Dr. Chris Villanueva Creates A Disruptive Business Model Known As MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of the MB2 Dental, a disruptive idea in the dentistry industry. The idea behind the creation of this business model was to help the professionals in the industry to work together. He did not like the idea that everyone seemed to be running in their show yet they would be more productive working together. MB2 Dental was created so that it could take away some of the tasks that the dentists needed to perform apart from their professional practice. To get the best out their profession, Dr. Chris so it necessary to have a company that will assist dentist to concentrate more on practice rather than management of their businesses. MB2 Dental bridges the gap between corporate practice and sole proprietorship.

When Dr. Chris Villanueva was creating MB2 Dental, he ensured that all the concerns of the dentists were given priority. He intended to create something that dentists would feel proud of. He wanted to create a working environment for dentist where they would concentrate on their career without worrying about competition. Since he created MB2 Dental, many dentists have come together to assist each other in matters of the profession and even establishing personal relationship which does not necessarily relate to the profession. Dr. Chris has also addressed the concerns of the patients who are now better services from dentists who are now happy about their profession. Currently, MB2 Dental can be found in over 70 locations in the United States. The growth is rapid since it was established just a few years ago.

MB2 Dental has also ensured that it provides professionals in field with rejuvenation programs which are meant to make the professional relax and focus on what they do. Dentists usually go for retreats where they meet up with other professionals in the industry. In the retreats destinations, they engage in various sports activities which are meant to make them bond even more.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has maintained a good relationship with the dentists, and this has enabled him to pull them together under one business model which is making a significant impact on the industry. MB2 Dental has changed the way traditional dentistry has been practiced. Professionals are now providing better services, and the patients are now getting better treatment. With the expansion of the company expected to keep going on, the global industry is expected to feel the change created by this firm.

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