Global CEO of CP+B Advances Advertising to its Golden Age

Advertising has always been an enigma, understanding what drives individuals to spend their precious pecuniary measures is an invasive art, but an art nonetheless. In the modern day, advertising has evolved into an unstoppable machine. Corporations wage encompassing campaigns, quickly becoming modern crusades, all with the intent of capturing eight-seconds of your attention (the accepted average span). In this decisive world of sociology, statistics, and intuitive guesswork, a new competitor has taken the reins of one of NYC’s large firms, and she has done it with flair.

Lori Senecal has been laterally promoted to CP+B from a sister firm known as KBS. Lori Senecal’s position is “Global CEO”, and this title is not just for show. Senecal earned her stripes through some crafty advertising agility. At the stalwart firm McCann Erikson, she led the global innovation sector, eventually moving to KBs+. The woman increased her former firm’s presence 3-fold, and helped it receive the label of “Standout Agency”. The timing for her CP+B move could not have been better, says 3percentconf; Senecal came in at a critical juncture of intellectual-prosperity for CP+B. When she joined, CP+B had just snatched away Infiniti, propelling the firm to top-competitor status.

According to her interview by Hubspot, Lori Senecal takes her role in stride, and seeks to set an example for woman around the globe. When she thinks about the influences that brought her abreast the industry’s top competitors, she looks no further than her older siblings (she is the youngest of four). Her advice for other underdogs looking for a market entry is the example set by women leading at companies like Coca Cola, BMW, and Kraft. She is all about grabbing the bull by the horns, as it got her to the top. She tackles innovation in a bold manner, becoming of any true leader. While she has had “wonderful mentors” when asked what other female mentors she has had, she alluded to “Liz Lemon” from thirty-rock. One might suppose that this fictional character is the epitome of leadership through modern quirkiness. Regardless of influence, Senecal brought her business around the world, to places like Europe and China. It will be interesting to see what the world now has in store for her boldness.

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