Gregory Aziz: The Courageous Man With A Vision

Courage and vision are the two most important skills that any investor worth his or her salt should possess. The courage to take a risk and the vision to see that investment grow to be recognized by others. James Aziz a man that close friends call Greg is one man that possesses such skills.


James Aziz was Born in mid-20th century in the early part of 1949 in Hamilton, Ontario where he attended college in Ridley before graduating with a bachelor’s degree from a local university. His first brush with business started when he joined his family business in 1971, Affiliated foods. The business grew over the years to become a wholesale food supply to different parts of America and Europe. However, the family business was not the vision Greg Aziz had for himself.


James Aziz joined the investment banking industry where he established his own firm Hamilton corporation National Industries. Banking to the outside world looked like a major success but his vision was not achieved. However, this was due to change.


Dofasco had bought the National Steel Car company in 1962 but by 1990 the company was facing decline and they needed a way out. This presented an opportunity for Gregory Aziz. He had seen the company at its prime when it was the leading company feeding and supplying jobs to the Northern part of America. However, taking such a challenge not only needed courage but vision as well. In 1994 the deal was done. Click Here to learn more.


Gregory J. Aziz embarked on the journey of making this once vibrant company into what it needed to be. To achieve this, he needed to go back to the basics. He started by giving the company a vision and a goal to aim at. Gregory Aziz did by declaring to the world that they would start producing a modular rail car. This was met with excitement around the world, but it also meant the workers needed to work harder. He later reorganized the management and gave the much-needed education and skills to the worker. With a little capital investment, National Steel car was hooting again.


The labor force tripled and so did the output. The demand for its rail cars was once again at the top. Ontario that was once fading was back on its feet. The courage and the vision displayed by James Aziz is one to be admired and bringing National Steel Cars back to its feet and running is not a small fit.