Michel Terpins, a Successful Brazilian Rally Driver

Michel Terpins is an experienced and popular Brazilian rally driver in the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He is a reputable driver and has taken part in several championships in Brazil. Michel Terpins, 40, completed yet another crucial stage in the 25th edition of Sertoes rally together with Maykel Justo, 37. Michel managed to win in two stages out of the three stages that were competitive in prototype T1 race. Michel was equally listed as one the five drivers who were fastest in the race. He secured the fourth place in the overall within 11:45m23s.


As a result of various mechanical problems, the duo was forced to slow down between Santa Terezinha and Arana, a 306 kilometers distance during the third stage. The gearbox of T-Rex # 322 had broken down on Monday the 21st and couldn’t receive mechanical support at the end of the day’s race. The rear suspension was equally damaged forcing Terpins to take his feet off the accelerator to avoid compromising the results. Michel Terpins is a leader in Brazilian cross-country Rally championship. Even with this state of their cars, they managed to finish in the fourth place in prototype T1 and tenth place in the overall rank.


In 2002, Michael Terpins participated in Sertoes Rally Grid, motorcycle group. For the last four years, he has recorded impressive results by standing out in most important stages. This year’s race is now set to take place in Midwest, Goias, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Mato grosso. Over 280 participants, navigators, and pilots are expected in the event. More than 161 vehicles will take part in this car, UTV, motorcycles, and quadricycle competition. The competitors will cover a distance of 3, 3000.06 kilometers.


Michael Terpins and his brother Rodrigo, 44, were primarily driven by the passion for off-road and speed to become rally drivers. The two brothers have raced consistently on T-Rex and competing in various Brazilian cross-country rallies for four seasons now. Bull Sertoes Rally Team has registered impressive performance in several participations. The team is holistically sponsored by Xarla, Support team MEM, Terpins &Cintra Advogados, Ohlins, Eventos, and Bull Sertoes.