George Soros Speaking his Mind

George Soros is one of the most outspoken billionaires of modern times. Just the other day, he spoke about the issues affecting the globe. He spoke about the forms of government, globalization and other issues. In the essay that he wrote, he wrote about how globalization had change things. Globalization changes things both economically and politically. One good thing about globalization is that it brings about some convergence between the rich and the poor nations. The disadvantage is that it increases inequalities between these countries. One failure of the democratic process according to George Soros is the absence of redistributive policies, and this has always been exploited by the leaders who care less about their subjects. The most surprising thing is that these leaders form just a 1 percent of the population.

From the very beginning, George Soros was the number one supporter of the European Union. He regarded it as a collection of ideas were several nations were willing to sacrifice their sovereignty to help the betterment of the society. In this essay, George Soros talks about how the European Union was a bold experiment as the goals that were set could be achieved. They also put in place a fixed timeline to be followed, and there was the political will to meet the objectives on Snopes. He then talks about how something went wrong in the year 2008 and changed things. The debtors and creditors could not agree on anything, and this meant trouble. Germany stepped up and became the European super power.

George Soros believes that there is much to look forward to and that democracy will succeed in the United States despite the election of Donald Trump on He says that dictatorship cannot prevail in the US because of its constitution and institutions. The fourth state makes it difficult for the executive branch to take things into their hands. He, however, predicts that there will be internal struggles in the country which will make the minority groups on being targeted to suffer. This means that the United States will no longer be the protector of democracy for the rest of the world. He says that Trump will have a close relationship with dictators some of who will seek refuge in the free world. Finally, he concludes about how he is worried for the European Union especially if Putin becomes the EU leader.

George Soros was born 86 years ago in the Eastern European country of Hungary. Since he was a small boy, he learned tactics to survive as his native country had been occupied by the Nazis. He moved to London a few years later and attended London School of Economics where developed passion for finance.

Today, George Soros is a very rich man. He does not keep all the money for himself but actively gives it away. He supports several causes such as those that fight for criminal justice reforms, religious tolerance and immigration reforms. He is an active donor to the Democratic Party and supported their candida, Hillary Clinton in the past presidential elections.