Securus Technologies Uses the Wireless Containment System to Enhance Safety

The current security issues revolve around crime with robbery and murder topping the list. As such, organizations, researchers and technologists have come together to provide solutions to solve this menace. Securus Technologies is one organization that is currently working with Robert Johnson and other experts in the field of technology to enhance safety in the community. Here is a narration of Robert Johnson’s journey experience and contribution to safety enhancement.


Background Information


Johnson is a former corrections officer who worked at Lee Correctional Institution. He is well versed in how technology can save dull and life-threatening situations. He has been telling his story to encourage victims and other corrections department to participate in community safety.


Johnson’s Backstory


Seven years ago, Robert Johnson was attacked by an armed assailant. Like any typical working day, he was getting ready for work. At 5 A.M., he heard a loud, disturbing bang on his door. A forceful entry into his house followed that. Because his wife was asleep, he requested the intruder to walk into his hallway. Johnson did not want to wake his wife up. Well, his assailant had a gun. Consequently, he was shot on the chest. Robert nursed severe damages that required corrective surgeries.


Johnson’s Ordeal


Lying on his bed unconsciously, Robert Johnson was left in the hands of a life support machine. His wife was asked to prepare for his funeral as there were no survival chances for him. With the corrective surgeries done on time, Robert Johnson recuperated. From that moment on, he worked hard to ensure that his life was dedicated to enhancing community safety.

Johnson Works with Securus Technologies

Robert Johnson is now working with Securus Technologies to make sure that security in corrections facilities and the public is pushed a notch higher. Every two weeks, the company comes up with a software or technology that promotes safety by preventing crime. Lately, the Wireless Containment System is the gadget that Securus Technologies is using to prevent crime.


Additional Information


The Wireless Containment System is an advanced technology that monitors all phone calls going into and out of the correctional facilities. To make sure that the contents of the phone calls are sieved, a secure network system is utilized. So far, Securus Technologies has managed to arrest gangs that participate in illegal activities. From drugs, weapons and calls to organize crime, Securus Technologies has managed to arrest offenders.



Besides, Securus Technologies has involved experts in its battle against crime. It is evident that with the likes of Johnson in the vicinity, safety measures will be taken a notch higher. That is why for decades, Securus Technologies has dedicated time and resources to finding the right solutions to solve crimes.

The Growing Importance of Wireless Containment Systems from Securus Technologies

Deliverance of safe and efficient incarceration services is the biggest challenge of prison authorities in the history. When the technology, especially communication technology, started traveling an extra-mile post-2000s, it gave new challenges to the correction agencies. Contraband cell phones are creating biggest threat to prison security and safety in the recent years. The experience of Robert Johnson, an ex-corrections officer at Lee Correctional Institution located in South Carolina, showcases the threats associated with the flaws of prison safety solutions. Johnson was facing a deadly attack at his home for confiscating a contraband package.


The inmates were contacting an ex-convict using a contraband phone to target Johnson, which later proved the inability of prison authorities to restrict such phones that can claim the lives of their own officials. There are many similar incidents in the past where the prison officials or their family members were being targeted by the inmates and their associated gangs operating outside. All of their communications go through contraband phones – the biggest threat to prison security and safety. Johnson even testified in front of the Federal Communications Commissions and explained the process of controlling such contraband phones that are taking lives.


Since there is a national law that prohibits jamming or blocking signals, states like Florida are using technology that offers selective options according to the prison needs. Interestingly, Johnson is a paid consultant to Securus Technologies, the leading prison technology provider who enabled Florida to choose paid call options for inmates in the state. It uses a Wireless Containment System or WCS to restrict contraband cell phones. A spokesperson for Securus confirmed that its solution is working in the line of establishing a specific cell phone network. Regardless of the carriers, only known numbers are permitted to connect, and others are blocked.


The company even shared a video in July 2017 to show the vulnerability of the prison security with respect to contraband cell phones. It was a Facebook Live by an inmate using a contraband cell phone. It is already proved that such flaws are effectively controlled by the WCS technology of the Securus. Interestingly, in March 2017, FCC has approved the streamline of correctional facilities that help them to use contraband interdiction technology like WCS with reduced paperwork and other formalities with different carriers, said Rick Smith, the Chief Executive of Securus.


With the improved process of regulations, more people started demanding the elected officials to take steps to curtail the inmates from the use of contraband phones, said a corrections officer in South Carolina. Interestingly, Securus even published the data that displays the efficiency of the WCS technology, and the technology blocked nearly 1.7 million unauthorized phone calls during the period July 2016 to July 2017, from just eight correctional centers in the United States.



Securus Technologies/ Crime Prevention:

*An in depth look at Securus Technologies:


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas Texas. The Securus has been in business for over thirty years. The company provides a variety of communication as well as security services to inmates in over 40 states.


Securus services greatly improve public safety. In addition, the high tech services familiarize inmates with the latest and most advanced technology. The company currently serves over 3000 correctional facilities on a national level.


The company was involved in a variety of acquisitions that proved quite profitable. Within the past five years, Securus has purchased JLG Technology, J- Pay as well as the Guarded Exchange. It appears that Securus continues to expand their operations as well as increasing their overall client base.


