Kamil Idris Keeping Close Eye On American Trade Relationship With China

It is the opinion of Kamil Idris that the tariffs announced on Chinese products being imported into the United States by President Donald Trump will have a great effect on the Chinese government. Trump explains that the tariffs are necessary to combat what he feels is unfair trade practices by the Chinese government and the unethical acquisition of American technology. The numbers reported by the United States Trade Representatives in 2017 seem to back the president’s claim by stating that it is possible untold billions have already been lost due to the theft of American intellectual property by the Chinese.

Kamil Idris explains that $50 billion worth of tariffs imposed by Donald Trump is to directly punish the Chinese for this intellectual property theft. The violations the Chinese are accused of include stealing trade secrets from American companies, counterfeiting popular brands of American companies, and pressuring American business entities to share technology in order to access Chinese trade markets.

The international business community has long complained about these practices on the part of business owners and the government of China. Many countries have even taken the action of discontinuing business with China.

Trump had promised in the past to impose a 25 percent tariff on steel products entering the country and 10 percent on aluminum. Kamil Idris notes that President Trump seemed to be extending an olive branch to our closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico, by not extending these tariffs to products originating in those countries.

The move by Trump has concerned trade allies of the United States throughout the world who feel the tariffs are unfair. Likewise, many lawmakers in his own party have spoken against the sanctions and warn that both the Chinese government and the European Union could retaliate in ways that could cause problems for the U.S. economy.

Kamil Idris says the situation is both a serious and fluid one that he will continue to monitor carefully.

About Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris is a native of Sudan and is recognized as a scholar, statesman, and civil servant operating on an international level. Idris served as the World Intellectual Property Organization as their Director General for a term that began in November of 1997 and ending in September of 2008.