Greg Secker: A Finance Renaissance Man

Greg Secker is the owner of Learn to Trade, which happens to be one of the leading trading companies in Europe. A multi-millionaire by his twenties the English businessman just has a knack for the profession. Much of his success can be attributed to his fearlessness and determination. He’s always had the philosophy of “why not,” instead of “why.” He believes no major goal has ever been achieved without any risk.

Although Greg Secker has seen much success in the finance industry his storied career wasn’t always part of the plan. While at the University of Nottingham Secker studied agriculture and food science. As he attended the university he began to realize his strong interest in computers. He began building and selling computers as a hobby. He the attended a job fair that would change the trajectory of his life forever. At the job fair he met a guy with Thomas Cook Financial Services. The two quickly hit it off when they noticed their shared interest in computers. Secker was given a job with the company as a trading technologist. On the trading floor he created the Virtual Trading Desk, the first online currency trading platform. The online forex trading platform was so revolutionary that Secker received the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce in 1998.

Working on the Virtual Trading Desk peaked Secker’s interest in foreign exchange trading. It felt trading in foreign exchange would be a lot easier because he had to code all of the functions of these trading strategies. As long as you stick to a strategy driven trading plan and remain disciplined your trading plan has a good chance to succeed.

Once Secker had accomplished enough in trading to consider himself an expert he decided he wanted to help others become successful as well. He is passionate about teaching people how to trade and be entrepreneurs. Each of the companies and organizations he has founded were created in order to teach people financial freedom. In 2010, he founded the Greg Secker Foundation, a non profit organization.