One of Securus latest discoveries is a full proof security system that enables correctional facilities to detect as well as control contraband cellular phones within an inmates cell. The “Managed Access Solution” is currently being used by a number of correctional facilities with excellent results. Being able to identify contraband and quickly removing it , makes the facility a much safer and more secure place for other inmates, staff members and visitors.


Securus is the leader in “Cell Defender Technology“. In addition to Cell Defender Technology, Securus has also improved Video visitation services, Inmate voice response systems, internal management as well as investigative services for correctional facilities. In addition, GPS tracking of those that have been paroled is now used on a regular basis. GPS tracking of former inmates can provide indisputable proof of a parolee’s location and whereabouts at virtually any time of the day or night.


Due to improvements in the security systems that Securus offers permits officers to conduct fast and accurate internal investigations. Internal investigations within a facility permit officers to prove or disprove allegations such as sexual harassment as well as stopping the flow of drugs throughout the facility.


Public safety has been greatly improved through the efforts of Securus Technologies. Securus is one of the first companies to introduce “Secure Calling Platforms” to correctional facilities. Not only has Securus made communication within a facility easier, they have also made communication much safer and quite secure.


Securus Technologies – Developing New Age Inmate Communication and Crime Prevention Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the most talked about companies in the correctional world, and for all the right reasons. The company has one of the most comprehensive ranges of products and services on offer, and the company also has many different types of investigative services and products for the law enforcement agencies. These days, it is imperative for the law enforcement agencies and officers to use new age investigative solution and services that can be used to keep track of criminal activities and curb the crime rate.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters based in Dallas, Texas, but has regional offices spread through the country in Atlanta, Carrollton, and Allen. The company’s CEO Rick Smith also invited the customers and investors of the company to visit the company’s technology center in Dallas in order to check out the progress the company is making in developing new age inmate communication and crime prevention technology. The open invitation to the investors and customers was given through the press release online, which also contained series of comments from the law enforcement officers about how much they appreciate the services of Securus Technologies.


As one of the law enforcement officer who has used the investigative technology and services offered by many other companies as well over the years, I can say without having any second thoughts that Securus Technologies is the best available in the industry today. It is because the company understands how the law enforcement agencies and officers operate and is aware of the protocols in an in-depth format, which helps them develop technology that assists the law enforcement personnel in the line of duty. In many of the communities where the law enforcement agencies use Securus Technologies’ products and services, it has potentially saved hundreds of lives so far. The company also has a specialized technology center in Dallas, where advanced technology is developed for inmate communications and crime prevention.


Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Agencies Perform Their Duties Safely and Securely

One of the biggest reasons why the miscreants in the society are getting away with their wrongdoings is because like every other industry, the crime prevention technology has not grown as much as it should in the past couple of decades. However, thanks to the contributions made by companies such as Securus Technologies, there have been massive improvements in the technology-oriented products and services offered to the correctional sphere today. The company has contracts with close to 2,600 correctional facilities in Canada and the United States of America.


As the company’s CEO, Rick Smith, continues to plan massive expansion in the years to come, Securus Technologies is expected to provide its services across all the states of the United States and Canada. Currently, more than a million inmates across the United States and Canada are using inmate communication services offered by the company. Securus Technologies’ primary aim is to help the inmates communicate and stay in contact with their friends and relatives, and it has been able to achieve its objectives through the comprehensive range of products and services it offers.


Some of its products and services include photo sharing services, video services, phone services, calling cards, money transfer services, video visitation, e-mail messaging system, voicemail messaging system, and more. Such services help the inmates to keep in touch with their loved ones with ease without having to spend a fortune. Moreover, the customer service of the company is second to none and ensures that any and all queries of the customers are quickly answered and resolved. Securus Technologies recently published a press release on the internet where it displayed the comments of the law enforcement officers and what they feel about the company’s products and services. It talked about how these services are helping them perform safely and catch and convict the offenders with ease.

Inmate Calling Has Expanded To A Global Network

An impressive Certification 1 has allowed the leading inmate calling regulator in the industry to expand their network to a global forefront. Securus Technologies is proud to announce that eleven of the partnered associations have acquired the certification that will allow them to be able to create jobs for over 456,600 IT professionals. The general public can rest assured that their needs will be meet through mandatory government mandates that specific expressed inmate calling laws be applied to all network providers. The newly acquired Certification 1 will ensure that they have the top technology to be in complete compliance.


A recent PRN Newswire article has specified that Securus is responsible for correcting inaccuracies with Global Tel-Link in a fourth-quarter audit. Surprisingly, as a benefit to their customers Global Tel-Link is now offering free calling features to Louisiana for a limited time. They are working around the clock at Securus Technologies to keep their customers connected for an affordable rate.


Securus Technology Features

Video Chat Features

The court was determined to cut their costs in light of tough economic times and needed a way to get them to their court appearance for far less gas and commuting. They began to utilize a video monitoring system that allows inmates to speak through a monitor and appear for their court hearing. This video chat technology has been extended by Securus to provide a new feature for inmates and their families.

Video Chat Visitation

Video chat now has the great feature of allowing inmates and their families to visit online. If you’re on their visiting list you can visit them without ever having to leave home with this great feature provided by Securus Technologies.

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