Equities First Holdings news on best loans packages

Equities First Holdings is a shareholding loans firm that is among the fastest growing financial institutions in the world. The firm was first established in 2002 in Indianapolis. Over the years, it has opened branches in other locations across the world. Equities First Holdings is today a leading form in the financial sector because it implements programs that resonate with a majority of the people looking for financing options. Shareholding loans are far much better than any other loans that one may be looking for. The interest rates that these loans attract are too low and therefore has no effect on the overall development of the business one is financing. The interest rates are also fixed making them easy to repay. One does not have to struggle with fluctuating interest rates which affect their ability to repay the loan. Equities First Holdings rates are far much better than the ones given by commercial banks.

Financial advisor David Giertz gives tips on retirement

Retirement is a stage in life that surely you’ll eventually encounter and it’s vital to know your options. Experienced financial advisor David Giertz shares some valuable tips you must know about.

How much should you save?

It is very common for people to miscalculate their spending habits and expect to have enough money when retired. Sadly, many find themselves having to return to work after spending all their savings in only a few years. By the time you retire, he advises you to have saved, at least 15 years worth of salary. This means that if you plan to retire by the age of 65, you better have already saved five years worth of salary by the age of 55. People looking to retire much sooner might have to add more years to that figure.

Required Minimum Distribution and the IRS

Even when you have retired, David adds that you will still have to deal with the IRS and they will have command over part of your retirement savings. The IRS mandated Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) puts you in a situation where you must withdraw a certain amount of money before you hit 72 ½ years of age. Failing to follow this rule can have you penalized so severely that you can end up paying up to 50% on tax. Keep in mind that your retirement plan will most likely be taxable.

Other factors to consider

Although its fees are higher, a wise choice is to consider a structured income using annuity. The most recommended is one in which you receive a fixed amount of money monthly but is guaranteed to keep you from blowing it all. At an older age, health problems are also very common and can be very expensive. Keep that in mind when saving.

About David

David Giertz currently holds a BS from Millikin University and an MBA from the University of Miami. He has over 30 years of experience working in industries related to financial services. In one case during his term of leadership, a company was able to grow its revenue by almost 600%.

George Soros Makes Philanthropic Impact by Shifting his Fortune to Charity.

There have been few times in American history that the political world has been as divided as it is today. The 2016 Presidential Election and the corresponding rise of the violently-dumb rhetoric of Donald Trump have given fuel to a darker side of the nation that many had thought to be gone forever. With all of that being said, and there is much more to say, there are still some positives that are worth paying attention to. Perhaps the greatest silver lining from our divided nation has been the increased activity of George Soros, a progressive billionaire, and philanthropist who has made it his mission to stand in the way of Trump’s darkness. Soros made the news yet again, this time due to financial disclosure reports that revealed how Soros donated an incredible $18 billion to his charity, the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations was established by George Soros in the ’70s as a lifelong goal of creating a foundation that could help to serve the world in ways that mattered. The OSF, as it is sometimes shortened as, was created in order to spread progressive ideals, social justice, freedom from oppressive government and more. Simply put, the Open Society Foundation had the goal of becoming a world-changing philanthropic outreach and that is exactly what they’ve become. Even before Soros’ incredible donation, the OSF had already put more than $19 billion into grassroots foundations all around the world. From supporting oppressed Africans during Apartheid to helping the Roma people from persecution throughout Europe, the OSF has been there. The OSF even scrambled a team of aid workers during the Ebola crisis in order to help save lives when the world was seemingly in chaos.

When George Soros donated his $18 billion, thus shifting the vast majority of his wealth into philanthropic efforts, he became something of a target. Conservative media has long considered George Soros to be the ultimate enemy. Whenever something, anything, goes wrong George Soros is to be blamed. When the #BlackLivesMatter movement gained traction, conservative media giants alleged that it was solely due to Soros involvement. When prominent Republicans fall into sexual misconduct scandals, Soros is once again blamed as some sort of mastermind and puppeteer. The reason that Soros has drawn such ire, and the same reason his philanthropic efforts have been demonized, is simple: Soros is willing to fight back, dollar-for-dollar, in support of progressive causes.

Right-wing media giants are used to having all of the money in the world on their side of the argument, thanks in large part to the work of the Koch Brothers. However, Soros is not a man to be cowed by spending money and he has made that ultimately clear with his massive donation to the Open Society Foundations. This massive donation follows a smaller donation that Soros had made after the 2016 Elections came to a conclusion. When Trump was announced as the winner of the election, though there is controversy among the results, Soros immediately cut a check for $10 million as a symbolic gesture. If $10 million is symbolic, we can only imagine how to describe $18 billion.

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Agora Financial Providing Reliable and Trustworthy Financial and Investment Advice

Making investments at the right time on the right investment product can make a massive difference to your finances in the long-term. Wealth creation is a continuous process and making the right investment choices is essential to achieve long term financial goals. For people who are not typically associated with the economic sectors needs to keep themselves updated with the economic news, updates, and insights. It is what helps them understand where the market is heading, which are the sectors that are progressive and would grow in the future, and which ones are worth avoiding regarding investments. Agora Financial is a publishing house with over twenty finance based publications that offers guidance, tips, and investment advice to its readers.

Agora Financial has over a million subscribers, and the company invests over a million dollars each year to ensure that its reporters can travel extensively to get the scoop needed from different industries to predict its future. Agora Financial understands that just believing in the bookish data is not enough to speculate the market movements and latest financial trends, and thus, the reporters are encouraged to travel across the world and penetrate the industries deeply to know where the industry is heading. Such insight helps the readers to see if it is worth investing in the sector or not.

