Dick DeVos – A Benevolent Mind with Superior Business Acumen

The Work History of Dick DeVos

As a business student myself, Dick DeVos’ passion for entrepreneurship deeply inspires and motivates me. DeVos’ career had begun in 1974 at Amway Corporation with various initiating roles in diverse fields. I believe this was a good start for him as he must have been able to absorb a wide variety of skills and strategies from this. In 1984, he acquired a leadership position within the company as its Vice President leading the company to expansion in 18 different countries. I was further fascinated when I discovered that DeVos had then secured the roles of the CEO and President of the Orlando Magic basketball franchise in 1991. He concluded his roles at Orlando Magic after three years in order to resume his contributions to the Amway Company as the company’s new President. To my gladness, I found out that over there, DeVos’ role had enlarged into leading Amway’s secondary branch, Alticor as well in the year of 2000. In the August of 2002, DeVos retired from his position at Amway and Alticor, in order to take up his new, currently held role as the President of The Windquest Group.


I was amazed to find that Dick DeVos is more than a remarkable businessman. He is also an active political figure. June 2, 2005 marks the date when DeVos was announced as a candidate for the Governor of Michigan. After spending large amounts of his personal capital for the campaigns associated, his defeat was not exactly a loss. I am absolutely stunned at how DeVos still actively participates in political activities from an external position with the best intentions of improving the prosperities of the American citizens. After the former President, Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election, I was amazed to read that DeVos promoted a ‘Right-to-Work’ initiative, particularly focusing on Michigan.


The Philanthropic Engagements of Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos’ contributions go well beyond just the professional world. I absolutely appreciate his enthusiastic philanthropic engagements that make the world a better place for everyone. DeVos pursues social causes that I particularly believe have equal importance in our society and includes arts, education, free-market economics, civic leadership, health care and environmental pollution. I was impressed with his multi-tasking abilities that I could interpret from his additional role as the President of Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation since 1990. Through this organization, he conducts activities related to positively contributing to the causes. I am pleased to say that he had donated to several projects and funds and also awarded scholarships through his charitable organization.