Get Your Lips Feeling Great

Many people may know Evolution Of Smooth by their small round pods that holds their lip balms. What people may not know is that EOS went through a lot of trouble to create a superior lip balm product. For more than 100 years Chapstick was the reigning king of the lip balm sector. When Chapstick first created their lip balm, it was a revolutionary item. Before that there was really no other company that had created a pocket-size lip balm that was unisex. Since Chapstick was the first company to get lip balm right, they dominated the market. The weird thing about the lip balm industry is that Chapstick has really had very few competitors since their inception.

When the creators of Evolution Of Smooth ( decided that they were going to make a lip balm, they wanted to do something that was creative and unique. They wanted their lip balm to be specifically for women. In order to make a unique lip balm, the EOS creators decided to get the opinion of different women around the country. They asked women about what they wanted in the touch, feel, and look of their lip balm. They wanted women to feel an emotional connection to their lip balm, and they wanted their lip balm to engage all five of the senses. By using the information from all of their surveys, EOS lip balm was able to come up with the smooth round pods that they use for their lip balm’s today.

Evolution Of Smooth also got in contact with many different beauty bloggers, and they were able to get their product out to many of the well-known pharmacies and stores like target. Now Evolution Of Smooth has totally dominated the lip balm industry. Evolution Of Smooth continues to improve their products because they want to give their customers the most amazing lip balm experience ever.