Foundation had the goal of becoming a world-changing philanthropic outreach and that is exactly what they’ve become. Even before Soros’ incredible donation, the OSF had already put more than $19 billion into grassroots foundations all around the world. From supporting oppressed Africans during Apartheid to helping the Roma people from persecution throughout Europe, the OSF has been there. The OSF even scrambled a team of aid workers during the Ebola crisis in order to help save lives when the world was seemingly in chaos.

When George Soros donated his $18 billion, thus shifting the vast majority of his wealth into philanthropic efforts, he became something of a target. Conservative media has long considered George Soros to be the ultimate enemy. Whenever something, anything, goes wrong George Soros is to be blamed. When the #BlackLivesMatter movement gained traction, conservative media giants alleged that it was solely due to Soros involvement. When prominent Republicans fall into sexual misconduct scandals, Soros is once again blamed as some sort of mastermind and puppeteer. The reason that Soros has drawn such ire, and the same reason his philanthropic efforts have been demonized, is simple: Soros is willing to fight back, dollar-for-dollar, in support of progressive causes.

Right-wing media giants are used to having all of the money in the world on their side of the argument, thanks in large part to the work of the Koch Brothers. However, Soros is not a man to be cowed by spending money and he has made that ultimately clear with his massive donation to the Open Society Foundations. This massive donation follows a smaller donation that Soros had made after the 2016 Elections came to a conclusion. When Trump was announced as the winner of the election, though there is controversy among the results, Soros immediately cut a check for $10 million as a symbolic gesture. If $10 million is symbolic, we can only imagine how to describe $18 billion.

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