Don Ressler Changes the Atmosphere in E-Commerce

The athletic clothing industry is changing, and retailers have entrepreneurs like Don Ressler to thank for this. He has become a powerful force and the world of athletic clothing, and people are looking at the next move that he is going to make. When people hear about Fabletics they instantly think of Kate Hudson and clothing line that she is a co-founder of. What many consumers may not have realized is that Kate Hudson is part of a trio that consists of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

Don and Adam are very intricate part of the business model for Fabletics. It is these two that have set the blueprint for how this company functions. Don Ressler is someone that has been part of the e-commerce world for a long time. He has matured in the business of selling athletic clothing, but he was able to do this because he gravitated towards the blueprint that he originally helped create for JustFab.

When Don Ressler created JustFab with Adam Goldenberg they would put their minds together and come up with the automated shipment of clothing for women on a monthly basis. This allowed people that were shopping for clothes to get clothing that fit their style profile delivered each month.

When people heard about the style profile this made them excited. They became very interested in shopping this way because it allows them to maximize time. No one had to worry about going to the website to do any shopping. People could simply get what they needed delivered to them without the hassle of actually going to the website for it.

This was something that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg worked on after their success with Intelligent Beauty. Don and his partner would go from selling skin care products for women to sell clothing for women. This was clearly a bigger market, and Don Ressler realized it instantly. He was aware of that they could sell clothing along with accessories like jewelry on the JustFab site.

As time went on Don Ressler would find even better ways to expand JustFab and Fabletics. For the JustFab line he would add plus sized clothing to the equation. This allow JustFab to pick up a new crowd. For Fabletics Don and his business partners would at footwear for the JustFab brand. He has been able to expand both companies by taking these types of risk.