Doctor/Entrepreneur Dr. Mark Mckenna

Dr. Mark McKenna has brought new life back into the medical industry via innovative technology. This man is a doctor turned entrepreneur. Living a healthy life has always been a major goal of his, but he has infused advanced technology into the mix. OVME, McKenna’s medical-aesthetics company, provides top-of-the-line services that are minimally invasive. Technology comes into the mix via an advanced application. This application is kind of like a boutique service. Health-conscious individuals can use this app to order medical-aesthetics services, and the services can be done from the individuals’ home.

OVME is looking to grow into a nation chain of medical-aesthetics offices. In a sense, the advanced application will be used similar to Uber. There will be a host of freelancer-medical professionals that will be participating in the program and OVME will connect each individual with the very best professional. That’s it! Dr. Mark McKenna built this company from the design of a previous company. ShapeMed was all of the rage a few years, and it gained a loyal following in the process. This medical-wellness center offered plenty of beneficial services like hormonal therapy, Botox, laser-hair removal, weight-loss solutions, nutrition and many more. OVME will offer the same services as well as offer a few extras. Dr. Mark McKenna has added luxury rooms into the equation at OVME’s Atlanta location for a luxurious finish.

Transitioning from medicine to business was fairly easy for McKenna because he had a passion for both fields. “Physicians made a lot of money and drove nice cars,” stated McKenna. On the other hand, physicians had to deal with the changing landscape of the medical industry. He saw how this change affected his father’s medical practice, which helped to push him into the business world. As of now, this loving father and happily married man is living the good life, but Dr. Mark McKenna has much more in store to better mankind.

Professional Athlete and Philanthropist-Logan Stout

He is a Successful entrepreneur and loves giving back to the community. Logan Stout is a professional athlete who is passionate about Baseball. Mr. Stout loves helping other passionate sportsmen and women and supporting them every day is what makes him happy. To reach as many sports people; Mr. Logan supports the development of Dallas Patriots which is the largest baseball group in the United States. The primary purpose of the organization is to assist the young sports individuals to achieve their game dreams as they give moral as well as emotional support, something that most children don’t get in school as well as at home. Logan Stout is passionate about people and he makes sure that he lives to accomplish his dreams of helping others achieve their goals too.

Logan Stout knows what the athletes and other sportsmen and women need in life; a healthy life. His experience in the field led him to establish ID Life. ID Life can well be described as healthcare line which develops and distributes energy supplements, weight management equipment, as well as sleeping aids for the athletes. Logan doesn’t provide the required products to the sports individuals just when they need them, instead they must undergo detailed checkup before they get is required of them and their bodies. Logan is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of ID Life.

Logan is not a professional athlete, founder and Chief Executive Officer of ID Life, a successful investor but he is also a mentor and a motivational speaker, as well as a successful published author. Logan Stout has been gracing different events where he has been making speech on how one can make it in life by dealing with the obstacles they face. Mr. Stout is also the founder of Premier Baseball Academy. The institution is the best platform for him to mentor the young aspiring sports people and ever individuals who want to improve their lives in general. Logan Stout is also a family man who loves his family and appreciates every support they offer him. During his free time; Mr. Stout loves spending time with his wife and sons.

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The Good Deeds of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a naturalized citizen of the United States of America having moved there from Venezuela. Thor ran away from his native country after being threatened for unveiling corruption deals from prominent people. He is also involved in film production and produces films that are related to issues such as individual rights, pro-democracy and public policy. He is credited with the foundation of an institution known as the Moving Picture Institute. Thor Halvorssen is currently involved with a movie called the Moon is a Harsh Mistress and is one of the production directors. Civil rights movements that can be credited to him include the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum.

Thor has a degree in History and Political Science. He is also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he specialized with Phi Beta Kappa as well as magna cum laude. His father was arrested and tortured for investigating the Medellin cartel many years ago. He was even accused of terrorism. With the help of Amnesty International, Thor managed to set his father free with all charges against him dropped. 13 year ago, his mother was shot during a protest. Thor believes that this murder was perpetrated by the Venezuelan government.

Thor himself has been tortured when he was arrested in Vietnam together with his cameraman. He was interviewing the leader of an outlawed church in the country. To guarantee his safety, Thor had to convince the authorities that he was a Buddhist seeker.Thor has a love for humanity but a special love for those who oppose oppression. He stands against human trafficking, threats to democracy and slavery. Some of the people he has opposed include Yoweri Museveni, the Ugandan president and labels him as a dictator for jailing gay people. In the US, he is a critic of Jose Serrano and Jack Kemp.

Fabletics for Everyone

When it comes to athletic clothing, Fabletics has made a name for itself in a very short period of time. Fabletics was launched in late 2013 and has is set to make over $500 million in revenue this year alone. This is a huge feat for any company, especially one that has been in business for a short period of time.

