The Mighty Magnises: A Powerful Ally for Millennial Networking and Socialization

Are you a young professional looking for opportunities to further develop your social network as well as gain insight to, and discounts at, some of the most popular scenes, hangouts, and happenings in your area? Magnises, founded in August 2013 by millennial entrepreneur Billy Mcfarland, provides for some unique and incredible membership perks, from hookups with major businesses to hookups with entry into some of your city’s hottest clubs. In a recent interview with, Mcfarland said the company’s main focus was taking their members lives to the next level, both professionally and socially. With a plethora of benefits and membership options, it’s easy to see how Magnises can do just that for you! Click for more details.



Not only does Magnises continue to offer members discounts at restaurants, bars, and clubs, and access to some exclusive vacation opportunities and personal concerts, but the company regularly hosts events for Magnises members to socialize and network. The company is focused on building a platform dedicated to connecting millennial professionals with businesses, and like minded people, through offline mixers and online resources. Last year Magnises rolled out a whole new line of options for members, including WorkPass, offering members co-working space in Magnises’ corporate HQ, ClubPass, which gives card holders access to NYC’s most popular clubs, and HotelPass, providing major discounts at The Dream Hotel’s New York based locations. View and read more.



While the Magnises black card can be linked to your bank account to make payments, it primarily serves as your access key to the world of unbelievable perks having a membership can offer you. In providing for some excellent relaxation resources as well as offering connections between other members and businesses that can aid you professionally, membership with the company allows you to maintain a well rounded lifestyle. With low membership rates, incredible discounts, and access to exclusive networking events along with vacation and concert opportunities, Magnises is dedicated to allowing you to work hard and play hard. Check this site.


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