The Chainsmokers’ Bare What “Sick Boy” is All About

The Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, have a new offering for their loyal fans, which they released on the music airwaves on the 17th of January 2018. Their new dance track – “Sick Boy.” The song has a unique title and a rousing tune, which makes the listener wonder what is the precise tale behind “Sick Boy”, and what does the darker impression in their catalog connote.

“Sick Boy” is considered the audio remedy for music fans who are afflicted with the Chainsmokers’ fever. The energetic dance rock hymn detonated on the band’s label of Disruptor Records. The certified success of the duo’s platinum debut album Memories… Do Not Open produced quite a big pair of shoes to fulfill that featured their two hit songs “Something Just Like This” (with Coldplay) and “Paris.” Their song “Paris” shattered the music airwaves of the radio’s Top 40 that contains an auditory wallop on a love that is forbidden. And the subsequent “Something Just Like This” ruled likewise, gaining more than 996 million views on YouTube due to its energetic music and lyric-propelled video on not being a fabled hero in order to find love.

And here comes “Sick Boy” which provides other fascinating visualizations that one’s imagination can come up with. The song’s title should not be taken literally since it goes down deeper than going for a treatment in the doctor’s office. The “Sick” word according to the song is the personality crisis caused by the pressure the society imposes on an individual’s exposure to the social media.

And Alex Pall disclosed the following during his interview with Ryan Seacrest on iHeart Radio: according to Pall, narcissism is a common occurrence that each one of us see on a daily basis, and which we must live with due to everyone’s presence on the platforms of social media. Although being on social media is not actually a bad thing, one must try to see how he or she portrays himself or herself to the outside world. Because this is how others perceive us on the platform. Currently, this is an indispensable wickedness everyone must endure when conversing with the world at large.

Alex Pall Talks About Pushing The Chainsmokers Forward Musically

The Chainsmokers are a DJ and production duo made up of two people, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. Alex Pall handles the DJ duties while Drew Taggart does the production. There are a number of things that set them apart from their peers one which is that they are actually heavily involved in many of their own songs while serving as guides for other ones. They say this makes their music much more personable and about themselves. It also creates better albums because they make a cohesive whole versus having an album where the songs are all written by different people.

Alex Pall grew up near New York City and developed a passion for being a DJ at a young age. He was doing it for a time as more of a side career but decided to give it a real go a number of years ago. It was after he teamed up with Drew Taggart that The Chainsmokers got a lot better and really took off. Over the past three years they have now had a succession of hits that have charted both in the United States and internationally.

When their first single, “#Selfie“, became pretty popular Alex Pall said that they knew they need to keep pushing themselves professionally to get even better. He says what has also really changed for them is that initially their base was college students but now a lot of other people listen to their music, both older and younger than that. Alex Pall says that when they started out they could just mix things into a set and go from there. Nowadays with a lot more diverse audience they need to create a much more elaborate performance in order to satisfy their fans, which he says is a good thing.

Alex Pall says that they are now putting on festivals. Their shows now feature curated material and they have a lot more production and short acts than they used to. They are now thinking of mixing in video during their live performances and everything they do is done live which he says they are pretty proud of.

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