One of the main players in the founding and growing of Fabletics is Don Ressler, Don is a co-founder and co-CEO along with Adam Goldenberg. The idea for Fabletics was inspired by Don’s personal life. He and his wife have been, and continue to be, athletic their whole lives. Both were athletes while in college and are still into fitness to this day.

Don and his wife wear athletic clothing often and saw a spot where this type of clothing was lacking. They spend a lot of time in fitness clothing and found that there was not a large selection. There were high-end athletic clothes but those were expensive and they were not fashionable. This is where the idea for Fabletics came from.

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How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Taking On Amazon

Don and his co-CEO Adam Goldenberg along with celebrity Kate Hudson decided to create a line of athletic clothing that was fashionable. The clothes would be comfortable to wear and could be worn anywhere. They wanted people to be able to wear these clothes for a morning workout and throughout the rest of the day and still look good.

Fabletics was originally created as an e-commerce business. Everything was done entirely online. The website was set up to have a smooth shopping experience and be user-friendly. This business model has served the company well as they are continuing to grow in huge numbers.

Even with the online success, Fabletics wants to reach out to more customers. Not everyone is comfortable shopping online so starting soon, Fabletics will be available in retail stores across the country.

Fabletics is a new company but they are making a huge impact on the fitness industry. They are offering high-quality athletic wear at reasonable prices. These clothes are created to be fashionable and comfortable while people are being active. Fabletics is just one part of living a healthy lifestyle.

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Fashion industry Expert Don Ressler

The fashion industry is one where change is inevitable. Fashionable clothing comes and goes each season, allowing consumers to experiment and figure out what look might do well with their coloring. While certain trends change from time to time, other trends tend to stick around for a longer time frame. One such trend is that of fashionable athletic wear on In the last few years, women everywhere have come to realize that they really want to have athletic looks that can go from the boardroom to workout and anywhere in between. Someone who knows just how to help them get the look they want is fashion executiveDon Ressler. Don Ressler is one of creators of JustFab and Fabletics, a company that has shown women everywhere how this trend can offer the kind of clothing they want and need in their lives, allowing them to workout at leisure when they need without feeling grungy and unfashionable.

An Entrepreneur For Today’s Woman

Before coming to JustFab and Fabletics, Ressler has been heavily involved in the creation several start-ups on Brandettes. His work has been about offering consumers today a choice in order of options online and fully demonstrate how to use the power of net to their advantage. He began early with the creation of This company was eventually purchased by Intermix Media, another innovative company that shares his vision of fitness and fashion. After being bought out, Ressler decided that his next move should also be in this industry. Ressler decided to find a partner to work with in order to help him bring his vision to life. Working with Intermix Chief Operation Officer, Adam Goldenberg, only nineteen at the time, the two formed Alena Media.

Getting Together Again

They have helped form one of the leading retailers in the industry, a company that continues to see sales rise and continues to attract new customers. With their leadership, customers know they can count on the company to offer them attractive clothing that also fits both their lifestyle and their budget. Each day, Ressler shows his staffers how they can reach out to clients and present them with clothing choices that are fashionable and encourage people to workout.

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Brian Bonar Gets Honored by the Professional Networking Community

Brian Bonar, who’s been at the head of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, has been highlighted for his contributions to business which have made him a household name to his clients and his company’s competition.

Cambridge Who’s Who has chronicled key people in finance for years, making it a source of eyeing talent as it rises to the attention of the financial world. Cambridge’s Who’s Who Registry has selected only four entrants per year, two men and two women, who have demonstrated exceptional skill in managerial roles in their respective companies.

They’re chosen from a process that utilizes a selection committee that looks over applicants and take into consideration their educational backgrounds and their history in the role of a leader with respect to those who work beneath them. In the case of Brian Bonar, he was named one of Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance.

According to Bloomberg and Whitepages, Brian Bonar has given nearly three decades of his professional life to working in the role of a manager while working in disparate sectors of the financial world. It’s this varied set of experiences in business that led Bonar to be the ideal candidate to assume a leadership position within the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

For more than ten years, Dalrada Financial has relied on Bonar to be their company chairman and CEO. In these positions he assumed the responsibility of managing the benefits for employees and the aftermarket products they might rely on.

It’s in keeping with Dalrada’s chief role to it’s clients as a marketing liaison, offering them a swath of program options for employees in an effort to increase the efficiency of a business. This includes, but is not limited to, mitigating risks employers take on through insurance and financial management, as well as providing promotional services that benefit a business’ ability to manage itself.


About Brian Bonar:

Brian Bonar’s success in the world of finance as an executive has led him to several leadership positions that have expanded on that leadership background which has made him a success.

This has to do with a technical understanding that has made it possible for Bonar to make sense of how businesses function and what’s needed to make them succeed. This is supported by an education in technical engineering at James Watt Technical College and mechanical engineering at Strafford University. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

This includes time spent as a sales manager for Adaptec, procurement manager for IBM and Director of Engineering for QMS before going on to open his own company, Bezier Systems. In executive roles, Brian Bonar has served as President of Allegiant Professional Business Service and Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Business Services.