One of the best parts about Agora Financial is that it offers unbiased reports and financial insights. The reporters at Agora Financial doesn’t accept money to provide false data to its readers, which is what has helped Agora Financial to become one of the most trusted names in world of financial news reporting. For readers who are looking for advice on a regular basis as to which investment product is worth investing in and more such news, subscribing to Agora Financial is a good idea.

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Agora Financial Puts Investors in Charge

Agora Financial is just the type of website that people need when it comes to making better decisions with their Investments. This company has elevated to a great level in investment world, and people are still looking at all the possibilities that exist for investors that want to make a change on how they distribute their money throughout their portfolio.

Anytime that investor wants to make a monumental change they have to take time to assess the market and see what is actually going on. There has to be a certain amount of research that is done for people to become better acquainted with the investment world and the options that they have. Agora Financial gives investors information that they need to change what is not working and to continue on with those things that are.

Sometimes it is not about changing what is inside of the portfolio. Sometimes people just need consultants that have been doing the research to let them know if they need to buy or sell. Sometimes the investments are already good and investors simply need to increase the amount of stocks that they have for a certain corporation.

The good thing about Agora Financial is that the analysts that are in place are going outside of their offices and actually doing research in real environments. They are finding the opportunities that are unknown to the general public. They are finding the things that people need to look out for if they want to get in on certain investment opportunities early. This is what Agora does. This company puts analyst in a place where they can study and research while the consultants create publications about this knowledge. These publications are a vast resource for for those that need information to make wise investment decisions.

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Equities First Holdings is a Lending Corporation That You Should Be Comfortable With Counting On

Equities First Holdings is offering its borrowers with opportunities that they may not necessarily be able to obtain from anywhere else. Equities First Holdings is a lending company that has been well renowned as being an organization that offers some of the best opportunities of borrowing for its applicants, as they offer their loan terms with some of the lowest rates of interest in the market, as well as some of the best payback terms.Equities First Holdings realizes that their borrowers have different reasons for needing to borrow funds. Among some of the reasons why borrowers may need to obtain loans are to fund businesses, to purchase assets, to make improvements to their business’s land/assets, or anything else.

Equities First Holdings isn’t a lending institution that is solely limiting their lending terms for businesses, as they’re offering loans for individuals who have a high net-worth. High net-worth individuals have often had troubles finding lending organizations that have been able to provide them with the types of loans that they need. Oftentimes, individuals who have high net-worth seek to borrow funds as non-purpose types of loans. Non-purpose loans consists of loans that uses the securities that they own as forms of collateral.

One of the best things about Equities First Holdings is that they offer some of the biggest loan amounts that high net-worth individuals may be able to borrow. By speaking with one of the organization’s consultants, you can get a good idea about what you may be able to expect from their company as a loan provider. Equities First Holdings understands that not everyone necessarily has an easy time with obtaining the loan amounts that they need. By visiting the website that their web developers have designed and engineered, you’ll get a clear picture of what you may be expecting from borrowing through them.

Equities First-An international lending company

Equities First is an internationally accredited and a recognized company providing efficient and high quality alternative lending options for different businesses and high net individuals who are actively looking for a non-purpose capital. It is recognized as a private equity firm working on a global level that is specialized in shareholder financing and finding alternative corporate financing options for individuals or for businesses for non-purpose capital.

Equities first provide different non-recourse lending solutions through publicly traded stocks and securities at a very competitive term. Equities first was founded in 2002, with having profound experience in assisting its clients around the world and satisfying their needs and requirements during the last 12 years.

They have made great client based contacts around the world. Many of their clients include different global financial services firms, directors of publicly traded companies, and leading asset management organizations among others. It functions as a global institution, with offices located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Australia.

This allows the team at Equities first to work on a deal by deal basis with their clients in order to work efficiently. The key aspect for their growth during the last few years is because of the fact that the company started to work successfully globally.

They have been able to achieve an year over year growth rate of more than 30 percent in the last three years. This has allowed to also achieve a record setting high growth rate in 2014. And because of this fact Equities First workforce internationally has increase by around 50 percent since 2012.To start off with the process for equity financing just contact them first with all the details regarding your proposal and the specific amount of funding that is requested.

Once you’ve contacted the company, the highly skilled team at the company will take a closer look at the proposal and will calculate loan to value ratio and a fixed interest rate. If this is accepted and verified the company will transfer the loan process into the holdings accounts simultaneously. Only agreed upon interests are paid during the financing period.With the best customer service and the easy availability of funds for businesses, individuals Equities First are one of the best companies in the investment sector.


Equities First Provides Financing For Investors

Equities First Holdings is a shareholder lending institution. Banks and primary lending institutes have become very strict so they are offering an alternative route for those left out. Interest rates are skyrocketing withing traditional lending institutions and stock market related loans typically have a higher loan-to-value ratio than margin loans. Al Christy, Jr, CEO of Equity First, says that stock based loans have a lower risk due to the fact that an investor can quickly pull out of the market with minimal losses to the original capital.

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. They boast that they have had thousands of transactions since their opening in 2002 with international companies and high net-worth individuals. They have offices world wide including London, Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. Their team features Senior CEO Al Christy, Managing Director, Jeff Smith, and Chief Risk Officer Simon Moore. Individual investors, businesses, and executives of public companies use their loans for business investments. Over 70% of the companies transactions are from international deals.

They doubled the size of their headquarters in Market Tower of Indianapolis since their explosion of growth in 2013. They have recruited a top notch team to serve the niche markets in their new international offices. Their team come from backgrounds that have dealt with custodian banks, investment banks, law firms and international jurisdictions. They are continuing to invest and expand into new markets all the time.

In 2014, Equities First Holdings acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited from the United Kingdom.  Prior to the acquisition, they partnered in 2013 to expand into the markets of the UK and Australia.