Drew Madden And The Issues Faced By Healthcare In America

News reports often blare out the fact that the United States spends far more per patient than many other developed countries. Still, the end results for America are hardly any better than those of other countries. In fact, there are some places that spend far less and are far less developed that outperform the results in the United States.

These sobering facts are part of a general trend that Drew Madden has recognized as it relates to healthcare in America. That trend is that healthcare is not really made out to be a priority. There are just too many flaws in the system overall for things to work out as well as they do in other places.

One could quickly blame the for profit system that exists in the United States and largely does not in other countries. That is an easy scapegoat but misses some of the more complex features of the problem.

Something that Drew Madden has pointed to is the fact that those who are most involved in healthcare tend to be those who have a loved one who has been directly impacted by a particular disease or ailment. He is not criticizing those people for being involved. In fact, he believes that their contributions are entirely necessary. Instead, he wants to encourage even those who have not been directly touched by a disease to get involved as well. The fact remains that they may well have the groundbreaking idea in their mind that helps us as a society progress towards curing a disease. Check out hudl.com to see more.

Innovation is essential when it comes to healthcare. We have to do something to change the path that we have been on up to this point. There are a lot of people with terrific ideas who might be able to help with that. If we can encourage our brothers and sisters to get involved, we can remake the world around us. Drew Madden did it himself when he got involved as a healthcare entrepreneur. Anyone else who wants to could join in as well and start to make a significant difference in the world around them.

This lists Nordic, not Evergreen. Was that intentional?

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