Clay Hutson Becomes Part of Soul2Soul Tour

Clay Hutson, a known music expert, and tour rigger has decided to become part of the event called Soul2Soul. Soul2Soul is the world tour by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, which is the 2nd leg of the duo’s international concerts. Both McGraw and Hill have come back together since their tour in 2007.


The first portion of the tour had 70 concerts, all of which are sold out from April of last year until December. The duo decided that they would be back for a 2nd part, due to high demand. Clay Hutson will be joining the concert as a part of the live production team.


The 2nd leg of Soul2Soul will be starting on May 31, at Richmond, Virginia. The first artists that will be featured in the tour are Caitlyn Smith, the opening act, as well as other outstanding performance such as Devin Dawson, brothers Osborne, Seth Ennis, Midland, Margo Price, NEEDTOBREATHE and many others.


According to Clay Hutson, both Tim McGraw and Faith Hill did a spectacular world tour in the first leg of Soul2Soul. It was his honor to be a part of the live production team.



More about Clay Hutson


Clay Hutson is a well-respected figure in the music industry and live performances. He has collaborated with many artists such as Guns n’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, and Kid Rock. For over two decades, he has guided musicians on their live performances, concerts, and has become a leading personality in stage management, sound production, engineering, and tour management.


Mr. Hutson started working as a sound engineer on his early days. He was a member of Billy Graham’s music team. Later, he wanted to pursue his love for rock n’ roll and decided to wet his feet in the world of music industry. Clay Hutson traveled in many countries in Europe, North America, as well as in Australia. He has helped many artists in improving their concerts and other live performances. As a result, most of his help in live productions have given artists sold out tours and events. Clay Hutson has a reputation for being the most hardworking person in the live production industry. He believes in constantly improving himself, and he puts a lot of work in improving artist’s stage shows. This is how he built his reputation–by continually focusing on quality and delivering more than what he is expected. As he gives his best in what he does, people continually praise his work despite being behind the scenes. Learn more:

Clay Hutson the musical genius

When you compare the music industry from one decade to the other, you can note the many evolutions that have taken place. This industry is very competitive and is the fastest growing in the market. To keep up and remain relevant, one has to be open to change and continuously apply creativity to their work. As much as the only people with great recognition in the industry are the artists, most of the work is done by those behind the scenes like one Clay Hutson.


Clay Hutson is an expert music producer that has survived in the scene for several years. Clay began as a marketer in the field and has since evolved to a terrific sound engineer and producer having worked in several live music companies as a project manager. He is the proud owner of a firm that provides services to musicians as well as event organizers. The firm manages designs and produces concerts in all parts of the world.


Clay Hutson has worked with bands like Garbage as a monitor engineer during their global tour I 2015 by the name Bleed like Me that took place in multiple cities of North America, Europe, and Australia. He also worked with the One Republic band as an operator for their automatic rigging system during their Honda Civic Tour in North America and Asia. In addition to these bands, Clay has had the honor to work with great artists like pink, Kid Rock and the band Guns and Roses. He is specifically known to work with rock artists however not exclusively.


Clay Hutson is a perfectionist workaholic who is known for putting I hours into his work to gain perfection. Clay will not rest until he has delivered exactly what the client requested and is continually striving to outperform his client’s expectations. He is also regularly seeking out the best equipment in the business hence his obsession with DIGICO inventions.


DIGICO recently launched a new SD11 that was debuted on the Town Line tour featuring Aaron Lewis. Being that he had already had experience with the SD7 and 8, Clay wanted to have the first-hand SD11 experience hence offered to work as the tour manager, producer, FOH and monitor engineer. His constant search to improve his services is one of the reasons he has remained in the business and is highly sought after. Learn more: