Dr. Mark Holterman: Changing the Future of Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman would always have the compassion to help the needy. He would always use his profession to provide treatment to those who cannot afford to go to the hospital, and he would also initiate medical missions targeting the poorest people in the United States so that they can receive health care and treatment. Because of his will to help the needy, he decided to establish the Mariam Global Health Fund which would actively assist those who need medical attention anywhere in the world (Mariamglobal). It was established in 2012, and it continues to grow until today. Dr. Mark Holterman serves as the current CEO, and he keeps on inviting some of his colleagues to help out with his initiative.

Another thing that Dr. Mark Holterman spends his time on is the research about regenerative medicine. There are two plausible candidates that he focuses on – autoimmunity and stem cell treatment. According to the knowledgeable doctor, these two treatments can cure a lot of diseases if studies about them will continue. The treatment methods have a lot of potentials, and the scientists of the future can use his research as a stepping stone on developing newer technologies that will help the medicinal and the healthcare sector. His colleagues have been giving their support to Dr. Mark Holterman, wishing him good luck with his research.

Dr. Mark Holterman is also one of the most vocal voices who is pushing for the advancement of medicine and healthcare. He is using the Mariam Global Health Fund to encourage those who have brilliant plans in their heads to submit their proposal straight to him, and if this group finds the idea possible with the present technology available, they will be funding the project and will make it into a reality. These great ideas are the ones that the company of Dr. Mark Holterman needs right now. They wanted to make sure that each of the products that they will be creating would leave a mark on society. So far, the Mariam Global Health Fund managed to assist those who are living in remote areas and needing special medical attention.