Timber Creek LP’s Marc Spark, Making a Bold Move to Move Forward

Marc Sparks, the well known Philanthropist, author and venture capitalist, have made some huge impact on the business world early last year and from there it appears that Marc will stop at nothing to push through with all of his passion and plans that are obviously been well prepared for any possible circumstances, being a social entrepreneur that he is.

It all started with Marc Sparks’ bold move of moving to a new office after almost a decade and a half working and doing business at Timber Creek Capital, LP, the company that he founded.

Who actually is Marc Sparks?

Timber Creek LP’s goal is to provide a broader business knowledge to different business person or organization that dreams of achieving success with a well planned and organized business support.

Marc Sparks is also the author of “They Can’t Eat You”, a book available in kindle and hardcover which tackles about how Marc Sparks have become a successful entrepreneur that could inspire those who wanted to become successful with their own business.

Marc is also a known philanthropist with his program called: Spark Tank. The goal of Spark Tank is to provide at least Five Thousand Dollar worth of grant to a Non-profit organization in Texas that could help a huge impact in their community.

What’s with the new office move?

Marc Sparks believes that with the time changing so fast, it is a major factor in one’s success about the time of office environment.

Marc believes that all the employee’s and staff would be more productive in moving to a much better and harmonious environment to continue with helping out other business to become successful.

Marc Sparks’ experiences for more than three decades have really paid through, with him sharing all of his expertise to every company that they are mentoring with.

It will be inevitable that Marc Sparks work will be remembered by the Texan community in the years to come as not just a man in a coat and tie who became an author and philanthropist, but as someone who made an impact that changes the lives of many.

Marc Sparks today is continuously providing business consultation and providing grants to those who seek the companies help in being successful with their goal.