Facts 101 on CTRMA and The Director, Mike Heiligenstein

For the longest time, traffic has been one of the biggest problem in Texas. Particularly, Travis and Williamson County. Therefore, the two counties formed a mobility authority that would come up with solutions to this problem. In the year 2002, The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was formed, following the passing of the state law. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: http://www.slideshare.net/mikeheiligenstein/mike-heiligenstein-of-the-ctrma-the-central-texas-approach

This body is dominated by men, six of its members being men and only one being and African-American woman. The body is encompassed of 7 members. The chairman of the body is appointed by the Governor of Texas. The other six members are appointed by Travis and Williamson counties. Each of the counties elect three members to serve in the Mobility Authority.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has condemnation power. However, it does not have taxing authority. The body however manages to raise money without eating into the tax dollars.

Since the mobility authority was established, they have managed to grow their asset networth to more than $1.8 billion dollars. Money raised by the company is used to cater for their expenses and even improve the state of roods in the two counties. They raise this money in a number of ways. First, they sell stock bonds to the private sector.

Money obtained from the private sectors accounts for 70% of their revenue. The body repays this money using the income gotten from toll roads. The rest of the money is raised by CTRMA through the public sector. The biggest public source of their revenues is the Texas Department of Transportation.

So far, CTRMA has used the money raised in the construction of toll roads and the issuance of toll tags. The money is also used in the operation of HERO. HERO is a Highway Emergency Response operator. The operator helps motorists who are stranded on Interstate 35 and US 183.

The aim of this operator service is to ensure that traffic flow is not restricted by anything. The mobility Authority also runs an app, Metropia. This app is used to broadcast resources to help decongest roads. They give advice on travel time, to ensure that traffic in Texas flows.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein is the director of CTRMA. He was employed by the board in the year 2003. Mike Heiligenstein manages the employees of this mobility body ensuring that they have all the support they need make strategic plans to improve the traffic situation in Central Texas.