Fashion industry Expert Don Ressler

The fashion industry is one where change is inevitable. Fashionable clothing comes and goes each season, allowing consumers to experiment and figure out what look might do well with their coloring. While certain trends change from time to time, other trends tend to stick around for a longer time frame. One such trend is that of fashionable athletic wear on In the last few years, women everywhere have come to realize that they really want to have athletic looks that can go from the boardroom to workout and anywhere in between. Someone who knows just how to help them get the look they want is fashion executiveDon Ressler. Don Ressler is one of creators of JustFab and Fabletics, a company that has shown women everywhere how this trend can offer the kind of clothing they want and need in their lives, allowing them to workout at leisure when they need without feeling grungy and unfashionable.

An Entrepreneur For Today’s Woman

Before coming to JustFab and Fabletics, Ressler has been heavily involved in the creation several start-ups on Brandettes. His work has been about offering consumers today a choice in order of options online and fully demonstrate how to use the power of net to their advantage. He began early with the creation of This company was eventually purchased by Intermix Media, another innovative company that shares his vision of fitness and fashion. After being bought out, Ressler decided that his next move should also be in this industry. Ressler decided to find a partner to work with in order to help him bring his vision to life. Working with Intermix Chief Operation Officer, Adam Goldenberg, only nineteen at the time, the two formed Alena Media.

Getting Together Again

They have helped form one of the leading retailers in the industry, a company that continues to see sales rise and continues to attract new customers. With their leadership, customers know they can count on the company to offer them attractive clothing that also fits both their lifestyle and their budget. Each day, Ressler shows his staffers how they can reach out to clients and present them with clothing choices that are fashionable and encourage people to workout.

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