Kamil Idris States the Essence of Intellectual Property Rigths

Director General Kamil Idris pointed out that World Intellectual Property Day is gaining international attention at a very quick pace. After it has been established eight years previously, the number of governments and other organizations who would like to take part in WIPO’s celebration every April 26 have increased.

Many might be confused or are wondering why the yearly intellectual property has been gaining so much interest and notice. And their normal question would be – how do trademarks, industrial designs, patents or copyright fit into the larger issues like watching the Olympics (that provides entertainment) and the global warming that the world is facing at present.

And the simple reply to such questions according to Kamil Idris is – without any intellectual property rights, numerous and various modern technologies will not be available for use to benefit the public. Without intellectual property rights the things that people would like to watch on their television sets for relaxation and entertainment will not be broadcasted.

When April 26 comes, and we celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day, the celebration is not only meant for the remembrance of the excellent creativity of mankind. It is likewise a celebration for intellectual property rights that have aided in giving the proper direction and force that pave the way for the continuous enhancement of social, economic, and cultural development. This puts emphasis that the human creative skills have guided us to modern technologies like the internet which started from cave wall drawings and the printing press in the past.

Intellectual property rights gave us existing innovations that allowed footballers to shoot from extreme distances, pole vaulters to climb higher, and provided millions with better standards of living just to account a few; which would have been only desired or are unattainable a few decades back.

And so, WIPO is dedicated in utilizing intellectual property rights as a way of propagating and connecting the potency of human innovation and creativity so each citizen of every country can benefit from them. Thus, on April 26, as we celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day, Kamil Idris highlights that we not only pay homage to all artists and inventors but we likewise remember the significance of their intellectual property rights.

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