ClassDojo: Transforming Classroom Worldwide

ClassDojo is the newest application that is seen to transform the way education is being presented to the public. It is available for download on Android and iOS, and it already got a huge following after its release. Based on the reviews of those who have used it, ClassDojo would really make learning fun and exciting, and the sharing of knowledge would be easier with the use of the app. Teachers, students, and their parents could work together using the application to extend the walls of the classroom in order to gain more knowledge, and to promote strong relationship between them.

The application has four different features offered to those who will download it. First is the “Classroom” feature, which enables the teachers and the students to build their ideal class culture. Here, they would have the freedom to choose which kind of trait would be dominant inside the classroom. They would have to choose the skills and the values that would be enriched throughout their study period, and then they would also have the ability to share their progress online. Next would be “Messages”, and this feature allows the teacher, students and their parents to communicate. Instant messages could be sent, and it is handy during times of emergency or if an announcement has to be disseminated. There are 35 available languages in this feature, and teachers could set their profiles to “Quiet Hours”, in order to let the parents know that they are unavailable. “Stories” is another feature found on ClassDojo, and it publishes photos and videos from the events and classes happening inside the classroom. It updates everyday so that parents would know what their children have been doing. Finally, there’s the feature called “Big Ideas”, which allows parents access original content that would assist their children in learning new things.

Presently, many schools around the world are using the application. In the UK, it is actively used by 90% of students up to the 8th grade, and in the United States, 33% of children aged 5-14 have been using the app actively.