Who Needs Faux Hair When You’re Using WEN By Chaz?

We know you do this; whether it’s using a flat iron, blow dryer, coloring, highlighting, bleaching, perming or straightening, some damage will occur sooner or later. Trips to your local hair salon are a must, but what happens when you return home to care for your hair solo?

It isn’t easy dealing with fine, limp hair that takes on the occasional frizz. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of mane Emily McClure battles every day. Sometimes, she just gives up and let’s her tresses run free, but she really wanted to get a grip on the problem and achieve Hollywood hair. So, the Bustle.com contributor decided to test out WEN By Chaz’s no lather shampoo for seven days.

Chaz Dean is the famous celebrity stylist who developed his equally famous no lather concept. He is the original no-poo pioneer, whose luxurious cleansing conditioners have sold more than 40 million bottles. He exclusively sells his brand on select retailers such as Guthy-Renker and QVC.


Because Wen Hair By Chaz works beautifully on all hair types and textures. Lather is not necessary and only contains harsh detergents that eventually weaken everyone’s hair. His unique formulas use an holistic approach and include fab blends containing herbal and plant-based extracts. These soothing formulas protect and fortify every strand. Lavender, Pomegranate, Mandarin Fig and Tea Tree are just a few of the amazing ingredients used in his healthy shampoo alternative.

Emily discovered bigger, glossier hair with movement when she washed with WEN. She posted hair selfies that drew in admirers. Her hair felt softer, smoother and almost double in volume.

Emily recommends hooking up with WEN if you can cleanse your hair daily and follow with styling tools. She got amazing benefits adhering to these simple steps. Emily also did best with WEN in a morning wash, as her mane kept its fullness and manageability all day long.

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WEN By Chaz: It’s The Healthy Goodness In The Bottle That Matters

Hair professionals say that if you’re going to abuse your hair with ammonia and peroxide and extreme heat styling tools, then you better make sure your cleansing and conditioning routine is a really beneficial one.

Most women do plenty of daily damage to their hair in numerous ways; even an elastic band too tightly wrapped around your strands can weaken tresses. Of course, many of us won’t give up our bad girl hair routines, but if that is true, then amp up on a brand that protects and strengthens your hair.

WEN by Chaz is an excellent choice to make, because it’s gentle on hair of any type in any condition, and it’s made with zero sulfates. That’s right. Famous Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/) launched his brand, so women wouldn’t have to worry about hair care products that attack at the follicles with unforgiving chemicals. Instead, WEN By Chaz delivers a healthy, natural cleansing and conditioning experience, because the ingredients come from herbal and botanical extracts. Good stuff like wild cherry bark and rosemary extract are in formulas to nourish strands and provide exceptional hydration.

WEN’s special cleansing conditioners are a 5-in-one bottle of hair magic. You don’t need the foaming shampoo. His luxurious formulas act as a shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioning treatment. Did we mention how heavenly these scents smell? Oh, goodness, and your hair lingers in the clean, healthy aroma.

There are tons of no-poo choices out there, but if you’re looking for the true pioneer with the beauty science behind it, then, there is only one WEN By Chaz. Chaz Dean believes in his mission and the integrity of his famous hair care brand, that he has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his loyal A-list clientele since 1993.

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