Charting The Success Trail Of Andrea McWilliams

Presently Andrea McWilliams is the successful owner of a million-dollar consulting and lobbying firm of Texas which she runs along with her husband, Dean McWilliams, today. However, success was not served to this dynamic and awe-inspiring personality on a platter. It had taken sheer hard work, grit, and determination to reach the pinnacle of success that Andrea McWilliams is at today.


Starting out as a file clerk while managing her study as well and earning just minimum wages, Andrea McWilliams worked hard to rise to the position of the chief of staff for a Texas state representative at just 21. She capitalized the opportunity well to enter the political landscape and start leaving indelible marks there. Andrea McWilliams is a name to revere as a top political strategist, lobbyist, and fundraiser not only of Texas but the country. Today, she commands a high influence amongst both social and political circles.


In the 81st legislative assembly, Andrea McWilliams managed to get the bill passed thereby procuring over $100 million to set up one of the most advanced coal power plants in Texas. She is known to work relentlessly towards the betterment of her hometown and state. Using her multiple talents with a practical, yet aggressive approach, she always succeeding in getting what she has set her sights for.


Andrea McWilliams’ philanthropic endeavors to the cause of cancer have got her national acclaim. She is also deeply committed to preserving the heritage and culture of Austin and Texas and works with several organizations to further the cause. She is also known to mentor several young female entrepreneurs from her state. She had successfully hosted the largest charity event in Austin which was held in Austin, Ballet Fete. Andrea McWilliams’ career success, charitable and noble heart and helpful nature have won her many awards including the ‘Austin Under 40’ Awards in 2012.