Contribution of Jason Hope on Matter of Aging

Jason Hope efforts in the field of research to curb the matters contributing to the aging among the old age has been substantial. He has demonstrated his focus on the mission by channeling $ 500,000 which was aimed at boosting the efforts of the SENS Research Foundation. The organization had put its concentration on the research on issues related to the aging. The money by Jason Hope benefited the institution in various ways.

For instance, its management built a laboratory, Cambridge SENS Laboratory which was aimed at fostering the research in the same field. The other remaining amount was used to enhance much research in the circle of aging within the organization. The matte that shoved Jason Hope to fund the amount to the institution was the dedication that had been seen in its management in handling various research. Hope lauded the avenue that SENS Research Foundation took in coming up with the solution to curb the matter related to the aging in the society. SENS Research Foundation primary agenda was to develop the cures for the degenerating cells in the body. There are many diseases mention by the organization to be part of the associates of the aging that kills the cells of the body. The main areas of concern by the disorders in the body are the mind and the lungs.

SENS Research Foundation via the assist of the Jason Hope has created a perfect platform through its program called AGE-breaker. All the necessary means has been set in place by the team of experts to enable the operation to flow along the right lane of expectation in the field of research. SENS Research Foundation has navigated its way in creating the drugs that assist in managing the cases of the aging through the assist of the Jason Hope. Through the research conducted by the organization, there are some of the factors that accelerate aging in the human body. These include the accumulation of the metabolic waste in the body that ends up degenerating the body cells. As the cells get deteriorated in the body, the vessels of the blood and the skin loses it elasticity. The reason for Jason Hope supporting the take of the institution in the research of aging is to mark a permanent factor that will create mitigation to the mess of the early aging of the human beings. Various diseases that form part of the contributing factor to the aging matter include arthritis that makes the cells of the body to degenerate.

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